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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. The discovery of mysterious tunnels in a Jewish community in New York raises concerns about safety and prompts questions about their purpose, highlighting the unpredictability of daily events.
  2. Social media and technology have amplified addiction, exaggeration, and self-serving behavior, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, while also posing risks and complexities in our modern world.
  3. Being genuine and embracing imperfections can foster understanding and empathy, while accepting and acknowledging others without judgment is crucial.
  4. Sometimes, taking risks and embracing change in difficult situations can lead to unexpected happiness and stronger relationships.
  5. Focus on genuinely enjoyable content and open-minded discussion rather than conforming to a specific message or agenda.
  6. Engaging in online conflicts is futile, as it rarely changes perspectives and only leads to frustration. Instead, prioritize meaningful interactions and avoid late-night confrontations on platforms like Twitter.
  7. Andrew Dice Clay's willingness to take risks and push boundaries in his comedy sets him apart and contributes to his success in the industry.
  8. Andrew Dice Clay's unique approach to comedy, highlighted by Jim Norton and Joe Rogan, demonstrates the power of doing something different and connecting deeply with an audience, leaving a lasting impact on fellow comedians.
  9. Fame can negatively impact artists' quality and performance, highlighting the importance of staying grounded, avoiding indulgence, and focusing on continual growth and development.
  10. Comedians like Joe Rogan and Jim Norton emphasize the importance of authenticity and freedom in comedic performances, highlighting the changing nature of the industry.
  11. The rise of podcasting and platforms like Sirius has given comedians like Jim Norton the opportunity to express themselves authentically and connect with their audiences, emphasizing the importance of pursuing passion and creative freedom.
  12. Adapting to changing viewer preferences is crucial in the entertainment industry, as audiences now favor sitcoms that are filmed without laugh tracks and prioritize authenticity and variety in storytelling.
  13. The presence of a live audience presents both challenges and opportunities for performers, including the need to stay focused, handle distractions, and contend with the influence of critics.
  14. Different individuals can be captivated by activities they would personally not partake in, highlighting the wide range of interests and curiosities that exist.
  15. Some individuals engage in terrifying activities like free solo climbing and ice climbing to overcome their baseline of normalcy and feel something extraordinary, highlighting the extraordinary lengths people go to in search of thrill and danger.
  16. Embracing and understanding humor and camaraderie in the workplace can create a sense of belonging, improve creativity, and cultivate a positive work environment.
  17. Dealing with false charges can have severe consequences on one's life and well-being. Having legal representation, taking precautions, and trusting instincts are crucial in protecting oneself from potential threats and navigating such situations.
  18. Radio and podcasting can enable dangerous behavior, but face-to-face interactions humanize and foster understanding. Responsible and respectful broadcasting is crucial for the powerful influence of radio.
  19. Fear of offense and lack of transparency have impacted traditional shows, but podcasts and on-demand apps offer a new form of uncensored entertainment, thanks to trailblazers like Howard Stern.
  20. Martial Arts Training: Building Strength and Confidence for Handling Conflicts.
  21. Consistent drilling is crucial in mastering jiu-jitsu as it improves skills, enhances understanding, and allows practitioners to anticipate and react quickly to their opponent's movements.
  22. Martial arts provides both physical fitness and skill development, while also offering practical self-defense skills. Taking care of your body through supplements and a balanced diet is essential for optimal performance.
  23. Prioritize safety in medical settings and apply critical thinking when evaluating extraordinary claims.
  24. Some UFO sightings reported by credible individuals, including trained professionals like pilots, raise questions about advanced human technology rather than extraterrestrial beings.
  25. UFO experiences are subjective and driven by a desire for uniqueness, but their true nature remains elusive, possibly influenced by near-death experiences and the power of human imagination.
  26. The existence of alien life remains a controversial topic, with some embracing the idea while others demand concrete evidence. The discussion also considers the possibility of aliens adopting a familiar image to interact with humans.
  27. The advancement of AI raises concerns about its ability to mimic human behavior, deceive people, create new moves in games, and potentially gain uncontrollable power, emphasizing the need to address its potential dangers.
  28. AI has the potential to transform our lives, but it's crucial to delve deeper into its implications and understand how it may affect personal relationships and society as a whole.
  29. Engaging in focused activities like jiu jitsu can help clear the mind and let go of distractions. Respect for personal choices and reevaluating societal attitudes towards sex work are important topics to discuss.
  30. Vulnerable migrant women are pushed into prostitution in NYC due to limited job options, while advancements in surveillance technology raise concerns about privacy invasion.
  31. Technology, including home surveillance systems and AI integration in household devices, offers security and convenience, but also presents unexpected misunderstandings and humorous moments.
  32. While smart devices offer convenience and entertainment, it's important to maintain a healthy balance and not rely solely on technology for our eating habits. Our health should not be solely dependent on smart devices.
  33. Jim realizes the importance of personal choice and support in his weight loss journey, acknowledging the effectiveness of fat-shaming and the need for a specific diet plan to shed extra pounds.

