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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Bert Kreischer finds inspiration in journaling and believes in the simplicity and effectiveness of Hemingway's writing style. He carves his words and believes in maintaining the essence of his first-time joke telling. People identify with wild, crazy nights, as seen in his captivating story Machine.
  2. The internet has made it easier than ever to connect with admired individuals, and by staying true to yourself and sharing your stories authentically, you never know who might be listening.
  3. Enjoying drinking in a comfortable and pressure-free environment with like-minded people allows for better social connections, just like podcasting. Drinking is best when shared with those who have similar attitudes and interests.
  4. Bert Kreischer's go-to drink for a refreshing buzz is the Campari Spritz. It's a bitter, rooty, and earthy cocktail that is sweetened with Prosecco and soda water. He enjoys it most when traveling with family in Europe or walking around, but has also enjoyed it alone in various scenarios like at a bar, in a hotel room, or even in a helicopter.
  5. It is important to recognize how we cope with our emotions when it involves alcohol and prioritize cherishing time with loved ones. Learning to apply humility in our career and life can also lead to gratitude and appreciation for support and opportunities. We should strive to face difficult moments with dignity.
  6. Humility and hard work can lead to success, even with privileged backgrounds. Embracing vulnerability and building trust can also provide emotional strength on the journey towards achieving goals.
  7. Trusting friends blindly may be daunting, but having faith in them is vital. Losing trust can lead to unnecessary conflicts. Building on blind trust can contribute to the creation of some of life's strongest, long-lasting relationships.
  8. In business deals with friends, prioritize emotions over money, and recognize each other's strengths to succeed. Stand up for oneself and maintain understanding between partners, even if personalities differ.
  9. Joe Rogan's selfless support of his guests has created opportunities for many careers in comedy. Bert Kreischer credits Joe with much of his success, and advises focusing on finding a lifetime partner rather than temporary relationships.
  10. To find true love, focus on making a real connection with one person based on shared values and mutual respect. Put effort into the relationship and prioritize your partner's pleasure to build a lasting bond.
  11. Finding a balance between personal life and content creation requires being accountable, prioritizing healthy relationships, and staying true to values. Success can be achieved through innovation and diversity in content presentation.
  12. Don't let fear of imperfection hold you back from creating and sharing content. Keep producing and promoting, even if it feels difficult, and you may be surprised by the positive response.
  13. Taking breaks, recognizing our unique qualities, and avoiding excessive self-promotion can lead to better well-being. Discipline and control can be beneficial, but being comfortable with our own limitations is important.
  14. Setting small goals, balancing leisure and work, and integrating healthy habits can help build confidence and achieve success, while recognizing our own limits and finding a personalized approach is okay.
  15. Taking short naps and having a box of wine on the treadmill while watching TV can be a great way to relax and boost productivity, especially when doing stressful tasks.
  16. Learning about history doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right resources, such as podcasts and exercise equipment, it can be an enjoyable way to gain new perspectives on current events and immerse yourself in different worlds.
  17. Passionate teachers have the power to make any topic interesting and memorable. Embrace road trips as a way to create safe connections with friends while enjoying nature's beauty. Dan Carlin's podcast is a perfect example of the impact of an intricately researched narrative.
  18. The pandemic has made us value human connection and responsibility for others' well-being. Cherish the moments of joy and camaraderie, and don't forget to take precautions to keep yourself and others safe.
  19. Enjoying a cold beer can be a simple way to break free from a scheduled life and live in the moment. Personal preferences and experiences shape our drink choices, but ultimately it's about celebrating camaraderie and enjoying life's moments.
  20. There is no one "right" way to work - honor individual preferences and needs, finding a balance between fulfilling work and taking breaks to prevent burnout is crucial. Happiness and fulfillment come from doing what is right for you.
  21. Making small changes, such as incorporating music, audiobooks, or going on scenic runs, can make exercise more enjoyable. Finding what works for oneself and being consistent is crucial for staying motivated in the long-term.
  22. Embrace your true impulses and find fulfillment by bringing joy to others. Don't take yourself too seriously and break down your own serious persona to discover the true humility of joy.
  23. Embracing your unique qualities and having a fun and carefree attitude can create meaningful connections, open up opportunities for personal growth and success. Don't be afraid to let loose and embrace silliness, it may just lead to new doors opening.
  24. Life is short, make the most of it by enjoying simple moments with loved ones. Focus on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere without the need for alcohol or impressing others. Cherish the memories and embrace the carefree moments.
  25. Getting drunk allows people to show their true selves, but it can also be exploited by bad people. Be empathetic and trustworthy, and don't use vulnerability to gain power over others. Honesty and trust are the building blocks of true connections.
  26. Whitney Cummings reminds us that even those with an outwardly wild and crazy persona can have a soft, caring side. It's important to understand and appreciate people's unique love languages, including giving gifts and taking care of others.
  27. Success in the entertainment industry requires creativity, taking risks, and collaborating with others. Being passionate and grabbing opportunities can also help individuals achieve success.
  28. Don't be afraid to take risks and create silly ideas in comedy. Humility is vital in realizing the best comedic acts. Getting to know comedians better through podcasts can be a rewarding experience to recognize their improvements over time.
  29. Find what you enjoy doing in life, work hard every day, and love every day of your life. It's better to do what you love and enjoy than be stuck doing something you don't enjoy.

