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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Both Clay and Rogan admire each other's unique styles and fearlessly confront hecklers, staying true to themselves. Experienced comedians like Clay have a lasting impact on aspiring artists like Rogan.
  2. Andrew Dice Clay's advice and influence inspired Joe Rogan to start touring and recognize the financial potential of stand-up comedy, ultimately shaping his career and success.
  3. Despite facing backlash and a ban, Andrew Dice Clay's resilience and determination propelled him to become one of the biggest names in comedy.
  4. Cultivating a thirst for knowledge, seeking new experiences, and embracing diverse perspectives are keys to personal and professional growth. Realistic thinking and setting achievable goals contribute to success.
  5. Lions and tigers possess unique qualities, but lions prevail as the kings of the jungle due to their nobility, leadership, and protection of their pride.
  6. The pyramids of Giza raise questions about a lost civilization that possessed knowledge and techniques beyond our current understanding, urging us to delve deeper into the mysteries of the past.
  7. The importance of camaraderie and support within the comedy community is highlighted through Andrew Dice Clay's excitement about performing at the comedy store and his admiration for Joe Rogan's support.
  8. Despite being known for his controversial humor, Andrew Dice Clay's concerts showcased his surprising musical talents, which often went unnoticed by the media.
  9. Andrew Dice Clay's first performance at Pips comedy club not only impressed the audience but also opened doors for more opportunities, ultimately leading to a successful comedy career.
  10. Andrew Dice Clay respected Rick Rubin's role as a boss and admired his calm and nonchalant attitude, leading to the release of hit comedy albums that embraced the unexpected and unconventional.
  11. Embrace your unique style, stay true to your vision, and challenge traditional norms to create something truly innovative and enjoyable for your audience.
  12. Success in comedy comes from being confident, unconventional, and embracing your own individuality. Knowing who you are as a performer and working hard to refine your craft are crucial for finding comedic success.
  13. Trust your instincts, ignore naysayers, and pursue your goals. Success can come unexpectedly, and each journey to fame is unique.
  14. Andrew Dice Clay's self-belief and conviction in his abilities, despite the looming cancellation of "Crime Story", showcases the importance of believing in oneself and the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry.
  15. Andrew Dice Clay reflects on the importance of supporting fellow comics and creating a collaborative atmosphere in the comedy community.
  16. Comedians supporting and encouraging each other is crucial for success, as it allows them to stay true to their comedic style and defy societal expectations.
  17. Joe Rogan emphasizes the importance of eating the right foods to fuel our bodies while Andrew Dice Clay learns the value of considering a healthier lifestyle and using respectful language.
  18. Don't judge people based on their names or labels, and understand the importance of empathy and appreciation in relationships.
  19. In comedy, freedom of speech and staying true to oneself are crucial. Comedians like Joe Rogan and Andrew Dice Clay emphasize the importance of not being censored or subjected to cancel culture, while also valuing the acceptance and appreciation of their unique styles by fans. The internet has played a significant role in giving comedians a platform to reach a broader audience. Ultimately, authenticity, originality, and free expression are highly valued in the comedy industry.
  20. Despite fame in comedy, Andrew Dice Clay remains humble and relatable, showcasing the dangers of addiction and the reality of gambling, even for experienced players.
  21. Trust your gut instincts, surround yourself with people who believe in you, and embrace your own potential, even in the midst of criticism and negativity.
  22. Stay true to yourself and ignore the negativity, as the entertainment industry can be fickle and attitudes can change once success is achieved.
  23. Despite criticism and health issues, Andrew Dice Clay's resilience and authenticity led to success in comedy, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself.
  24. Comedy serves as a humorous perspective on society and should not be censored. The impact of jokes depends on individuals and society, and humor can provide relief during serious times.
  25. Perseverance, resilience, and connecting with the audience are crucial for success in comedy.
  26. Andrew Dice Clay has overcome challenges and pursued his dreams in comedy and acting. He emphasizes the importance of pushing forward, cherishes his connection with fans, and believes in continuous improvement.
  27. Andrew Dice Clay's career in entertainment has been marked by his preference for intimate venues, his occasional struggle with larger crowds, and his unwavering dedication to entertaining people of all sizes of audience.
  28. Guns N' Roses has had a profound effect on Andrew Dice Clay, and while disappointed in Slash's priorities, he remains hopeful for a band reunion in the future.
  29. People are leaving California for places like Ventura County due to ease of laws and taxes, friendly communities, personal safety concerns, and a desire for a sense of safety and community.
  30. While acknowledging the constitutional right to carry concealed weapons, it is crucial to use firearms responsibly and be mindful of law enforcement presence. Personal experiences highlight the need for responsible alcohol consumption.

