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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Engage viewers on TikTok by focusing on creative and entertaining opening skits instead of direct promotion, effectively marketing music without sounding salesy. Adapt to the platform's characteristics for wider audience reach and connection.
  2. Embrace new platforms and seize opportunities for success, as they can lead to unexpected fame and increased revenue.
  3. Recognize potential in people, utilize effective advertising and marketing, and prioritize support and collaboration to achieve business objectives.
  4. Breanna and Connor Price highlight the importance of storytelling in music and the efficiency of digital production, resulting in their successful and captivating Spin the Globe series.
  5. Innovation and creativity, combined with risk-taking and unconventional approaches, can lead to immense success in engaging and captivating an audience.
  6. Incorporating elements inspired by popular creators, keeping viewers engaged with visual hooks and surprises, and leveraging streaming platforms can lead to significant traction and monetary success.
  7. The Price siblings' success in the music industry teaches us the value of perseverance, collaboration, and utilizing family support to achieve long-term success and financial growth.
  8. Focus on building strong relationships, both personally and professionally, and prioritize shared experiences to create a fulfilling and prosperous life.
  9. YouTube offers more creator-friendly features and higher earnings potential, making it a more attractive platform for creators than TikTok.
  10. Breanna Price and her team have found a middle ground by focusing on brand deals, occasional live shows, and their digital presence, enabling them to pursue their music career while considering their responsibilities as parents.
  11. Touring may not be profitable for new artists, but it is essential for building a fan base and establishing a unique brand.
  12. Breanna, Connor, and Shaan are strategically using platforms like TikTok and YouTube to reach new listeners, while also focusing on creating high-quality music videos and collaborations to stand out in the industry. Their unique approach is resonating with their audience, leading to success.
  13. Incorporating characters and skits in music content not only entertains but also strengthens the audience's connection, allowing for more control in filming and the potential to expand into an extended series or explore different cultures.
  14. Creating relatable and engaging content can help artists monetize their talents and potentially achieve greater success in the future.
  15. Staying committed to a unique path can lead to greater success, as seen in the examples of Joe Rogan and Mr. Beast. By staying true to their approach, individuals have the potential to surpass traditional musicians and make significant money.
  16. Success in the music industry can be achieved independently by staying true to oneself and embracing unexpected paths to success.
  17. Artists can leverage platforms like TikTok to promote their music, collaborate with big names, and earn revenue from labels while maintaining their artistic identity and persevering through setbacks.
  18. Believing in and supporting each other can provide the confidence and motivation needed to overcome self-doubt and accomplish creative goals.
  19. Successful couple entrepreneurs prioritize open communication, understanding, and support to maintain a thriving business relationship alongside a strong marriage.
  20. Fully appreciating and cherishing the early days with a newborn is invaluable. Put distractions aside and focus on creating a loving environment to connect with your child. Consider adoption in order to expand and enrich your family.
  21. The Prices consider adopting a Vietnamese baby to honor family, while valuing qualities like versatility and likability. They admire the success of the Kardashian family, highlighting the importance of loyalty and sticking together.
  22. Collaboration, dedication, and utilizing social media platforms can lead to success in creative endeavors.

📝 Podcast Summary

Mastering TikTok: Captivating Viewers with Unique Content and Music

The individuals being discussed have successfully mastered the art of marketing and creating music content on TikTok. The conversation highlights how they have utilized unique and entertaining opening skits to capture the attention of viewers, rather than simply promoting their music. This approach has allowed them to stand out on the platform and keep audiences engaged. By providing entertainment first, they have been able to effectively market their music without coming across as salesy. This conversation serves as a reminder that understanding the medium and adapting to its unique characteristics can lead to success in reaching and connecting with a wider audience.

From Skits to Stardom: A Hip Hop Journey on TikTok

Breanna and Connor Price have successfully merged their love for skits and Connor's acting skills with his passion for hip hop and social media marketing. Initially hesitant about using TikTok, they started creating vertical content from YouTube videos and realized the potential when one of their videos went viral and translated into streams. Connor admits that his biggest regret was not starting on social media sooner, but they quickly adapted and saw a significant increase in their following and revenue. Now, Connor is achieving fame as a rapper and going on tour, with millions of monthly listens and sold-out shows in Europe. Their journey highlights the importance of embracing new platforms and seizing opportunities for success.