📝 Podcast Summary

Bert Kreischer's Writing Process and Inspiration.

While some writers believe in bleeding out their words through a typewriter, Bert Kreischer agrees that simple journaling helps him find inspiration. He believes in Hemingway's writing style for its simplicity and effectiveness. Bert admits he struggles with writing stand-up bits but once he journals, the pen moves faster than his brain and writing comes naturally. Ernest Hemingway wrote with just a handful of words, and Bert believes that his process is all about carving. Bert's style is the opposite, he believes that his first time telling a joke is always perfect and he tries hard to maintain its essence. People love to identify with wild, crazy nights that have gotten out of control; hence Machine's story was captivating for numerous people.

Bert Kreischer on the Power of Authenticity and Connecting with Your Heroes

The internet has made the world a smaller place where people can connect with those they admire. Bert Kreischer believes in being honest in everything that comes out of his mouth and finds it crazy how his podcast has reached interesting people like the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He hopes Putin knows him due to a story he shared. Bert would like to drink with Winston Churchill, who lived his life fully-taking long baths, drinking champagne and having breakfast in bed. The Queen looked up to Churchill, who taught her a lot. Through the internet, people can now connect with those they admire anytime, anywhere.

Drinking preferences and social connections with Bert Kreischer and Lex Fridman

Bert Kreischer and Lex Fridman discuss their drinking preferences and different personalities they enjoy drinking with. Bert feels uncomfortable with people who like to get others drunk, and prefers to drink and feel good without any pressure. He also talks about his ideal drink and context for drinking, such as whiskey on the rocks with close friends like Joe Rogan. The conversation also delves into their enjoyment of podcasting, which allows them to connect with people they wouldn't otherwise be able to sit down with. Overall, the takeaway is that drinking is a social activity that's best enjoyed with people who share similar attitudes and interests.

Bert Kreischer's Favorite Drink and When He Likes to Enjoy It

Bert Kreischer shared his favorite drink, the Campari Spritz, with Lex Fridman on their podcast. He describes it as bitter with a rooty and earthy taste, which is flattened out with soda water and sweetened by Prosecco. It's the perfect balance for a buzz without getting too drunk. Bert shares that his favorite context for drinking it is when traveling with family in Europe. The drink is refreshing and pairs well with walking around. Bert also discusses the various scenarios in which he's enjoyed drinking alone like at a bar or in a hotel room, even in a helicopter, but jokingly says the best is when it's behind someone's back.

Coping with Emotions, Cherishing Time with Loved Ones, and Applying Humility in Life

Bert Kreischer shares his experiences with drinking to cope with emotions like anxiety or heartbreak, but avoids alcohol for situations like depression. He also reflects on the idea that time with loved ones is precious and tries to cherish it as 'extra'. He shares his father's lesson on humility, which he applies to his career and life. His father's emotional response to his movie premiere taught him to be grateful for all the support and opportunities he's had. Finally, he mentions his fear of dealing with the passing of loved ones and hopes he can face it with dignity.

Learning Humility and Trust for Success

Humility is an important trait that helps in achieving one's goals. Bert Kreischer learned humility when his father brought out the fact that he had been privileged in life and did not need to fight as hard to achieve what he wanted. He was told that to achieve his goals in life, he had to work towards them with all his heart, irrespective of his privileged background. Bert learned to apply humility in his life, which helped him to become successful in his career and life. By being honest and selling his shows with fun, he overcame the criticism of making fun of himself and achieved success as a stand-up comedian. Trust is another important aspect of life and can provide emotional strength.