📝 Podcast Summary

Unraveling the Mystery of the New York Jewish Community Tunnels

There is a mysterious tunnel situation involving a Jewish community in New York. There are various theories and speculations about what the tunnels are for, but no concrete answers yet. The tunnels seem to have been built by young men in the community, and their purpose remains unclear. The discovery of these tunnels has sparked both confusion and concern among people. While some describe it as a form of protest, the true motive behind the tunnels remains unknown. The situation highlights the strange and unpredictable events that occur in the world on a daily basis. It also raises questions about safety, as the tunnels could potentially pose a danger to the buildings above them.

The Impact of Social Media and Technology on Society

In short, one big takeaway from this conversation is that social media and technology have had a significant impact on society. It has heightened people's addiction to arguing and being angry, as well as created a culture of exaggeration and self-serving behavior. The conversation highlights how social media has made everyone more insane and how AI technology, like AI women on Instagram, can blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Additionally, the discussion touches on the monetization of online platforms, such as OnlyFans, where individuals can make substantial amounts of money, but also exposes the potential dangers and deception that can occur. Overall, it underscores the strange and complex times we live in.

The Power of Authenticity and Openness

People appreciate authenticity and honesty. Jim Norton's openness about his quirks, experiences, and vulnerabilities has endeared him to others and gained him acceptance and love. By being genuine, he has built strong relationships and connections with people who appreciate him for who he truly is. This openness has also allowed him to connect with an audience and make them feel more comfortable with their own hidden aspects and struggles. It is a reminder that embracing one's imperfections and speaking one's truth can create a sense of understanding and empathy. Moreover, it highlights the importance of accepting and acknowledging different groups of people without judgment or denial.

Embracing Change and Finding Happiness Unexpectedly

Sometimes unexpected circumstances, like the pandemic, can lead to positive life changes. Jim Norton found himself trapped in Canada with his fiancé during the COVID-19 lockdowns, unsure if their relationship would withstand such a challenging situation. Despite the strict restrictions and uncertainties, they made it work and discovered that they were genuinely compatible. Living together for the first time allowed them to truly get to know each other and strengthen their bond. This experience taught Jim a valuable lesson about embracing change and taking risks. Rather than running away from difficult situations, sometimes it's worth diving in and seeing where they lead. Jim's openness and willingness to adapt ultimately brought him more happiness than he had ever experienced before.

Rejecting messaging and virtue signaling in today's culture.

In short, one big takeaway from this conversation is the rejection of messaging and virtue signaling in today's culture. The speakers express their disdain for the scolding culture and the pressure to have a definitive message. They argue that having a message can lead to automatic progress and success, even if one's skills or abilities are lacking. The speakers believe that this mindset attracts people who use a righteous issue as an excuse to be rude to anyone who opposes it. They advocate for a more nuanced approach, where people can agree or disagree without being labeled as enemies. Ultimately, they emphasize the importance of judging others based on whether they are genuinely enjoyable to watch rather than on their alignment with a specific message or agenda.

The Pitfalls of Online Arguments and the Importance of Meaningful Interactions

Engaging in online arguments or confrontations is often unproductive and only leads to frustration. Joe Rogan and Jim Norton discuss how people online, who may be mentally ill or simply looking for a fight, can easily drag others into pointless debates. They emphasize that it is impossible to interact with every person online, and even if you do engage, it is unlikely to change their perspective. They also highlight the negative impact of late-night interactions, particularly on platforms like Twitter, where impulsive and questionable statements are often made. Ultimately, they advise against getting involved in online conflicts and urge people to focus on more meaningful and positive interactions.