Unexpected Success and the Power of Effective Communication and Collaboration

Success can come from unexpected places and humble beginnings. Sam Parr, who was initially known as someone who moved boxes, has now achieved significant growth in a short period of time. It highlights the importance of recognizing potential in people, regardless of their current roles. Additionally, the conversation reveals the power of effective advertising and marketing strategies. By understanding the target audience and evoking emotions through relatable scenarios, Breanna Price and her team were able to scale their business rapidly. This emphasizes the significance of creative and impactful communication in achieving business objectives. Lastly, the conversation emphasizes the value of support and collaboration within a family setting, as they collectively worked on creating successful ads and building their business.

The Power of Storytelling and Presentation in Coffee and Music Brands

Breanna and Connor Price, through their coffee and music brands, have discovered the significance of storytelling and presentation in capturing people's attention. With their music, they aim to fill the gap of storytelling that is missing in today's music industry, where many songs lack substance. They have realized that by incorporating compelling narratives and hooks into their videos, they can create a unique and captivating experience for their audience. Moreover, they emphasize the ease and efficiency of music production in today's digital age, particularly in the hip-hop genre. By focusing on one specific endeavor and creating collaborative series, such as the Spin the Globe series, they have achieved significant success, as seen in the high view counts of their videos on various platforms.

Unconventional Collaboration: Turning a Simple Idea into Viral Success

Innovation and thinking outside the box can lead to incredible success. Connor and Breanna Price were able to take a simple idea and turn it into a viral sensation. By spinning a globe and collaborating with artists from different countries, they created a unique and visually captivating series of songs. The initial hook of the videos, combined with the talented artists they worked with, generated millions of views and streams. Their unconventional approach to marketing and content creation paid off, as these songs became massively popular. This conversation teaches us the importance of taking risks, being creative, and finding new ways to engage and captivate an audience.

Unexpected Success through Strategic Content Creation on TikTok

The success of their content on TikTok was unexpected but strategic. The Price siblings initially focused on skits, as they noticed that their non-skit videos didn't perform as well. However, they decided to try something different with their song and incorporated elements inspired by popular content creators. The spinning globe and the mystery of where they would land created visual hooks that kept viewers engaged. They introduced new elements and surprises every few seconds to maintain curiosity and retain audience attention. This approach resulted in their content gaining traction and amassing a significant number of streams on platforms like Spotify. The conversation also highlights the potential for monetary success through streaming, contrary to the notion that streaming generates little revenue.

Maximizing Financial Opportunities in the Streaming Industry through Song Ownership.

Owning your own songs can lead to significant financial opportunities in the streaming industry. Breanna and Connor Price experienced a breakthrough moment in their music career that resulted in a six-figure month. Rather than becoming complacent, they continued to work hard and saw their success sustain over time. They emphasize the importance of not slowing down after a big moment but instead pushing even harder. Their success story also highlights the power of collaboration within a family. They have built a strong support system by involving their relatives in their music career, enabling them to work together and achieve their goals as a team.

Prioritizing Relationships and Shared Experiences for Success and Fulfillment

Finding the people you love and doing life with them can lead to great success and fulfillment. Shaan Puri shared his experience of a man named Mike Brown who made millions by convincing homeowners to sign papers for mineral exploration. Puri also learned from Brown that working with family can be the best, despite the challenges. Breanna Price added that while it's accurate to do life with loved ones, it's important to make time for personal connections, such as planning date nights as a married couple. They also discussed the importance of putting aside conflicts and focusing on the business for the sake of success. Additionally, they highlighted the revenue streams they have, including streaming and YouTube, which can provide financial stability and opportunities for growth. Overall, the key takeaway is to prioritize relationships and shared experiences, both personally and professionally, to create a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Why YouTube is the better platform for creators compared to TikTok.