The Importance of Trust in Friendships

Trust is a precious thing and getting betrayed by close friends can lead to trust issues. However, blindly trusting someone can also be a cool feeling. It took Bert Kreischer a while to trust again after being betrayed by friends. But he has now blindly trusted some of his closest friends including Joe Rogan, Tom, and Joey. Bert believes that it is important to have faith in your friends and have them in your life. Losing trust in them can lead to a difficult situation and can cause unnecessary fights. Blind trust can be the basis of some of the strongest friendships and one of the most important things in life.

Prioritizing emotions and maintaining friendships in business deals.

It's important to prioritize feelings over money, even in business deals with friends. Sometimes people can be bullies, but it's important to stand up for oneself and not let them take advantage. In partnerships, it's necessary to recognize each other's strengths and rely on each other to succeed. Fragility can coexist with strength, and it's okay to feel vulnerable and have thin skin. Friendship and understanding between two people can't always be easily explained, but it's crucial to put in the effort to maintain a relationship. Python and khaki represent different personalities, but they can complement each other to create a successful partnership.

How Joe Rogan Paved the Way for Success in Comedy and Changed the Game in Entertainment.

Joe Rogan is a selfless individual who wants his guests to shine and succeed, which has given many people beautiful careers in comedy. He changed the game in the entertainment industry, and his podcasts have paved the way for others in the same space. Joe is one of the most important people in stand-up comedy, and Bert Kreischer owes a lot of his success to Joe's influence and support. Bert also believes that finding love requires not tying yourself down with temporary relationships and focusing on the bigger picture of finding a lifetime partner.

The Importance of Being Available for Finding True Love

Finding true love is about being available and open to making a deeper connection with one person, not just constantly dating or seeking superficial pleasure. When you know, you know. It can be as simple as noticing someone who thinks about others before themselves, like Bert did with his assistant and social media manager. Successful relationships require effort, like going down on your partner first to ensure they have an orgasm. Instead of filling your life with baby shrimp (meaningless flings), hold out for the lobster (true love).

Balancing Personal Life and Content Creation

Maintaining a happy and fulfilling personal life while pursuing a successful content creation career can be challenging as it may lead to cannibalization of real-life experiences. Keeping a balance between the two is important. Being accountable, self-correcting, and quick to find faults and apologize is key to maintaining healthy relationships. Varying consequences with children and having conversations with them aids in developing positive behaviors. The pursuit of success should not lead to compromising ethics and values. Creativity and innovation should not come at the cost of personal relationships. Success in content creation can be achieved by continuously innovating and presenting content across different social media platforms and mediums.

Embracing Imperfection and Persevering through Creative Challenges

Don't be afraid to suck. The stuff that sucks just goes away and the good stuff people remember. Just turn the camera on and post it, even if it takes a few takes. Sometimes the biggest mistake is just not doing it. Ideas will come up if you start. Shoot something and put a little movement into it. Even if the well dries up and you run out of ideas, just keep promoting. You never know what will click. Bert Kreischer's story of a promo clip of him in a speedo with an American flag selling tickets to a show, although ridiculous, got a lot of attention and was praised by Larry the Cable Guy.

The Importance of Slowing Down and Valuing Your Unique Qualities

Promoting oneself excessively can cause exhaustion. Sometimes taking a break and slowing down is necessary for well-being. While it's good to draw inspiration from others, it's important to recognize and appreciate our own unique qualities. Less is more and perfection is overrated, as seen through Rogan's one-take stories. Admire those who focus on a single task for hours and have control over their lives. Adding a little bit of discipline and control can be good for our well-being, but it's also important to be comfortable with our own limitations and pace of life.

Learning from successful individuals and finding a personalized approach to self-improvement.

Learning from successful individuals and their way of being can be inspiring and motivating. Setting small goals and achieving them can help build confidence and a sense of accomplishment. However, it's important to balance leisure and work, and not beat yourself up for indulgences. Instead, integrate healthy habits into everyday life while still enjoying occasional treats. Kids can also provide insightful perspectives on adult behaviors and help us see areas for improvement. Jocko and David Goggins' disciplined mindsets are admirable, but it's okay to acknowledge our own limits and find a personalized approach to self-improvement.