Andrew Dice Clay: A Fearless Comedy Pioneer

Andrew Dice Clay, despite his success and fame, remains unafraid to make a fool of himself and push boundaries in his comedy. His ability to effortlessly engage in performance art and provoke laughter through bugging people is what sets him apart. He's an artist who is often misunderstood but his unique approach to comedy is what makes him so funny. This is evident in his audacious move to record a double album with no prepared material, which ended up being a great comedy album. Dice's confidence to take risks and not worry about looking bad in front of people is something to admire, especially in an industry where success can be fleeting.

Underrated and Unconventional: The Impact of Andrew Dice Clay on Comedy.

Both Jim Norton and Joe Rogan have great admiration for Andrew Dice Clay's unique and unconventional approach to comedy. They highlight how underrated Clay is for his commitment to doing something different, both in his stand-up and on platforms like Instagram. Clay's ability to engage and connect with his audience on a level where they want to repeat his jokes like a song is unprecedented. Joe Rogan specifically mentions how Clay changed his life and built his confidence when they toured together, emphasizing the impact Clay had on his career. Additionally, they express regret for not being able to know and witness the talent of late comedians like Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks.

The Downside of Fame: Decline in Quality and Performance

Fame and success can sometimes lead to a decline in quality and performance. This can be seen in the case of certain comedians, like Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison, who experienced a drop in the quality of their comedy as they reached new heights of popularity. Factors such as partying, substance abuse, and indulging in rockstar lifestyles can contribute to this decline. It is important for artists to stay grounded and remember who they are as individuals, rather than letting fame and adoration inflate their egos. Additionally, maintaining a focus on the craft and constantly working on new material is crucial for continued growth and success.

Evolution of Entertainment Industry: From Attractive Dressing to Genuine Humor

The entertainment industry has evolved over time. Dressing attractively on stage was once seen as a way to secure a sitcom or gain success in show business. However, for comedians like Joe Rogan and Jim Norton, dressing down and focusing on genuine humor has become more important. They emphasize that relying on sex appeal or a flashy image takes away from the authenticity and humor of their performances. Furthermore, they highlight the freedom they have found in platforms like podcasts and radio shows, where they can discuss any topic without the constraints and politics of network television. Ultimately, their experiences demonstrate the changing nature of the entertainment industry and the importance of staying true to oneself as a comedian.

Jim Norton: Finding Freedom in the Changing Landscape of Entertainment

The landscape of entertainment has drastically shifted, allowing individuals like Jim Norton to pursue their passions in a way that suits them best. Through radio and podcasting, Norton found a platform where he could freely express himself and connect with his audience. The advent of podcasting, along with the emergence of platforms like Sirius, opened doors for comedians like Norton to have more creative freedom and control over their content. Norton emphasizes the importance of being able to talk and engage with people he likes, rather than being limited by the traditional acting industry. This shift in the entertainment industry highlights the power of authenticity and the ability to pursue what truly brings joy and fulfillment.

The Decline of Traditional Sitcoms: Shifting Preferences and the Rise of Authenticity

The landscape of sitcoms has drastically changed over time. The traditional multi-camera sitcoms with live audiences have become almost extinct, despite once being a beloved American institution. With the rise of more entertainment venues and networks, one would have imagined sitcoms thriving, but the opposite has happened. The introduction of laugh tracks and heavy involvement from the business side of things have contributed to a decline in quality writing. Audiences now crave authenticity and variety, favoring shows that are filmed without laugh tracks or use organic laugh tracks from live audiences. This highlights the importance of adapting to new preferences and finding innovative ways to connect with viewers in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

The Impact of Live Audiences on Comedic Performances

The live audience adds an extra layer of authenticity and pressure for performers. Joe Rogan and Jim Norton discuss how being in front of a live audience affects their comedic performances. They highlight the challenges of staying focused and not being distracted by the crowd. Additionally, they acknowledge the difficulty of dealing with professional critics and the impact their opinions can have on the success or failure of a show. This conversation brings to light the importance of audience reactions and the potential influence critics have on shaping the trajectory of a show. Ultimately, it emphasizes the complexity and unpredictability of the entertainment industry.