YouTube is becoming a more lucrative platform for creators compared to TikTok. Connor Price explains how posting regularly on YouTube has resulted in a significant increase in subscribers and passive income. Additionally, YouTube offers more creator-friendly features, such as pinning comments and including streaming links, which make it easier to promote content and drive conversions. On the other hand, TikTok's algorithm changes frequently, and certain features like pinned comments have been removed, making it harder to convert views into streams. Furthermore, the conversation highlights the multiple revenue streams available for creators, including brand deals, syncs, publishing, merchandise, and live shows. Overall, YouTube's user-friendly features and potential for higher earnings make it a more attractive platform for creators.

Prioritizing Brand Deals: Balancing Motherhood and Music Career

Breanna Price and her team have prioritized brand deals over touring due to the challenges of being a mom and the limited resources they have. They have brought on a brand agent to negotiate brand deals, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their career. While touring is often seen as a top revenue stream for artists, Breanna acknowledges that it requires a lot of effort and resources, often resulting in breaking even financially. Instead, they have found a middle ground by doing occasional pop-up shows and accepting festival offers. This allows them to connect with fans, experience the magic of live performances, and build their audience, while also recognizing the value of their digital presence on platforms like TikTok.

The challenges and opportunities of touring for emerging artists

Touring as a revenue stream may not be lucrative for emerging artists at the beginning of their careers. Breanna Price points out that shows, especially festivals, are more of a money-making opportunity for established artists, whereas for up-and-coming artists, touring may not generate enough income to justify the investment of time, energy, and funds. However, when they do perform live, their focus is solely on connecting with their fans without charging for meet and greets. The conversation also highlights the importance of gradually building a proof of purchase and negotiating with promoters and club owners to move up in venue sizes. Additionally, the discussion underscores the value of creating compelling content and experiences to engage fans and establish a unique brand.

Music and Business: A Path to Success

Breanna, Connor, and Shaan are focused on their music career and are adopting a business mindset to scale their success. They compare songs to real estate, where some will remain shacks while others become mansions. Their goal is to make as much music as possible and eventually sell their catalog. They aim to reach new listeners through TikTok and nurture their existing audience on YouTube, as it generates revenue through adsense. They prioritize creating polished music videos for collaborations with other artists and expect reciprocity in involvement from them. Their unique approach to music, incorporating skits and characters in their videos, resonates with listeners, as observed by Sam who associates their videos with his workout routine.

Enhancing the Music Experience through Creative Characters and Skits

The creative use of characters and skits adds significant meaning and depth to the music content. By incorporating different personalities and scenarios, the audience can form a stronger connection with the songs and videos. This approach not only entertains but also enhances the overall experience for the listeners. Additionally, the conversation highlights the practicality of using one person to portray multiple characters, as it allows for more control and flexibility in the filming process. Furthermore, there is potential to expand on these characters and create an extended series, similar to "The Office," where guest appearances from well-known actors can further elevate the content. Lastly, there is a desire to explore different cultures and music scenes through a Netflix show, bringing awareness to unique stories and experiences around the world.

Leveraging talents for financial success and loyal fanbase

Successful artists like Weird Al and Dave have been able to leverage their music and comedy skills to achieve financial success and create a loyal fanbase. They have demonstrated the ability to monetize their talents through various avenues, including shows, music streaming, and merchandise. Additionally, their use of over-the-top music videos has helped to strengthen their brand and establish a unique identity. However, the conversation suggests that there is even more potential for artists like Breanna and Connor, who possess relatable yet aspirational qualities. By creating engaging videos and songs that resonate with their audience, they can further capitalize on their talent and potentially experience even greater success in the future.

Finding Success in Unique Lanes

Staying committed to a new and unproven lane can lead to greater success than following traditional paths. The discussion highlights the example of Joe Rogan's podcast, which surpassed the Tonight Show in terms of audience size and production with fewer resources. Similarly, Mr. Beast found success by building a massive audience on YouTube rather than pursuing other mainstream opportunities. The conversation suggests that the individuals involved have found their own unique lane in the fast fashion-like industry of music for TikTok. By staying true to this approach and avoiding the temptation to take offers from established brands, they have the potential to become even bigger than traditional musicians. While the path may be uncertain, the good news is that they are already making significant money along the way.