📝 Podcast Summary

Comedic Appreciation and Fearlessness: Andrew Dice Clay and Joe Rogan

Both Andrew Dice Clay and Joe Rogan have a deep appreciation for alternative comedy and the ability to push boundaries in their performances. They admire each other's unique comedic styles and fearlessness in tackling hecklers or difficult situations during shows. They share stories of intense heckler encounters, with Joe Rogan even having to confront a threatening individual outside the comedy club. Despite the challenges they faced, both comedians stayed true to themselves and their craft. Joe Rogan recalls being a fan of Andrew Dice Clay's comedy since he was a teenager, highlighting the impact and inspiration that experienced comedians have on aspiring artists.

Andrew Dice Clay's Impact on Joe Rogan's Career

Andrew Dice Clay had a significant impact on Joe Rogan's career. Dice was impressed by Joe's talent and potential, encouraging him to tour and make more money. This conversation revealed that Joe initially focused on doing stand-up at the store, even though he was working long hours on a sitcom. Andrew's advice made Joe realize the financial potential of touring and influenced his decision to start touring and listening to Dice's guidance. The conversation also highlighted the importance of the comedy store as a sacred space for comedians to hang out, share experiences, and learn from one another. Ultimately, Andrew Dice Clay played a pivotal role in shaping Joe Rogan's career and success.

The controversy and ban that propelled Andrew Dice Clay's career

Andrew Dice Clay faced backlash and controversy during his career, specifically at the MTV Awards, which resulted in a lifetime ban from the network. Despite the ban, it did not impede his success as a comedian. His career continued to grow, and he became one of the biggest names in comedy, performing in arenas and attracting massive audiences. This incident highlights the power and influence of certain individuals, as Dick Clark, a respected figure in the industry, advocated for Dice Clay, recognizing his popularity and contribution to the comedy world. It also emphasizes the resilience and determination of Dice Clay, who pursued comedy as a means of expressing his own unique style of acting.

The Importance of Curiosity and Continuous Learning for Personal Growth and Success

Having a thirst for knowledge and seeking new experiences is important for personal growth and success. Andrew Dice Clay admires Joe Rogan's curiosity and ability to learn from a wide range of people, from comedians like him to scientists and doctors. Clay recognizes the value of expanding his knowledge beyond his own field and appreciates Rogan's similar approach. He also emphasizes the importance of realistic thinking and setting achievable goals, mentioning how he aspired to become the "Elvis of comedy." Overall, this conversation underscores the idea that cultivating a mindset of continuous learning and embracing diverse perspectives can contribute to personal and professional growth.

Lions vs. Tigers: Unveiling Their Qualities and Perspectives

The lion is still considered the king of the jungle, but tigers have their own unique qualities as well. Andrew Dice Clay initially thought that tigers would defeat lions in a fight, but Joe Rogan clarifies that although tigers are strong and beautiful killing machines, they lack the same level of nobility and complexity as lions. Lions, on the other hand, exhibit leadership and protect their pride, while females do the hunting. Additionally, the conversation briefly touches on the significance of pyramids aligning with the Earth and certain stars, illustrating the complexity and mathematical precision involved in their construction. Overall, the key takeaway is that both lions and tigers have their strengths, but lions ultimately retain their status as the king of the jungle.

Unearthing the Pyramids: Ancient Marvels or Signs of an Advanced Civilization?

The pyramids of Giza and their construction remain a mystery. Joe Rogan and Andrew Dice Clay discuss the incredible alignment and movement of the massive stones, as well as the advanced techniques used to shape and cut them. They hypothesize that a highly advanced civilization existed in the past, possibly more evolved than our own. The conversation delves into the idea that this advanced civilization may have been wiped out by a natural disaster, leading to the amnesia of our current civilization. While aliens are mentioned as a possibility, the focus remains on the evidence provided by the pyramids themselves and the impact on Earth 11,800 years ago. Overall, the conversation highlights the enigmatic nature of ancient civilizations and the need to further explore and understand their accomplishments.

Andrew Dice Clay's Love for the Comedy Store and Joe Rogan's Support

Andrew Dice Clay expresses his excitement about performing at the comedy store and his admiration for Joe Rogan's support. He mentions how the comedy store is considered the greatest club to perform at. Andrew Dice Clay also shares his experience of filming himself at the store and calling it "the show." Despite his success in arenas, he still enjoys hanging out with other comics at the store. Joe Rogan appreciates Andrew Dice Clay's presence and recalls how it was amazing for younger comics like him to be in the company of someone like Dice. The conversation highlights the importance of camaraderie and support within the comedy community.

