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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. In today's world, self-promotion is a necessity, but taking control of your own media can be enjoyable and a source of pride. Use tricks like editing and adding cool music to create interesting content that people talk about.
  2. Authenticity, Creativity, and Fun are Key Elements in Successful Promotions. Bert Kreischer's Unique Approach to Promotions is Ahead of the Curve, and will be Emulated by Future Marketing Professionals.
  3. Creating organic and authentic content while continuously seeking out new and creative ways to market oneself is critical for success. Endurance and perseverance are crucial in achieving one's goals, even in the face of physical setbacks.
  4. To become a successful marketer, one must become a fan first and think of themselves as a consumer always. Start small, be consistent, and not doubt oneself. Practice, creativity, and good timing can make a huge difference.
  5. Keep fans informed of events and promotions, focus on their interests while ignoring negativity, and show appreciation to build trust and loyalty while increasing ticket sales.
  6. Appreciate and enjoy your passion, stay humble, focus on learning and growing to succeed in your field. Stand-up comedy as an art form can open up new opportunities.
  7. To find your voice in comedy, focus on being authentic and connecting with your audience through personal stories and experiences. Podcasting can be a helpful tool for discovering your natural style and building comfort on stage.
  8. Developing an authentic voice can be achieved by exploring one's roots and using real conversations to uncover personal experiences and values. Embrace your uniqueness to find your purpose.
  9. Whether we live in Florida or LA, we must be aware of the environmental challenges and opportunities in our surroundings, appreciate the differences, and adapt to them to fully enjoy our living experience.
  10. Managing mental health and anxiety is crucial for overall well-being, especially when needing to switch between different modes of thinking to overcome challenges in work and relationships.
  11. Keep a gratitude journal, draw inspiration from people who are different from you, avoid social media, and maintain a regular routine to improve happiness and productivity.
  12. Being disciplined and structured can help in preparing for a task. Failure is not an obstacle, but a learning experience that helps in growth and improvement. Taking risks and finding areas of improvement is key to success.
  13. Keep good notes and improvise to find the right lubricant and friendliness. Confidence, experience, and energy can make previously unsuccessful jokes work. Jokes take time to develop, keep trying and making adjustments until you find the right formula.
  14. Building confidence as a comedian requires practice and comfort on stage. Personal experiences can be inspiring and comedy comes from a natural ability to make oneself laugh as much as others.
  15. Difficult experiences can shape a unique and valuable perspective, which can lead to success, even in comedy. It's important to recognize the moments where you shine, not just for social media or TV shows.
  16. Being vulnerable can make you a better comedian, but it requires skillful navigation of a fine line not to diminish the gravity of certain topics. Embrace vulnerability to improve your craft.
  17. Live comedy allows for connection and vulnerability, which can make someone's life better. Be kind, responsible, and gentle with what you have, and hope to leave a positive mark.
  18. Slow down, spread love, and strive for greatness. Surround yourself with greatness in all forms and leave a positive impact on the world.

📝 Podcast Summary

Taking Control of Your Own Media for Self-Promotion

In the past, one's worth was based on what people said about them, but with the advent of social media, self-promotion became a necessity. This inspired Bert Kreischer to take control of his media and promote himself heavily, using tricks he learned from editing his own vlogs. He now creates interesting content that people talk about while still promoting his work. Taking control of his own career, Bert loved editing his own promotional material, adding cool music to it, and posting it. Though it is necessary to engage in self-promotion in today's world, Bert's story shows that taking control of your own media can be a source of enjoyment and pride.

Bert Kreischer's Creative Promotions: The Secret to Selling Out Shows.

Bert Kreischer's authentic and creative promotions have been a key factor in his success in selling out shows at bigger venues. He was able to sell 1200 tickets a weekend in smaller venues and use his unique promotional strategies to create buzz and excitement, which eventually led to bigger opportunities. His favorite promo involved his family and using a leaf blower to advertise additional shows. His approach to promotions is one of his best assets, and a marketing professor even said that what he is doing is ahead of the curve and will be taught in the future. His approach involves authenticity, creativity, and having fun while promoting his shows.

The Power of Unique and Entertaining Content in Boosting Sales.

