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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Embrace positivity, say yes to opportunities, and never let failure define you. Seek support from coaches and mentors, and keep pushing towards your dreams no matter what obstacles come your way.
  2. Don't limit yourself by convincing yourself that a small life is enough. You have the potential to dream big and chase those dreams. Let your light shine and inspire others to find their own way out of the darkness.
  3. Follow your inner pull to achieve your dreams, even if it means confronting your insecurities and fears. Embrace fear as a challenge and take action to make your dreams a reality, no matter how long it takes.
  4. Claim what you truly want, without downplaying or avoiding it. Fear of failure is a hurdle, but admitting our dreams is the first step towards pursuing them. Jealousy and insecurity are signs to fan the flame, not extinguish it. Don't make excuses, take action.
  5. Give yourself permission to want what you want and write down five things you desire every morning. Clear blockages and work towards achieving your dreams without self-doubt or fear of failure.
  6. Writing down your dreams and desires every morning creates a mental checklist, builds necessary neuro pathways, and motivates you to work towards achieving them, even in the face of fear and excuses.
  7. Honesty and commitment are crucial in pursuing our dreams. Excuses and humor only hinder progress. We have the power to achieve our desires, but it starts with taking action and being truthful with ourselves.
  8. Take time every day to write down your dreams and be honest with yourself about your true feelings towards them. Give yourself permission to desire things and practice self-love and worthiness to stay aligned with your dreams in the face of obstacles.
  9. Do not limit yourself and use your dreams as a guide towards growth. Pursue them without seeking validation from others and be your own cheerleader. Believe in the possibilities and take daily steps towards your aspirations.
  10. Don't limit yourself based on what you think is possible or what you deserve. Pursue what truly aligns with your purpose and drive, even if it takes years, and inspire others along the way.
  11. Don't let excuses hold you back from pursuing your dreams at any age. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and recognize your wake-up call to work towards happiness. Fan the flames of your dreams and move forward with determination to achieve success.
  12. Your dreams don't expire with age. Be honest with yourself about what you want, write them down, believe in yourself, and work towards becoming the hero of your own story by following the clues in your life.

📝 Podcast Summary

The Power of Graduation Ceremonies and Never Giving Up

Graduation ceremonies can be a great source of motivation and inspiration. The music, speakers and overall atmosphere can make you feel confident and powerful. It is important to lead with a positive attitude and say yes to new opportunities, even when the odds seem against you. Failure should never be the end of your story. You have to be a hero in your own life and keep fighting for your dreams. Coaching and mentorship can play an important role in achieving your goals. Despite setbacks and challenges, it is important to keep pushing forward and doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Living a Small Life is Not Enough

It's okay to be comfortable, but it's not alright to feel small and limit yourself. This is the biggest problem for people who don't know what they want. Do not convince yourself that living a small life is enough. You're meant to dream big and chase your potential, and telling yourself that you can't achieve your dreams is only going to make you unhappy and miserable. Your dreams are still very much alive inside of you, and you're supposed to have the biggest and the loudest voice when it comes to your dreams. Let your light shine so brightly that others can find their way out of the darkness.

Overcoming Fear to Chase Your Dreams with Mel Robbins

Your dreams are meant for you, and if you don't pursue them they will haunt you. It's important to listen to that inner pull and desire to achieve your dream, even if it means confronting your insecurities and fears. Mel Robbins shares her own experience of being drawn to radio, but not pursuing it fully until years later. She also highlights the fear that can hold us back from pursuing our dreams, as seen in her daughter's response to Taylor Swift's success. Don't let fear hold you back from achieving your dream; embrace it and take action to make it a reality, no matter how long it takes.

Pursuing Your Dreams by Honesty and Action

It's important to be honest with ourselves and claim what we truly want. Downplaying our dreams, making excuses and avoiding what we want puts distance between us and our dream. Fear of failure makes the process of claiming our dreams scary, but not admitting them is what's truly painful. Pursuing our dreams involves fanning the flame and not extinguishing it. Jealousy and insecurity are evidence that our dreams are alive and worth pursuing. We must stop arguing against our dreams and turn towards them. Admitting what we want is the first step towards pursuing our dreams. It's important to stop making excuses and start taking action towards our dreams.