Andrew Dice Clay: A Multi-Talented Performer

Andrew Dice Clay's concerts included a surprising amount of music, with the last 20 minutes to a half hour devoted entirely to musical performances. Despite his reputation for foul language and controversial material, Clay would captivate audiences with his renditions of songs by Luther Vandross, Elvis, and even a drum solo to a Santana song. However, these musical talents were often overlooked or ignored by journalists who focused solely on Clay's provocative stand-up routines. Clay's father, a successful builder, supported his career from the beginning and was disappointed that the media failed to acknowledge the musical side of his performances. Clay's ability to transform himself into characters like Jerry Lewis and John Travolta also played a significant role in shaping his career.

Andrew Dice Clay's Unexpected Success at Pips Comedy Club Launches His Comedy Career

Andrew Dice Clay's first performance at Pips comedy club was unexpectedly successful, leading to more opportunities for him in the comedy industry. Despite initially facing a hostile crowd, his unique act and impersonations of Jerry Lewis and John Travolta turned the audience's reaction around, causing them to go wild and demand an encore. This impressed the owners of Pips, who offered him a headline spot for the following weekend. Clay's family, who witnessed the performance, was also amazed by his talent and the overwhelming response from the audience. This moment marked the beginning of Clay's comedy career, eventually leading to the release of his black album and collaborations with Rick Rubin.

A Successful Partnership Despite Differences

Andrew Dice Clay and Rick Rubin had a successful and productive partnership despite their differences. While they occasionally disagreed, Andrew admired Rick's ability to stay calm and never engage in fights or arguments. Andrew recalls a time when he got frustrated with Rick for not knowing whether posters were put up for his album. However, Rick's nonchalant attitude didn't bother Andrew much because he respected Rick's role as the boss. Andrew and Rick went on to release hit comedy albums, including "The Day the Laughter Died," which captured a unique late-night set filled with silence and uninterested audience members. This conversation reveals that Andrew Dice Clay valued the unexpected and unconventional aspects of his career.

Andrew Dice Clay: The Elvis of Comedy

Andrew Dice Clay's unique approach to comedy, combining performance, poetry, and acting, set him apart from other comics of his time. He cracked a code and created a new level of enjoyment for his audience by seamlessly blending different elements into his stand-up routines. Despite facing backlash for his unconventional style, Clay remained true to himself and his vision. He embraced his larger-than-life image, drawing inspiration from icons like Elvis Presley, and developed his own persona as the "Elvis of Comedy." His journey in the comedy industry showcases the importance of staying true to one's artistic vision and not being afraid to challenge traditional norms.

Embracing Individuality in Comedy

Success in comedy can come from different backgrounds and approaches. Andrew Dice Clay shares his experience of being confident and unconventional in his comedy style, which was initially met with resistance by some in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of self-belief and knowing who you are as a performer. Joe Rogan also highlights the uniqueness and strangeness of certain comedians' styles, like Harlan Williams, and the journey they go through to find their comedic voice. The conversation reveals that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to comedy, and success can come from embracing your own individuality and working hard to refine your craft.

Overcoming Criticism and Achieving Success Through Self-belief

Andrew Dice Clay's new album was initially criticized by someone close to him, who believed it would ruin his career. However, the album turned out to be a huge success, becoming the biggest selling comedy album ever and solidifying Dice Clay's status in the industry. This highlights the importance of following one's own instincts and not allowing others' opinions to deter us from pursuing our goals. It also underscores the fact that success is often unpredictable and can come from unexpected sources. Additionally, the conversation touches on Dice Clay's early acting career and the recognition he received from notable figures in the industry, further emphasizing his unique journey to fame.

Self-belief and the unpredictable entertainment industry.

Andrew Dice Clay believed in his own potential and was confident in his abilities. Despite the show "Crime Story" being on the verge of cancellation, Andrew Dice Clay approached director Michael Mann and passionately argued for its continuation. He believed that his upcoming appearance on the Rodney Dangerfield special would catapult him into stardom, making the show more successful. Unfortunately, his prediction proved correct, as the show was indeed canceled, while Andrew Dice Clay's stand-up comedy career took off. This conversation highlights the importance of self-belief and conviction in one's abilities, as well as the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry.

The evolution of the comedy industry: From cutthroat competition to camaraderie and support.

