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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. By identifying a North Star, whether it's a person or a concept, we gain direction and motivation in achieving our goals. It reminds us to take responsibility, believe in ourselves, and take action towards the life we want.
  2. Set a clear North Star goal, learn necessary skills and create opportunities to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Seek inspiration from those who are a few steps ahead.
  3. Success is achievable by setting a North Star, breaking it down into achievable goals, mastering your skill through research and learning from the best, and putting a personal touch into it through innovation. Anyone can use this process to achieve success in their profession.
  4. Small actions and positive role models can inspire personal growth. Innovate and adapt practices to fit unique circumstances. Learn from others and incorporate habits and practices, while being kind and polite in interactions, as words of kindness can have a positive impact on people's lives.
  5. Emulate, Assimilate, and Innovate - the three essential steps to identifying your North Star. Start by imitating and learning from the greats, then assimilate their qualities before branching out to create something of your own.
  6. Instead of feeling discouraged by the gap between oneself and one's musical influence, approach it as a journey towards growth and learning. Understand the difference between wanting and needing, and let the desire to emulate music be a positive motivation.
  7. Setting a clear goal and declaring intention is a starting point, then commit and focus on growth. Apply the three pillars to achieve financial balance, or to improve your life in any aspect. Change starts with a desire to improve.
  8. Look up to those you admire, break their traits down into achievable steps, and commit to improving yourself to reach your goals. With dedication and perseverance, success is within reach.
  9. The process of emulating, assimilating, and innovating is not only for artists but also for humans. To truly understand anything, you must break it down, research it, take in information, practice it, and put it into action. It takes time, but it's a beautiful journey of self-discovery and purposeful skill exploration. A framework for long-term learning is crucial.
  10. Innovation is a journey, not a destination. By embracing the process and trusting in one's own expansion, we can create our own north star and become the best version of ourselves.
  11. Surrender to the expansion process, trust the journey and stay present. Emulate, assimilate, and innovate to discover hidden talents. Success may not look as intended, but stay grateful and own your progress.
  12. By emulating the characteristics of our North star, finding inspiration, and innovating, we can create a better life and become the person we want to be. Hope is the key to learning and success.

📝 Podcast Summary

The Power of a North Star in Achieving Goals.

The sentence "I can do it" is powerful because it reminds us that we are responsible for our lives and we must take action and believe in ourselves to achieve our goals. A North Star is essential to help guide us in the right direction, and it can be anything or anyone that inspires us and keeps us motivated. Whether it's a person like Michelle or a concept like "the rock," having a North Star can help us stay focused and driven towards our goals. So, identify your North Star and let it be your guiding light as you take responsibility, believe in yourself, and take action towards the life you want.

The Three Pillars of Achieving Any Goal in Life

Having a North Star or goal to achieve in life is important. It is possible to use a three-step process to help achieve any goal in life. Learning from someone who is just a few steps ahead of us can be more accessible than hearing from someone who has already achieved the top. All change is an act of creation and allowing someone else to be a beacon of inspiration and hope can be powerful. Identifying a North Star and using the three-part framework to close the gap between oneself and that North Star is essential. The three pillars of the creative process include identifying the goal, learning the skills, and creating opportunities.

The Three Steps to Achieve Success: Emulation, Assimilation, and Innovation

Emulation, assimilation, and innovation are three steps to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Emulation is the process of imitating someone or matching their achievement. It's important to have a North Star and break it down into smaller achievable goals. Assimilation is the 10,000 hour rule where you master a skill. It's essential to do research and learn from the best to become the best. Innovation is the final step where you take inspiration and put a personal touch into it. Anyone, regardless of their profession, can use this process to achieve success. It's crucial to have somewhere to go and pick a North Star. Even a tiny sliver of someone's character can be a great inspiration to emulate.

The Power of Kindness and Positive Role Models for Personal Growth

Small actions, like using kind words, can inspire others and lead to personal growth. Emulating positive role models, like Gwyneth Paltrow, can help in achieving personal goals, but it's important to innovate and adapt these practices to fit our own unique circumstances and needs. Learning from others and incorporating their habits and practices into our daily lives can help us become the best version of ourselves. Additionally, it's important to be kind and polite to others in our interactions, as words of kindness can have a positive impact on people's lives.