Allowing Yourself to Dream

Allowing yourself to dream and desire is important, as it makes your dreams burn brighter and puts you closer to achieving them. Giving yourself permission to want what you want and to be in touch with your desires is crucial to feeling worthy. To tap into your dreams, simply write down five things you want every morning, without judging or shrinking them. It's not about what you write down, but about clearing the blockages of self-doubt, excuses, and people-pleasing that have prevented you from accessing your dreams. So, why not allow yourself to dream big and work towards what you truly desire, without fear of failure?

The Power of Writing Down Your Dreams and Desires

Writing down your dreams and desires every morning taps into the Zeigarnik effect in your brain, where it creates a mental checklist and motivates you to take action. By keeping your dreams alive on paper, your brain is more likely to work with you to achieve them. This exercise helps build the necessary neuro pathways to give yourself permission to want things, and to tap into the burning flame inside you that is waiting to help you. Your dreams matter, and once you start writing them down, you'll feel the pull of your heart and be motivated to work towards them, even when faced with fear, excuses and jokes.

Taking Our Dreams Seriously

When we get close to our dreams, we often make excuses and downplay them. We may even use humor to deflect from our fear and uncertainty. But our dreams are not a joke, they are serious business. We must be honest with ourselves about what we really want, and committed to doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Otherwise, we might spend our entire lives wishing we had pursued our dreams. It's time to stop making excuses and start taking our dreams seriously. We have the ability to achieve anything we desire, but it all begins with being truthful with ourselves and taking action towards our dreams.

The Power of Aligning with Your Dreams through Daily Reflections

Align with your dreams every day by writing down five of them. Give yourself permission to desire things because it's your life force. Ask yourself every day if you're for or against your dreams, as there's no middle ground. When you argue against your dreams, make excuses, or fear their outcome, you're not for them. Instead, claim your dreams and find reasons why they'll work out. Don't give up on your dreams even when facing challenges or heartbreak; they're part of your DNA and can be a lifeline during tough times. Practicing honesty, giving yourself permission, worthiness, and self-love are the key to being for your dreams.

The Power of Dreaming Big

Your dreams are not meant to be achieved, they are a directional signal towards something greater. They remind you that challenges are temporary and there is always something to look forward to. In challenging times, double down on your dreams to tap into the fire inside you and see them as a beacon towards growth and something bigger to believe in. Don't limit yourself and stop seeking validation from those who don't understand your dreams. Pursuing your dreams is an inside job and your responsibility to be your own cheerleader. Life gets magical when you wake up every day believing that what you aspire for is possible and write down five things that bring you closer to your dreams.

Overcoming Fear to Pursue Your Dreams

The biggest mistake people make is limiting themselves based on what they believe is possible or what they deserve. Instead, they should tap into their true desires, and not let fears or sunk costs hold them back from pursuing their dreams. Even if it takes 30 years, pursuing what truly aligns with their purpose and drive will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. This requires pushing past fears and discomfort, and focusing on what truly inspires and motivates them. When someone proves to someone else that their dreams are achievable, it can be a powerful source of motivation and inspiration for both parties.

Believe in Yourself and Pursue Your Dreams

Believe in yourself and your ability to make your dreams come true. Don't waste time on excuses. Embrace the challenges you faced as they prepared you to go after your dreams. There is no age to pursue your dreams. Recognize your wake-up call, realize that your dreams are alive and work on them. You deserve to be happy and need to work towards it. The truth is you're right on time. Fan the flames of your dreams and work towards making them happen. Your dreams are as alive as they have ever been. Don't invalidate the truth. Embrace the challenges experienced and move ahead to achieve success.

Pursuing Your Dreams at Any Stage of Life

Your dreams don't have an age limit. You can pursue them at any stage of your life. Stop running away from them and start working towards achieving them. Be honest with yourself about your calling and the fact that you deserve to be happy. Write down your dreams and pay attention to the clues in your life that will help you achieve them. Failure is not the end of your story. Believe in yourself and your ability to make your dreams come true. Stop making excuses and start working towards becoming the hero of your own story. Fan the flames of your dreams, and keep working towards making them a reality.