Creating unique and entertaining content can help to sell products or services. In the case of Bert Kreischer, his dance video went viral, leading to the quick sale of his tour dates. He continued to push the boundaries and incorporate a marching band into his next promo, leading to even greater success. It's important to be organic and authentic with your ideas and also to keep pushing for new and creative ways to market yourself. With the support of his comedic peers, Bert was able to sell out a 10,000-seat venue, but also experienced physical setbacks along the way. Endurance and perseverance are key in achieving your goals.

How to become a successful marketer?

To become a better marketer, one must become a fan first and think of themselves as a consumer always. This involves attending concerts, going to merch booths, and analyzing what is selling, and what is not. Moreover, to create a good promo, it is essential to turn the camera on and start. Sometimes, even a stupid, silly idea can go viral. A bit of creativity, timing and some nudity can make a difference. However, people who lack self-confidence can also be successful. To be a better marketer, one must start small, be consistent, and not doubt oneself. With practice, anyone can become better at promoting products, services, events, etc.

Tips for Engaging Fans and Boosting Ticket Sales

As a fan, it is important to be reminded about upcoming events. Therefore, it is a good idea to post about events and promotions because it helps fans to remember and encourages them to attend. Ignore negative comments because they do not represent the majority of fans who will be showing up. It is also important to look at things from a fan's perspective and consider what would get you to buy a ticket. Additionally, it is important to appreciate and respect fans because they are the reason for the show's success. Finally, promoting the show and interacting positively with fans can lead to more ticket sales and a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Connecting with your passion and staying humble to succeed

Find passion in what you do and love it. It is essential to appreciate what you are selling and connecting with to succeed and prosper. Going to a show is a great way to enjoy your passion, feel good, and experience the vibe around it. Humility is vital to stay true to yourself and grow in your field. It's important to focus on your talent and work on learning and growing instead of being driven by ego. Sometimes, ego can negatively impact and prevent you from improving and becoming successful. Standup comedy as an art form is different from a group of friends telling jokes and making fun of each other. Learning and growing in your area of expertise can open up new doors and opportunities.

Finding Your Voice in Comedy: Crafting Jokes and Connecting with Your Audience

To find your voice in comedy, you need to learn the craft and be comfortable on stage. This involves knowing how to write and deliver a joke, think quickly on your feet, and connect with your audience. It can take time to figure out your natural style and voice, especially when trying to fit into different comedy scenes. However, podcasting helped Bert Kreischer find his voice. He learned that it's not about telling jokes, but about having conversations with friends. The best moments in these conversations come from personal stories and experiences that may seem mundane to others but are relatable to your audience. The key is to be authentic and find what works for you.

Embracing Authenticity through Conversations and Roots

Developing bits based on real and authentic conversations can help one find their authentic voice. The speaker found his authentic voice by embracing his Florida roots and incorporating the wild stories he grew up with. He also credits his straight-laced father for instilling the value of hard work and humility. Despite not having any civic pride in his hometown, he always felt like he belonged in California and knew it was where he wanted to live for the rest of his life. Authentic conversations and embracing one's roots can lead to discovering their true voice and purpose.

Adapting to Environmental Challenges in Different Regions.

Living in different regions exposes individuals to different environmental challenges and opportunities. For instance, whereas Florida's weather is hot and humid, and the state has predators such as snakes and alligators to watch out for, LA has perfect weather with fewer predators. While some find the tropical climate and lack of tax attractive, it is important to weigh these against the risks that come with it. It is fascinating how places can be so different, and these differences shape our experiences and perspectives. Ultimately, we have to learn to appreciate and adapt to our surroundings regardless of geographic location.

Growing up around danger in Florida and managing anxiety in adult life.

Growing up in a place with constant danger, such as Florida, can create a heightened sense of anxiety and hyper-awareness of potential hazards. The speaker shares his experiences of growing up around sharks, lightning, and poisonous spiders, which led to his constant fear of danger. However, he also acknowledges that promoting his work and coming up with great promotions and hooks constantly is a different kind of challenge. The key takeaway is that managing mental and relationship health is crucial, and it is necessary to switch between the different modes of thinking and manage anxiety to maintain overall well-being.