Refresh Your Mind and Body with Naps and Box Wine on the Treadmill

Taking naps can be a great way to refresh your mind and body, even if it's just for 30 minutes. It can help with productivity and performance, especially when doing stressful tasks like performing in a show or doing a podcast. Tour bus naps are considered the best naps because they are pitch black, ice cold, and have a history podcast playing in the background. Another way to relax after a long day is to have a box of wine on the treadmill while watching TV. A glass with a spigot can be attached to the box while walking at a comfortable pace.

How Treadmills and Podcasts Can Help You Engage with History

Learning about history can be a fascinating way to forget yourself and immerse into different worlds. Treadmills can be a great tool to enjoy history podcasts while taking care of your health. Bert Kreischer and Lex Fridman discuss their love for history, World War II, and how personal experiences and family history shape people's perceptions of historical events. Dan Carlin's podcasts are a great way to learn about history without getting lost in technical details. Even though history might seem overwhelming, it is possible to find useful and enjoyable resources to navigate complex topics. Gaining knowledge about past events can offer a new perspective on current events and help people understand the world we live in today.

Exploring the Power of Audio Storytelling and Passionate Teachers with Bert and Lex

The power of audio storytelling is exemplified in Dan Carlin's podcast where his voice creates a unique experience for listeners. Bert and Lex share their admiration for Dan's intricately researched historical narrations and his passion for storytelling. They discuss the impact of passionate teachers and how they can make otherwise mundane topics interesting and memorable. Bert recounts his epic road trip with five of his college friends, where they emptied a burnt-down bar of its liquor and traveled across the country. He also shares his pandemic road trip experience with his comedy crew, emphasizing the importance of creating safe bubbles and enjoying nature's beauty while staying connected.

Bert Kreischer on Cherishing Human Connections and Camaraderie during the Pandemic

The pandemic has disrupted human connections and camaraderie. Bert Kreischer cherishes the fun-filled tour that he had with his crew before COVID-19. He believes he appreciates it more now as the pandemic has affected the basic human interaction that he enjoyed during the tour. The pandemic has instilled fear among people and created a sense of responsibility for others' well-being. Bert Kreischer fears not for his own life but for someone he could transmit the virus to. He realized it could happen as easily as an egg toss that he did with his daughter. Despite all the changes, he still values the refreshing feeling of drinking an ice-cold Pilsner beer.

Bert Kreischer and Lex Fridman Discuss Their Drink Preferences and Experiences

While they discuss their drink preferences, Bert Kreischer recalls a time he was drinking an IPA out of a growler in the bathtub at 6am before having to fly to Vegas to jump off the stratosphere, resulting in him throwing up and not touching IPAs for years. However, during the pandemic, he started drinking them again. Lex Fridman associates vodka with celebratory moments and camaraderie, while Bert prefers a double Jack on the rocks. They both agree that an ice-cold beer during an afternoon is a beautiful experience that allows them to say 'fuck it' to their scheduled lives and enjoy the moment.

Understanding and Respecting Individual Differences in Work Ethic

Some people thrive on a regimented life and love to work all the time, while others prefer a more relaxed lifestyle. It's important to understand and respect individual differences in work ethic and what drives them. Working hard may be a source of fulfillment and happiness for some, while others may feel tormented and overwhelmed. It's not for others to judge or worry, but rather to support and encourage based on individual needs and preferences. Additionally, it's crucial to have a work-life balance and take breaks to avoid burnout. At the end of the day, what matters most is finding what makes you happy and fulfilled in life, whether it's working hard or taking time off to pursue other passions.

Tips to Make Running or Working Out More Enjoyable and Motivating

Running or working out can be more enjoyable if done in a slow and steady manner, with progress gradually built up over time. Playing games or listening to music, audiobooks, or foreign language shows can make the activity more interesting. A sound called brown noise, similar to white noise but deeper, may help to focus the mind during exercise. Going on hikes or runs in scenic or interesting locations can be motivating and fun. Even small details, like a butterfly accompanying one on their jog, can make the experience feel surreal and memorable. The key is finding what works for oneself and maintaining consistency.

Finding Joy in Making Others Laugh with Bert Kreischer.