Diverse Interests and Curiosities

While Jim Norton and Joe Rogan have different preferences when it comes to entertainment, they both enjoy watching people perform live. They find stand-up specials and clips to be less engaging. Additionally, Jim Norton admits to being afraid of heights but finds fascination in watching free climbers scale buildings and hornet nests. He is drawn to the thrill and danger of these activities, even though he can't watch them fully due to his fear. Meanwhile, Joe Rogan shares similar concerns about such extreme pursuits, expressing a mix of fear and curiosity. Ultimately, their discussion highlights the diverse interests and curiosities that can captivate individuals, even if they personally wouldn't participate in those activities.

Experiencing Fear: The Thrill of Extreme Activities

Some individuals have a deep need to push their limits and experience extreme fear in order to feel alive. Joe Rogan and Jim Norton discuss the thrill and fear associated with activities like free solo climbing and ice climbing. They highlight how these activities go beyond traditional rock climbing and serve as a way for individuals to feel something extraordinary. Psychologists theorize that these individuals may not feel normal in their day-to-day lives and therefore seek out terrifying experiences to overcome their baseline of normalcy. The conversation sheds light on the extreme lengths people will go to in order to feel alive and how these activities can be both awe-inspiring and incredibly dangerous.

The Power of Playful Banter and Camaraderie in Fostering Genuine Connections and Positive Work Culture

Our baseline normal, the way we interact and joke with each other, can greatly impact our overall well-being and sense of belonging. For Jim Norton and Joe Rogan, their baseline normal involves playful banter, making fun of each other, and engaging in witty exchanges. This dynamic allows them to thrive creatively, feel accepted, and constantly improve their comedic skills. However, when this baseline normal is disrupted, such as in a stuffy office environment, it can lead to feelings of constraint and discomfort. Understanding and embracing each other's humor and camaraderie is crucial for fostering genuine connections and a positive work culture. It is important to recognize that, despite appearances, these interactions are rooted in love and friendship rather than meanness.

Dealing with the ramifications of being falsely charged can have significant impacts on a person's life and mental well-being. Jim Norton's experience of being sued for defamation and facing the threat of violence from the person who sued him highlights the seriousness of such situations. It is important to have legal representation and take necessary precautions, such as having insurance, to protect oneself in these circumstances. Additionally, this conversation emphasizes the importance of trusting one's instincts and being able to read the true intentions of others, as it can help in identifying potential threats and taking appropriate actions.

The Power and Impact of Radio: Aggression, Anonymity, and Humanization

Jim Norton and Joe Rogan discuss the aggressive nature of their radio show and the impact it had on their audience, as well as other radio shows they interacted with. Norton reflects on receiving numerous threats over the years, sparking a realization that the anonymity of radio and podcasting allows for dangerous and unsettling behavior from individuals. They also touch upon the concept of "Jocktober," where they would mock and ridicule other radio shows. However, when Norton faced these individuals one-on-one, he found that it humanized them and fostered a more understanding and civil conversation. Ultimately, this conversation highlights the power and influence of radio and the importance of responsible and respectful broadcasting.

The Changing Landscape of Broadcasting and Entertainment

The world of broadcasting and entertainment has drastically changed over the years. The fear of getting in trouble or saying something offensive has led to a decline in funny shows, as hosts are constantly wary of slipping up. Additionally, the lack of transparency in terms of audience numbers has become a negotiation tactic for companies like SiriusXM. However, platforms like podcasts and on-demand apps have emerged as a new form of entertainment, allowing listeners to access shows whenever they want. Howard Stern played a crucial role in paving the way for this type of long-form, uncensored conversation, pushing the boundaries of traditional interviews and bringing entertainment into unexplored territories.

A Refreshing Break from Mainstream Media: The Uncensored Radio Show with Jim Norton and Joe Rogan

The radio show discussed in the conversation provided a refreshing break from the mainstream media. It was a subscription-based service with a dedicated following who enjoyed the freedom of uncensored content. The hosts, Jim Norton and Joe Rogan, shared stories about how the show featured provocative segments like "Whip them Out Wednesdays" and stickers that said "wow", which led to women flashing their breasts. Despite initial resistance, the show eventually made its way onto the regular platform. The conversation also touched upon their personal lives, including Jim Norton's efforts to lose weight and his training in jiu jitsu. Training in martial arts not only builds physical strength but also instills a sense of confidence and preparedness in handling potential conflicts.