The comedy industry has evolved and become more supportive over time. Andrew Dice Clay highlights the shift from a competitive and cutthroat environment among comics in the past, where everyone looked out for themselves and would stab each other in the back, to today's camaraderie and willingness to help one another. Dice reflects on the changes he observed in the early 2000s, when newer comics started coming up and creating a more collaborative atmosphere. He shares anecdotes of how he looked out for and assisted emerging comics, such as Bobby Lee and Jim Norton. This conversation emphasizes the importance of supporting and uplifting fellow artists in the comedy community.

The Power of Comedian Connections

Comedians have played a significant role in each other's careers, helping each other succeed and grow. Andrew Dice Clay reminisces about working with Lenny Clark and how he witnessed Lenny's career take off. He praises Lenny for his talent and recalls how he supported and encouraged Lenny to succeed. Joe Rogan shares a similar experience with Lenny Clark, where Lenny appreciated Joe's comedy even though others criticized it for being dirty. Both Andrew Dice Clay and Joe Rogan highlight the importance of staying true to one's comedic style and not conforming to what others think is funny. This conversation emphasizes the impact and support comedians can provide for each other's success.

Mindful choices for a healthy body and respectful language

Our diet plays a crucial role in fueling our bodies correctly. Joe Rogan emphasizes the importance of eating the right foods to provide our bodies with proper fuel. He suggests trying the carnivore diet and getting tested for food allergies to ensure we are giving our bodies what they need. Andrew Dice Clay initially dismisses the idea of vegetables and a healthy diet, but Joe encourages him to consider feeling better and taking care of his body. They also discuss the use of derogatory language and the need for more respectful alternatives. In the end, the conversation highlights the significance of making mindful choices when it comes to our diet and language.

The Power of Names and the Importance of Empathy in Perception

Names and labels can have significant impact on people's perception and experiences. The conversation begins with a discussion about names such as Karen and how they can be stigmatized or become a cultural joke. It highlights the power of words and how they can shape our perceptions of individuals. Moreover, the conversation delves into the importance of keeping relationships exciting and appreciating the small gestures that make a difference, like giving fresh flowers regularly. The conversation also touches on the controversy surrounding Andrew Dice Clay's comedy persona, emphasizing the distinction between entertainment and reality. Ultimately, the key takeaway is the significance of empathy, understanding, and not judging people solely based on superficial aspects.

Freedom of Speech and Authenticity in Comedy

Freedom of speech and staying true to oneself are important values in the world of comedy. Both Joe Rogan and Andrew Dice Clay emphasize the significance of not being subjected to censorship or cancel culture. They believe that comedians should have the liberty to talk about any subject matter they choose, without fear of repercussion. Andrew Dice Clay mentions how he enjoys the current era of comedy more because he is accepted and appreciated by fans who understand and appreciate his style. Additionally, the conversation highlights the influence of the internet in giving comedians like Joe Rogan a platform to reach a massive audience worldwide. Overall, the key takeaway is that authenticity, originality, and free expression are valued and celebrated in the comedy industry.

Andrew Dice Clay's Struggles with Addiction and Gambling Revealed

Andrew Dice Clay has struggled with addiction, both to cigarettes and gambling. He has quit cigarettes twice, but started again after a long period of abstinence due to the stress caused by his palsy diagnosis. He admits to having lost millions of dollars due to his gambling habits, highlighting that even experienced gamblers don't always win. Despite his success in comedy, Andrew Dice Clay remains grounded and continues to live a normal life, performing everyday tasks like going to the grocery store. He values the experiences and opportunities that gambling has given him, comparing them to what one might see in movies.

Trusting Instincts and Finding Support in Adversity

Andrew Dice Clay believes in his own gut instincts and has a unique ability to make accurate predictions, whether it's in gambling or his career. He attributes this ability to a higher power, even though he doesn't consider himself religious. Despite facing criticism and negativity from the media, he found support from fellow comedian Eddie Murphy, who recognized his talent and defended him. This experience taught Andrew the importance of having someone in his corner, who believes in him and stands up for him. It also highlights the significance of trusting one's instincts and recognizing one's own potential, even in the face of adversity.

Loyalty and Fickleness in the Entertainment Industry

Andrew Dice Clay had a loyal supporter in the entertainment industry who genuinely appreciated his talent and stood up for him. Despite facing criticism and backlash from other comedians, this unnamed individual would go out of his way to support Dice Clay and encourage him not to let the negativity get to him. However, it is disheartening to see how some of these comedians, like Jay Leno, changed their attitude towards Dice Clay once he achieved success and popularity. This conversation sheds light on the fickleness of the industry and the importance of staying true to oneself amidst the changing tides of fame.