Breanna and Connor Price have chosen to pursue their music career independently, proving that it is possible to succeed on their own terms. They have found inspiration and guidance from artists like Russ, who has become their north star in navigating the music industry as an independent artist. The support and recognition they receive from celebrities and fans, both online and in real life, validate their success and impact. Additionally, their achievements in the content music game have given them a unique perspective to identify potential opportunities for other content creators and in the business side of the industry. Their experience highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and embracing the unexpected paths to success.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Artists and Creators

Leveraging platforms like TikTok and social media can be a powerful tool for artists and creators to promote their own music and gain recognition. The example of the Lego animator who was hired by big rappers and labels to create animations for their songs highlights the potential for double revenue streams. By using their platform to promote their own music alongside collaborations, artists can earn money from labels while also pocketing Spotify revenue. However, it is important for artists to ensure that their sound connects with their identity as an artist to avoid being overshadowed by viral sounds. This conversation also emphasizes the importance of persistence and resilience in pursuing creative endeavors, as success often comes after years of setbacks and failures.

The Power of a Supportive Partner in Pursuing Passions

Having a supportive partner is crucial in pursuing one's passions and overcoming self-doubt. Connor Price discusses how his girlfriend, Brie, became his number one supporter and encouraged him to pursue his music career and overcome fear of judgment. Brie's belief in Connor's talent gave him the confidence to take risks and try new things, like utilizing TikTok for his music. Similarly, Brie's own mentor, Ramon, instilled confidence in her, which she in turn shared with Connor. This conversation highlights the power of having someone who believes in you and pushes you to believe in yourself. Having a strong partner can be instrumental in overcoming obstacles and finding success in creative endeavors.

Maintaining a successful marriage while working together as a couple requires emotional stability, shared values, and common goals. Sam, Breanna, and Connor Price acknowledge that their relationship as both spouses and business partners is not always easy, but they strive to find a balance between their personal and professional lives. They view the partnership of Alex and Layla Hormozzi as a source of inspiration, admiring their ability to work together and be parents while maintaining a strong marriage. This conversation highlights the importance of open communication, understanding, and support in order to make a husband and wife business relationship thrive.

The Importance of Being Present with a Newborn and Cherishing the Moments

Being present in the early days with a newborn is essential to fully appreciate and cherish those moments. Breanna Price shares the advice to be fully present because time flies by quickly, and looking back, she regrets not fully enjoying her time with her son due to being too focused on work. Shaan Puri also adds that although parenting can be challenging, the moments spent with children are priceless and should be cherished. Both speakers emphasize the importance of putting distractions aside, such as phones, to truly connect with their children. Additionally, Breanna expresses her consideration for adoption, indicating that the desire to expand their family and create a loving environment is strong.

A Vietnamese Adoption and the Importance of Likability and Loyalty in Success

Breanna and Connor Price are considering adopting a Vietnamese baby to honor Breanna's grandmother. They both express the desire for the child to have certain qualities, such as being able to wrap and play different characters in a skip. They also discuss the importance of being likable and putting oneself out there. The conversation then moves on to examples of successful business partnerships within marriages, referring to The Rock's wife and Chris Jenner. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that the Prices admire the strong relationships within the Kardashian family and believe that loyalty and sticking together are crucial for success.

Connor Price's music is DMCA safe and copyright free, making it suitable for creators to use in their videos, podcasts, and other creative projects without the fear of copyright infringement. Connor Price has created a playlist on Spotify specifically for this purpose, allowing creators to have unlimited access to his music for their content. Additionally, Breanna Price expresses her desire to start a newsletter for independent artists called "Home Studio" and eventually sell home studio kits that include equipment like microphones and headphones. The conversation highlights the importance of collaboration and expanding one's reach through platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. The hosts believe that with continued dedication and talent, both Connor and Breanna have the potential to achieve great success in their respective endeavors.