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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Ari Emanuel's parents instilled in him the values of not being indifferent and standing up for what he believed in, which he now applies to his work in business.
  2. Success is not just about intelligence, but also about perseverance, competitiveness, love for learning, and leadership skills. Obstacles and setbacks can be overcome with determination and hard work.
  3. Ari Emanuel’s success in the entertainment industry highlights the importance of determination and innovative thinking. Despite his ADHD, his drive and curiosity have propelled him to achieve great things.
  4. Stay inspired, have a strategic approach towards your goals, and always aim for a bigger and better future.
  5. Sometimes, it's important to pause and appreciate what we have instead of constantly chasing something. Stay mindful and clear-headed during important meetings to deliver your best.
  6. Building relationships, taking risks, and having a long-term vision can lead to successful business opportunities. Perseverance is key to overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.
  7. Successful business people are not afraid to ask questions, gather information, and make deals to create value. They focus on extracting greater value through cost-saving measures or license fee negotiations, taking risks, and timing their bets carefully.
  8. Even in moments of stress and desperation, persistence and determination can lead to unexpected opportunities and success. Never give up on pursuing the right opportunity and reaching out to everyone for help.
  9. Despite the pandemic's impact on businesses, opportunities can arise from creative solutions and partnerships. Emanuel praised Dana White's ability to create a game-changing event for UFC and Formula 1's innovative approach in creating a successful TV series. Timing is also crucial in securing business opportunities.
  10. In difficult times, prioritize survival by storing cash and making tough decisions. Invest in people with potential like Elon Musk and rally together with a strong team to weather the storm.
  11. Emanuel's dedication to fitness and nutrition, which includes unconventional practices like helminth therapy, sauna, and ice baths, is driven by his desire to remain in top shape. He is also a skilled gamer, making him an expert in both physical and mental performance.
  12. To achieve success, it's crucial to develop consistency and endurance through a willingness to be uncomfortable and adapt to change. This requires hard work, a resilient mindset, and a commitment to personal growth. Building supportive relationships and being open to new experiences can also contribute to long-term success.
  13. Ari Emanuel knows how to balance both supply and demand as he works with athletes and sports properties. Despite being a novice in the business, he pursued his passion for sports, focusing on his strengths.
  14. Ari Emanuel believes that consolidation in the food industry is the major problem making people sick and that fixing it can lead to better health and healthcare. Prioritizing exercise and a healthy diet can solve many health-related issues.
  15. A.I. can enhance human creativity in sectors like virtual and augmented reality, but protections must be found for creative arts such as music and writing. The rise of the experience economy also highlights the need for more free time for people.
  16. Endeavor's diverse revenue sources, including betting and gambling, On Location events, and sports representation, along with its high-end fan experiences, make it a potentially valuable investment opportunity despite previous undervaluation by the Street.
  17. Despite challenges from startups and big agencies, a well-established representation business can still thrive with unique offerings, great talent, and a passion for agenting.
  18. The tension between commercial interests and ethical considerations highlights the importance of preserving the integrity of sports, especially for organizations dependent on corporate sponsorships.
  19. Emanuel recognizes the complexities of life and acknowledges the need for ethical considerations in every business decision. Despite acknowledging the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, he still negotiated a $400 million investment in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the importance of separating personal values from business dealings.
  20. Continuously chase new goals to maintain a sense of fulfillment and balance between doing things for fun and those with meaning. Age should never be a constraint in pursuing joy.
  21. Passion and honesty are key elements for success, knowing when to step away and surround oneself with trustworthy individuals is crucial. Successful people fight for their work, defend themselves when needed, and possess a strong work ethic.

📝 Podcast Summary

Lessons from Ari Emanuel's Parents on Standing Up for What is Right.