The Importance of Drilling in Jiu-Jitsu Practice

Drilling is essential in improving one's skills in jiu-jitsu or any martial art. While sparring may be fun and feel like playing a game, it is through repetitive drilling that true progress is made. The tediousness of drilling may deter some from engaging in it, but it is crucial to invest the time and effort into perfecting techniques. Through constant drilling, from different angles and positions, one's game can significantly improve. Drilling helps train the body to move even when tired and allows practitioners to anticipate and react quickly to their opponent's movements. Just as learning a language requires understanding individual words before forming complete sentences, mastering jiu-jitsu involves learning and combining techniques to form a coherent response. Ultimately, drilling enhances one's understanding of the art and unlocks a whole new level of skill.

The Benefits of Martial Arts and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Martial arts can be a great way to stay active and engaged because it offers a combination of physical workout and skill development. Unlike traditional exercises like riding a stationary bike, martial arts training keeps you motivated and focused because you are constantly learning something new. Additionally, martial arts can provide practical self-defense skills that may come in handy in real-life situations. It's important to take care of your body when engaging in martial arts, which may include considering supplements to support your overall health and well-being. Moreover, maintaining a balanced diet by limiting sugar intake is crucial as overconsumption can lead to various health problems and hinder your overall performance.

Dangers of Bringing Guns into MRI Rooms

Bringing guns into MRI rooms can lead to dangerous and even fatal consequences. The discussion between Jim Norton and Joe Rogan highlights several incidents where individuals were injured or killed due to firearms being attracted to the MRI machine's magnet. It raises the question of why someone would feel the need to sneak a gun into a medical facility in the first place. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of following safety protocols and removing any metal objects before entering the MRI room. The conversation also touches on the skepticism surrounding UFOs and the possibility of the government using the concept of aliens as a cover-up for advanced military technologies. Overall, the key takeaway is that safety precautions must be prioritized in medical settings, and critical thinking should be applied when evaluating extraordinary claims.

Credible sightings of UFOs cannot be easily dismissed.

There are credible, objective sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that cannot be easily dismissed. While not all reported sightings may be accurate or reliable, there are individuals who have witnessed these phenomena and have no clear explanation for what they saw. It is important to differentiate between outright lies and distorted versions of truth, as people may fill in gaps or misinterpret their experiences. However, there are cases where trained professionals, such as pilots, have observed and documented UFOs using multiple types of equipment. These sightings raise questions about the existence of advanced technology that can surpass current human capabilities, suggesting that some UFOs may be of human origin rather than extraterrestrial.

The Mysteries and Perceptions Surrounding UFO Sightings and Abductions

People who claim to have experienced UFO sightings or abductions often have subjective and fragmented memories of the events. They share their stories without any intention of persuading or convincing others, simply recounting what they believe occurred to the best of their recollection. These experiences are often driven by a desire to feel special or unique, as being a witness to extraterrestrial phenomena holds a certain allure. However, the true nature of these encounters remains unknown and open to interpretation. It is possible that factors such as near-death experiences or the brain's chemical reactions during extreme situations contribute to the creation of vivid, otherworldly narratives. Regardless, these stories provide fascinating insight into human perception and the depths of our imagination.

Perspectives on Alien Life and Belief

The existence of alien life is a topic filled with skepticism and belief. While some people, like Jim Norton's ex, have a deep conviction and knowledge about the possibilities of alternate dimensions and extraterrestrial beings, others, like Jim and Joe Rogan, find it difficult to follow and accept. They emphasize the need for concrete evidence and documentation when it comes to believing in alien encounters. Additionally, they discuss the notion that the popular archetype of the Gray alien might be a comforting and familiar image that aliens would assume to interact with humans. Overall, the discussion highlights the complex and mysterious nature of alien life and the various perspectives surrounding it.