Grounding Yourself in Gratitude and Happiness

Quantifying gratitude and being grounded in it can help improve happiness. Bert Kreischer keeps a happiness journal where he writes down things that make him happy and things that don't. He identifies the happy things and tries to do more of those, even if it's out of his comfort zone. He draws inspiration from people who are different from him, like Robert Eck. He tries to stay grounded and understand that anything from the outside is just stuff from the outside. He also tries to stay away from social media apps and not read comments as they can affect mental health. Having a regular routine, like working out with a trainer, can help improve productivity and performance.

Bert Kreischer's Preparation Routine and Embracing Failure On Stage.

To get in the zone on stage, comedian Bert Kreischer follows his schedule of working out, napping, and having coffee right before his performance. Although he occasionally likes to take the risk and get drunk or high for some material, he mostly prefers structure and being sober. For him, experiencing the failure and having things not go right on stage is an important part of the process. This helps him know he's taking enough chances and risks. He tries to find the element that is not landing and keeps working on it until he nails it. Even though he does not feel like performing some days, he still goes on stage and does his best.

Perfecting the Art of Comedy - Tips from Successful Comedians.

Comedians often have ideas for jokes that don't immediately work, but they save them for later when they're better equipped to make them funny. It's important to keep good notes about your ideas and improvise on stage to find the right lubricant and friendliness to get edgier jokes to work. Confidence, experience, and becoming a better comic can also make previously unsuccessful jokes more successful. It's not always about the platform or fame that someone has that makes their jokes funnier, but the energy they bring to the joke. Jokes can take years to develop, and it's important for comedians to keep trying and making adjustments until they've found the right formula.

Building Confidence as a Comedian with Bert Kreischer.

Building confidence as a comedian is all about the reps and getting comfortable on stage, according to Bert Kreischer. As he grew older, he realized that he didn't need to be an aggressive comic, but instead could share personal experiences from his life on stage. Kreischer is inspired by comic legends like Dave Chappelle and David Tell, as well as younger comedians like Nate Baraty and Mark Norman. Aside from his comedy career, Kreischer takes pride in his ability to make himself laugh with silly antics, like leaving hotel rooms in funny ways and wondering what the maid would think. Being organically funny for oneself is just as valuable as being successful in front of others.

The Value of Dark Experiences in Comedy

Comedians often have a dark side and may have experienced bullying or felt like outsiders, which fuels their unique perspective. Bert Kreischer talks about how he felt like an outsider and had to make his own way in the industry, dealing with anxiety and a little bit of OCD. Despite this, he recognizes the moments where he was genuinely funny, not just for TV shows or social media. He talks about how sometimes a kid going through tough experiences can become a great comic. While it's not something you want your kids to go through, certain experiences can shape how people deal with life, and lead to a unique and valuable perspective.

Turning Vulnerability into Comedy

Comedians have a different perspective on life where everything is a potential joke, and they must sit in vulnerability to be effective in their craft. Vulnerability and traumatic events from the past can be used as material for comedy and can make comedians funnier. However, vulnerability should not be a joke, and comedians must learn to navigate that fine line. Bert Kreischer shares personal stories of how vulnerability and traumatic events have been the source of some of his best comedy material. While it can be challenging for some people to be open and vulnerable, it is essential for comedians, and Bert encourages people to embrace it.

Bert Kreischer on the Value of Vulnerability in Live Comedy

Live comedy is important and valuable as it allows people to have a moment and connect with others. Bert Kreischer hopes to flood the market with good and help more people through his openness and vulnerability. Despite the fear of being judged, mocked, or hurt, he shares his stories with the hope of making someone's life better. Vulnerability is tough, but it allows people to connect on a deeper level. Bert's message is simple: be kind, responsible, and gentle with what you have, and hopefully, people will appreciate it. Live your life, accomplish your dreams, and hope that your work and efforts will leave a positive mark when it's time to go.

Three Final Truths for a Meaningful Life

Three final truths to leave behind are life goes by way faster than you think, slow down; there's no place in this world for hate, find love, laughter and happiness, and get rid of negativity; and leave a mark on the world so people think about you after you are gone. Greatness is a silent trait that people witness, smell, and know, and it is effortless, pure joy and inspiring. Greatness can be acquired by being great at one's thing, which can range from being a dad, a PE coach, a police officer, or a fireman. Seek out Greatness and surround yourself with it to elevate yourself.