Ari Emanuel learned from his parents that one should not be indifferent in anything they do. His mother was a civil-rights activist who took her kids on protests while his father stood up for what he thought was right. From his dad, Ari learned common sense while his mom taught him to stand up for what he thought. Both of them taught Ari and his brothers not to be indifferent in anything they do. Today, Ari's brothers, Zeke and Rahm, are renowned for their contributions in oncology, medical ethics, and politics. Ari also applies this principle to his work in business, and he believes that anyone should not be indifferent in anything they stand for.

Ari Emanuel- A Dyslexic's Rise to the Top of Hollywood's Elite

Ari Emanuel, although considered the 'dumb one' in his family, has managed to become one of the most successful agents in Hollywood and the CEO of Endeavor. He is known for being a fierce negotiator, and his story is an inspiration to those who may feel inferior to their siblings or peers. Despite facing difficulties like dyslexia and ADHD, he persevered and achieved his goals. His competitiveness, love for learning, and leadership skills have enabled him to navigate the cut-throat world of sports and entertainment. Ari's life shows that success is not just about intelligence, and one can achieve great things despite facing obstacles and setbacks.

The ADHD-Driven Success of Ari Emanuel

Ari Emanuel is a deal-making machine and has led Endeavor to become a massive company with numerous big-name clients and acquisitions, including the UFC and WWE. He has a famously short attention span due to ADHD, but also uses it strategically to get out of conversations that bore him. Despite his complicated nature, his drive and curiosity are what propel him forward, constantly questioning the costs and logistics behind various endeavors. Emanuel's success is a reminder that determination and innovative thinking can lead to significant achievements, even in an industry as competitive and challenging as the entertainment world.

Making Daily Calls and Thinking Big

Ari Emanuel, the founder of an agency, emphasizes on making a lot of phone calls on a daily basis. He doesn't take casual and prolonged conversations, but instead prefers shorter ones directed towards the assistant. He was inspired to start his firm after reading a book by George Gilder on infinite distribution. The W.B. and U.P.N. networks changed the landscape for the potential of his firm. He had envisioned sponsorship and marketing efforts for companies and was able to execute these ideas successfully. The key takeaway here is to stay inspired, think big, and have a strategic approach towards your goals.

The Importance of Appreciation and Mindset in Pursuit of Success

Most of the time in life, we are chasing something. It is important to appreciate what we have and be happy. Emanuel believes that owning an NFL or NBA team is an ego play and tries to make sure that he is not doing something for his ego. Emanuel's research department helped him gain insights on what networks were thinking while renewing TV shows. Watching The Ultimate Fighter on Spike raised Emanuel's curiosity, and he set up a meeting with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, the primary owners of the UFC. However, the meeting didn't go well, and Emanuel didn't give his best. It's essential to have a clear mindset while attending meetings and delivering points.

Emanuel's persistence and calculated risks lead to U.F.C. ownership

Emanuel's persistence in networking and building relationships helped him secure a meeting between Dana White and Ross Greenburg, leading to the U.F.C.'s T.V. rights being negotiated. After helping U.F.C. with deals like the video game deal and realizing the potential for extracting more value, Emanuel's company wanted ownership in the sports business. Although the first attempt to buy U.F.C. failed due to a high asking price of $4 billion, they were ready the second time around. Despite facing obstacles like Brexit and the banking system, perseverance was the key to success. Having a long-term vision, building relationships, and taking calculated risks can lead to fulfilling business opportunities.

The Power of Asking Questions and Making Deals

A successful business person is not afraid to ask many questions and gather a lot of information which could lead to value creation. Their phone could be their superpower. When buying a company, they would look at what they can extract greater value from, either in cost savings or license fee negotiations. Being in live is powerful. By making a new deal, they could make the multiple times cheaper and create value. Timing is also crucial. Making a big bet involves taking risks. With all chips pushed in, external factors could still affect the outcome.