The Three Pillars of Identifying Your North Star

Identifying a North Star is just the beginning of a long journey. Once you know who you want to emulate, the next step is to assimilate their qualities. This is the biggest chunk of the journey and will take a long time. For the speaker, it took up to four years. It's a lifelong journey that will take time. After assimilating those qualities, the next step is to innovate and create something of your own. Emulation, assimilation, and innovation are the three pillars of the journey. In order to get started with emulation, one can imitate by learning songs from the fifties and sixties and learn how to emulate them in class.

Emulating the building blocks of popular music is an essential step towards becoming a professional recording, touring artist. The objective is not to sound like oneself but to sound exactly like the artist, with intonation, phrasing, rifts, runs, and notes. Instead of calling the difference between oneself and one's musical influence a gap, it is essential to frame it as a journey towards growth and learning. It is also important to differentiate between wanting and needing something. Wanting is more motivating and positive while needing implies that one is at a loss without it.

The Three Pillars to Personal Financial Balance

To achieve a personal financial balance, it is important to set a clear goal to graduate from existing scarcity and financial fear. Even without a clear North Star, declaring the intention is a starting point for having opportunities to flow in. One can imagine one's future self with financial abundance and break down the characteristics, skill sets, and career aspirations of that version to inspire self-growth. The three pillars, namely, declare, committing to, and focus, can be an effective way to commence something new. Even those seeking to improve other aspects of life, such as healthier eating habits or building better relationships, can apply similar steps. The key is to recognize that change starts with a desire to improve.

Finding Inspiration Through a North Star

Using a North Star, like Mel's inspiration, the rock, can help you gain the experiences, skills, and character traits you admire in others. Emulating successful people may seem daunting, but breaking it down into manageable steps can help you achieve your goals. By studying the character, skills, and career of people you admire, you can find areas to improve in yourself. It's important to remember that this process is an emulation phase and that it takes time and effort to see results. But with dedication and perseverance, you can use a North Star to guide you towards success in your own life.

The Creative Process: Emulation, Assimilation, and Innovation

The process of emulation, assimilation, and innovation is not only the way that artists create, but also the way that humans create. Emulating someone means matching or surpassing their achievement by breaking it down and doing research, while assimilating means taking in information, ideas, or culture and understanding them fully. To truly understand something, you must digest it, practice it, and put it into action. This process takes time, but it is the most beautiful part of the journey as you discover new things about yourself and purposefully explore a skill to deepen it. It is important to have a framework to locate yourself inside of something that takes a long time.

The constant cycle of innovation and expansion.

The process of innovation is not a gap to be filled, but a circle to be expanded. It is a constant cycle of emulation, assimilation, and innovation where you create your own north star. There is always more to create, figure out and become. The reason why successful people continue to create and research is not for the destination, but for the joy of the creative process itself. It's about self-expansion and figuring out who you are. By trusting the fact that you are always expanding, you become your own north star. It's not about becoming someone else, but about becoming the best version of yourself.

Trusting the Process of Expansion and the Power of Gratitude

Trusting the process of expansion, surrendering to it, and being grateful can lead individuals to unexpected places. Gifts and talents go beyond what one may perceive and may be discovered through working on their craft and career throughout life. The process of emulation, assimilation, and innovation enables individuals to experience expansion in ways they may not have imagined. It is important to own one's progress, but also to acknowledge that success may not look the way one initially envisioned it. Through this process, individuals may learn more about themselves and their humanity. Staying present and trusting that the process will lead to where one needs to go is key in this journey.

Finding our North Star for Personal Growth

We are all works of art, and our lives are sculptures that we chisel away at to become better versions of ourselves. By finding our North star and emulating, assimilating, and innovating its characteristics, we can create a better life and a better version of ourselves. Knowing that others believe in us gives us hope, and hope is the key to learning and success. Therefore, it is important to find inspiration everywhere in our lives and make it our own. This three-step process can help us to achieve our goals and become the person we want to be. So go forth and find your North star, and use it to inspire yourself to create a better life.