Andrew Dice Clay: Overcoming Controversy and Challenges

Andrew Dice Clay faced immense criticism and backlash throughout his career, especially for his controversial comedy style. He was often targeted by the media and faced constant scrutiny, comparable to the level of attention given to O.J. Simpson. Despite this, he experienced success as a headline comedian and built a devoted fanbase. Andrew Dice Clay's journey was not without its challenges, including health issues such as cataracts and a heart attack. Through it all, he found solace in his love for cigarettes and exercise. This conversation highlights the resilience and determination of Andrew Dice Clay in the face of adversity, as well as the importance of staying true to oneself.

Freedom of Expression in Comedy: Pushing Boundaries and Reflecting Society

Comedians should not be restricted in expressing themselves and pushing boundaries. Comedians, as Andrew Dice Clay explains, are meant to be a reflection of society and provide a humorous perspective on what is happening in the world. While comedy can be deemed as offensive or demeaning by some, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will incite negative behavior in individuals. The responsibility of the impact of jokes lies on the viewers, parents, teachers, and society as a whole. It is important to maintain the freedom of expression in comedy, especially during serious times, as humor can provide relief and allow people to cope with stressful situations.

The Challenges and Resilience of Comedians

Andrew Dice Clay and Joe Rogan discussed the challenges of being a comedian and the importance of resilience. Despite facing humiliating moments on stage, Andrew's opener didn't give up and kept performing, eventually becoming successful. They also talked about the importance of connecting with fans and creating memorable experiences for them. Andrew shared his experiences with interacting with fans and finding humor in uncomfortable situations. Additionally, they discussed the nostalgia of performing at certain venues and the impact it had on their careers. Overall, the key takeaway is that perseverance, resilience, and a genuine connection with the audience are crucial in the world of comedy.

Andrew Dice Clay: Comedy and Acting, Perseverance, and Passion

Andrew Dice Clay has had a diverse career in both comedy and acting. Despite facing challenging times, he has persevered and continued to pursue his dreams. He highlights the importance of pushing forward and not backing down, even when faced with setbacks. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest actors, actresses, and directors, including Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. While he enjoys acting and has had successful projects in that field, he expresses that his true passion lies in stand-up comedy. He values the intimate connection he has with his fans during club shows and believes that his experience and dedication have made him better than ever in his comedic craft.

Andrew Dice Clay's Love for Intimacy and Authenticity in Entertainment

Andrew Dice Clay enjoys entertaining people and performing in clubs and smaller venues. He values the intimacy and lack of BS that comes with performing in those settings. Although he has also performed in larger arenas and even opened for bands like Guns N' Roses, he felt claustrophobic and overwhelmed by the sheer number of people. However, his experience of performing in front of over 100,000 fans at the Rose Bowl was one of the greatest moments of his career. He also played a role in putting the band back together. Despite his success, Andrew Dice Clay remains humble and focused on his passion for entertaining people, regardless of the size of the audience.

Andrew Dice Clay recalls encounter with Slash and discusses potential Guns N' Roses reunion

Andrew Dice Clay reminisced about his encounter with Slash and discussed the possible reunion of Guns N' Roses. He expressed disappointment in Slash prioritizing playing the national anthem at a football game over reuniting the band. However, he praised Duff, the bass player, for being supportive and eager to put the band back together. Dice Clay also shared his love for Guns N' Roses and how their music brings him joy. The conversation then shifts to other topics, such as their experiences in Texas and riding a longhorn. Overall, the key takeaway is that Guns N' Roses is an incredible band that had a significant impact on Andrew Dice Clay, and there is hope for a reunion in the future.

The Mass Exodus from California: Seeking Relaxed and Welcoming Environments.

There is a noticeable mass exodus from California, with many people, including celebrities like Joe Rogan, choosing to relocate to places like Ventura County. This is due to factors such as the ease of laws and taxes in these areas. The conversation also highlights the friendliness and helpfulness of people in these new locations. Additionally, the discussion touches on personal safety and the effectiveness of tasers as a means of protection. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that people are seeking a change from crowded and expensive urban areas, opting for more relaxed and welcoming environments that offer a sense of safety and community.

Firearms and Responsibility: A Discussion on Texas Gun Laws and Personal Choices

The availability and legality of firearms in Texas is a topic of discussion. Joe Rogan and his guest highlight the freedom to carry concealed weapons as a constitutional right in the state. They also mention a tragic incident where a man was shot by police while holding an AR in his own yard. Despite the availability of firearms, they emphasize the importance of using them responsibly and being aware of the presence of law enforcement. The conversation also touches upon personal experiences with alcohol and sobriety, with one guest sharing their decision to cut down on heavy drinking due to witnessing the negative effects it can have on others.