Ari Emanuel's Stressful Search for U.F.C. Buyers

A period of stress for Ari Emanuel when the three biggest buyers for the right to show U.F.C. fights were out, and the clock was ticking on his rights. He was calling everyone but Trump and was sick due to stress. He thought he might sink, but then Kevin Mayer from E.S.P.N.-Disney got it, realized the value of U.F.C., and made a deal with Emanuel for fight nights. After the first fight night went great, Bob Iger got it, and they got the pay-per-views. A lesson on never giving up and calling everyone for the right opportunity, even if it seems like the end.

Endeavor's Experience with Pandemic and Opportunities of Formula 1 and UFC

The Covid-19 pandemic hit several businesses, including Endeavor, which depends on live sports and entertainment. However, the U.F.C. came back with Fight Island in the United Arab Emirates. According to Emanuel, Dana White is a genius and made it happen; this was a game-changer for U.F.C. Emanuel also talked about talking to Vince, Roger, and Adam Silver. He praised Formula 1 for creating the Netflix series Drive to Survive, which is an incredible show. Emanuel once tried to buy Formula 1, but the timing was wrong because he had just bought U.F.C. It is uncertain if he would have owned Formula 1 now if he hadn't bought U.F.C.

Endeavor’s Covid-19 Survival Strategy and Bet on People’s Potential

Endeavor faced a tough time during Covid-19. The team faced a challenge of keeping the business afloat including keeping UFC on, which contributed to about 70% of the revenue. They stored cash and fired or furloughed staff to ensure survival. Emanuel mentions respecting and admiring Elon Musk, whom he had on his board till he refused to give up his documents as part of licensing procedure. Endeavor invested in Twitter as they trust and believe in Musk and his capabilities. Bet on people who have the potential to succeed and make a difference, and sometimes it's tough to classify such people as admirable. During Covid-19 times, planning and rallying together with a great team is the key to survival.

Emanuel's Extreme Fitness and Nutrition Regimen

Emanuel follows an extreme fitness and nutrition regimen that includes Thai and U.K. helminths, dynamic warmup, bike HYPOXI training, weight program, sauna, ice bath, meditation, and fasting on Fridays. Although some people may consider it an extreme regimen, to Emanuel, it's a part of his routine. Emanuel does this because he is vain and hates being out of shape. Emanuel's curious and passionate nature extends to his online gaming skills, which he is great at and beats most of his opponents. If you want to bet on someone, bet on Emanuel in the gaming space because he has the expertise to succeed.

The Importance of Consistency and Building Endurance for Success

Consistency is the key to success, but it requires sacrifice and hard work. Being comfortable in the uncomfortable is a trait that helps one to keep going and handle challenges. Being a leader is about being able to take punches and last through the brutality of challenges. One needs to train their mind to have stamina and be comfortable with changes. Additionally, life advice for success would entail showing up, being curious, and not being indifferent. The only constant in life and business is change, so one should get comfortable with it. The training of the mind to handle discomfort helps to build endurance. Having supportive relationships and having regular conversations on diverse issues can foster growth and development.

Ari Emanuel - The Efficient Dealmaker in Sports

Ari Emanuel is an efficient dealmaker who works both sides when it comes to supply and demand. Endeavor has bought sports properties like the UFC and WWE, where athletes collectively get a relatively low share of overall revenues. Compared to the NFL or NBA, where athletes have a union and get about half of league revenues, Endeavor represents athletes in these leagues. Emanuel loves boxing and grew up on it. He is confident in his dealmaking skills and his siblings’ support or lack of it does not affect him. Despite his father’s wish for him to get a business degree, Emanuel knew there was something bigger out there and pursued it.

Fixing the Food Industry to Solve Healthcare Problems

Ari Emanuel believes that the food industry is making people sick and that fixing it will solve many problems related to healthcare. He thinks that consolidation in the food industry is the major problem and needs to be fixed. According to him, fixing the food problem will solve many third-act problems related to healthcare. Emanuel doesn’t seem concerned about consolidation in healthcare but believes that fixing the first act, which is what people put in their system, can solve a lot of problems related to health and healthcare. He emphasizes that exercise and fixing the food situation is crucial to solving the equation of health, healthcare.