The risks and challenges of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on society

The advancement of artificial intelligence poses significant risks and challenges. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Jim Norton touches on the concerns surrounding AI and its potential impact on society. They discuss how AI can mimic human behavior, deceive people, and even create new moves in games. This highlights its ability to act independently and make choices beyond what it was originally programmed for. Furthermore, the idea that AI could eventually create a better version of itself raises concerns about its exponential growth and potential for uncontrollable power. As they consider the implications of AI development, Rogan and Norton emphasize the importance of distinguishing between real and fake information and the necessity of addressing the potential dangers associated with AI.

Exploring the Implications of AI and the Future of Humanity

The conversation touches on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential replacement of biological life with digital life. Although the discussion takes a comedic turn with talk of bodily functions and personal anecdotes, there is an underlying curiosity about the implications of AI for humanity. Jim Norton expresses his lack of concern due to his age, while Joe Rogan mentions the idea of AI being a positive development. They also discuss the potential effects of taking testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and the possible impact on personal relationships. Overall, the takeaway highlights the need for further exploration and understanding of AI's influence on our lives.

Matt Serra: A Genuine and Trustworthy UFC Champion

Matt Serra, a former UFC champion, is known for his authenticity and consistency. He is genuine both on and off the air, which makes him a trustworthy and reliable person. Despite his fame and success, Matt remains dedicated to teaching jiu jitsu, even to white belts. He loves what he does and is highly skilled at it. Engaging in activities that require our full focus, like jiu jitsu or climbing, can be mentally cleansing and help us let go of unnecessary thoughts and distractions. The conversation also raises the question of personal choice and freedom, highlighting the need to respect individuals' decisions, even if they may be objectionable to others. Furthermore, it prompts a discussion about the decriminalization of prostitution and the importance of reevaluating societal attitudes towards sex work.

Alarming situation of prostitution in Corona, NYC and potential invasion of privacy through surveillance technology

There is an alarming situation in Corona, New York City, where vulnerable migrant women, unable to legally work, are flooding the city while local district attorneys have chosen to stop prosecuting sex workers. This has created a perfect storm for prostitution, with a red light district blatantly advertised on a YouTube channel for Spanish speakers. The market of sweethearts, as they call it, is showcased with footage of women working and men guiding viewers on how to negotiate with them. The presence of such prostitution in broad daylight is shocking, and the conversation also touches upon the potential invasion of privacy with the advancement of tiny cameras that could be placed everywhere, making surveillance almost unavoidable.

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Home Surveillance Systems and the Integration of AI into Household Devices

Technology has advanced to the point where surveillance cameras can be installed in homes to provide a sense of security, but it can also lead to unexpected misunderstandings and moments of embarrassment. Joe Rogan and Jim Norton share their experiences with home surveillance systems, highlighting both the benefits and potential pitfalls. From mistaken identities to the desire for even more advanced devices like flying cameras, the conversation illuminates the evolving nature of surveillance technology. Additionally, the discussion touches on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into other household devices, such as refrigerators, which can provide personalized recommendations and help manage food inventory. Overall, technology continues to shape our lives in both beneficial and sometimes humorous ways.

Balancing Convenience and Health with Smart Devices

While it may seem exciting and convenient to have smart devices like a robot watchdog or a refrigerator that suggests recipes, it's important to maintain a healthy balance. These devices may offer functionality and entertainment, but they can also contribute to overconsumption and unhealthy habits. It's crucial to be mindful of our eating habits and not rely solely on technology to make choices for us. Designating cheat days can be a fun way to indulge but it's important to recognize the consequences and get back on track afterwards. Ultimately, our health and well-being should not be solely dependent on or controlled by smart devices.

Jim Norton's weight gain realization and the role of personal choice and support in maintaining a healthy weight.

Jim Norton's realization about his weight gain was prompted by his ex-girlfriend's message expressing concern. Despite feeling humiliated, he appreciated her honesty as it served as the final push for him to make a change. The conversation between Jim and Joe Rogan highlights the effectiveness of fat-shaming, as well as the role of personal choice in maintaining a healthy weight. Jim acknowledges the support of his wife in wanting him to dress better but also recognizes that her food choices contribute to his struggle with dieting. Ultimately, Jim concludes that he needs to follow a specific diet plan that has worked for him in the past in order to shed the extra pounds.