Bert Kreischer's desire for pure joy was born in college. He initially wanted to be taken seriously and desired by others but eventually realized the joy and fulfillment that comes from making others laugh. His experiences in Russia, where young bandits were stoic and serious, showed him the power of laughter in bringing people together. Bert's journey teaches us to embrace our true impulses and to find joy in making others happy, even if it means breaking down our own serious persona. Ultimately, we arrive at the true humility of joy and fulfillment when we follow our heart and seek to bring joy to others.

The Benefits of a Fun and Carefree Attitude

Having a fun and carefree attitude can create meaningful connections and open up opportunities for personal growth and success. Bert Kreischer's ability to bring joy and laughter to those around him allowed him to make genuine friendships and even pursue a career in stand-up comedy. His willingness to embrace silliness and not take himself too seriously ultimately led to his success. So, don't be afraid to let loose and have fun. Embrace your unique qualities and use them to create memorable experiences and connections with others. It may just open up new doors and lead to personal growth and success.

Embracing the 'Fuck It' Attitude for a Life Full of Joy

Life is short and it's important to have fun with the people you care about. While alcohol can facilitate camaraderie and relaxation, it's not necessary to have a good time. Whether you're telling stories about your family or enjoying a glass of wine with loved ones, the important thing is to bring a spark to people's lives and allow them to forget about their day-to-day struggles. Don't worry about being the edgiest or coolest person in the room and let jokes and conversations come naturally, without the pressure to impress anyone. Cherish the moments spent with those you love, even if it means embracing the 'fuck it' attitude of having another drink or singing in the rain on a Vespa tour.

The Vulnerability of Getting Drunk

Getting drunk around someone and letting your guard down is an intimate gift where you show the truest version of yourself without any lies or bullshit. It's a desire to connect with people beyond the polite facade. However, bad people leverage this vulnerability and use it against you to gaslight and hold power over you. It's important to be genuine and empathetic towards people who show this side of themselves and not use it to their disadvantage. It's also important to not get mad at someone for getting too drunk, because they trust you enough to show you the real them. True connections are built on honesty and trust, even in vulnerable moments.

Whitney Cummings - The Wild Comedian with a Nurturing Side

Whitney Cummings is known for being a wild comedian, but she is also a caring and loving person who takes care of others. Her love language is giving gifts and taking care of people. She taught Lex Fridman about love languages, and she even has a robot that looks like her. Bert Kreischer got blackout drunk at her roast and doesn't remember anything, but she still told him he was fantastic. She has a nurturing sensibility that makes her stand out as a person. Whitney's nurturing nature is a reminder that even those who seem wild and crazy can have a soft and caring side.

Creativity, Innovation, and Collaboration: The Keys to Success in the Entertainment Industry.

In the entertainment industry, spending money on ideas is worth it if it creates a unique and memorable experience for the audience. Thinking outside the box and taking risks can lead to success, as seen in the case of Bert Chrysler and Tom. Brainstorming creative ideas and having the energy and passion to execute them is crucial in achieving success. Additionally, grabbing opportunities and going all out in promoting oneself can make a significant difference in achieving success in the industry. Furthermore, successful individuals in the entertainment industry should collaborate and innovate. Overall, the key takeaway is that in the entertainment industry, creativity, innovation, risk-taking, and collaboration are crucial to achieving success.

Embracing Authenticity in Comedy

Don't be afraid to look stupid and come up with stupid ideas. Turning the camera on and going all out can lead to unexpected and authentic fun experiences. Giving too much importance to ego can kill comedy. Great comedians are regular dudes who let themselves be whoever they are. Some of the best comedians of our generation are Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Doug Stanhope. The forefront of alternative comedy includes comedians like Sarah Silverman, Janine Garofalo, and David Cross. The podcast culture provides an interesting pairing where you can get to know comedians better and see how their comedy changes over time.

Find the Thing You Love and Let It Kill You

Find the thing you love and it'll never feel like work. If you find that thing you love to do, you will work endlessly, effortlessly, and hard as fucking shit every day, and you'll love every day of your life. Don't worry too much about what you do when you get older, but when you do start worrying, find what you love. Bert Kreischer advises young people to focus on what they enjoy doing. Find what you love and let it kill you. If you find that thing you love to do, you will work hard every day of your life, but you will love it. It is better to live your life doing what you love and enjoy than to be stuck doing something you do not enjoy.