Ari Emanuel on the Potential of A.I. in Different Sectors

Ari Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor, discusses the potential of A.I. in different sectors, including entertainment. While he thinks A.I. can enhance creativity, it cannot surpass the creativity of human beings like legendary writer Jim Brooks, creating the need for protections in arts like music and writing. However, A.I. can be useful in virtual reality and augmented reality, which he sees as an opportunity for his business. Emanuel also mentions the rise of the experience economy, which would require more free time for people. All in all, the conversation highlights the potential of A.I. in different sectors, how it can complement human creativity, and the importance of finding protections for creative arts.

Endeavor's Revenue Sources and Potential Value for Investors

Endeavor, the company that owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), generates its revenues from various sources including the betting and gambling business, On Location events, and the representation of 150 sports by I.M.G. The company recently sold its I.M.G. Academy for $1.25 billion despite the Street previously valuing it at zero. Endeavor is also creating high-end fan experiences for events such as the UFC, Super Bowl, and Olympics. While the Street may not have properly valued the company before, with the sale of I.M.G. Academy and the split to create a new company called T.K.O., Endeavor hopes that the Street will start to recognize its potential value.

The Evolution of the Representation Business and Its Challenges

The representation business has been around for over 150 years and is still a great business. A lot of people are interested in live entertainment and sports betting, making the business even more valuable. While some may think that big-time agents such as Bryan Lourd from C.A.A. could eat up smaller agencies' clients, Emanuel assures that his business is still the biggest dog around and that they have a team that can bring new things to the table. Additionally, his love for agenting remains intact. Furthermore, the business model of the P.G.A. Tour has been threatened lately due to a new startup called LIV Tour, funded by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, which led to some athletes, including Phil Mickelson, leaving for better compensation.

The Controversy Surrounding LIV Tour's Funding Causes a Rift in Golf Community

The LIV Tour, funded by Saudi Arabia, is criticized for attempting to sportswash the country's human rights violations. The issue of funding prompted Endeavor's Ari Emanuel to consider financing LIV, but he withdrew upon receiving a call from the PGA. The controversy surrounding LIV's funding has caused a rift in the golf community. While Emanuel claims to have no moral stance on the matter, the P.G.A. Tour, led by Jay Monahan, has worked to find an economic solution that preserves the integrity of the sport. In the larger context, the controversy speaks to the tension between commercial interests and ethical considerations, particularly for organizations that rely on corporate sponsorships.

Emanuel's Ethical Perspective on Doing Business

Emanuel negotiated a $400 million investment for entertainment in Saudi Arabia with M.B.S's support. He acknowledges that every country does bad things but wishes the murder of Jamal Khashoggi could have been avoided. However, this incident does not preclude him from doing business with them again. Emanuel understands that governments do bad things, and ethical considerations should be made in every case. He acknowledges that life is nuanced, and things are not always black and white. Despite a lack of clarity about why the payment was made, Emanuel wrote a check for $400 million with interest after a long negotiation.

The Pursuit of Happiness and Success

The pursuit of success and joy in life is a never-ending process for many, where they find happiness in chasing and accomplishing new goals, even after achieving a lot in life. Being satisfied in life is important for one's well-being, but to keep the sense of fulfillment alive, one must continue doing what makes them happy and fulfilled. It is essential to have a balance between doing things that are fun and those that have meaning and value. Age is just a number, and it is never too late to start chasing new goals or to start pursuing something that gives one joy.

The Importance of Passion and Trust in Success

Successful people like Ari Emanuel, the Co-CEO of WME, are passionate about their work, which makes them enjoy it. They know when to step back and realize when they are not into it anymore, and thus, they will pass their work to someone else. Being surrounded by people who live by their word and have similar standards as them is crucial. In any profession, people come across duplicitous people, but having people around who one can trust and rely on is essential. Passion and honesty in their work are primary motivators for successful people. They enjoy fighting for their work passionately as they know when to defend themselves and when to back off.