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🔢 Key Takeaways

  1. Princess Reema's journey showcases the power of business-thinking to drive change, especially for women in traditional societies. Her determination to bring women into the workplace highlights the potential of business to create positive social impact.
  2. Change takes time and persistence. It's important to read the room and take people with you on the journey towards progress, especially in a conservative society. Holding onto threads of progress is crucial.
  3. Princess Reema works to break down stereotypes and provide opportunities for women in sports. Her open-ended regulations allow for continued progress and opportunities for future generations to thrive and break boundaries.
  4. Princess Reema believes in promoting female leadership at all levels and acknowledges the progress that has been made, while recognizing that challenges still exist. Her journey as an entrepreneur is now focused on representing Saudi Arabia and its potential for change.
  5. Princess Reema shows that changing beliefs about women's role in society requires a fluid leadership approach that engages with others. Women must strive for progress and recognize men's growth opportunities, while staying adaptive to create a better future.

📝 Podcast Summary

Using Privilege for Impact: Princess Reema's Story

Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud's story is a case study on using privilege to create impact and influence, particularly for women in traditional societies. Her journey from being a CEO and entrepreneur to Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States reflects her commitment to using business-thinking to bring change. Her initial experience of being told 'no' to getting a job due to gender bias made her realize the lack of opportunities for women, motivating her to bring about change. Her efforts to bring women into the workplace faced several obstacles, but the positive social impact on business ultimately prevailed, highlighting the potential of business to create change. Her story is full of lessons for any business leader looking to make a difference.

Pushing Boundaries: Princess Reema's Journey Towards Female Inclusion in Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Sports

Princess Reema worked towards creating change in Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Sports by pushing boundaries and taking steps towards female inclusion. She faced obstacles such as the lack of bathrooms for women in the workplace and societal conservatism. She recognized the need to take people with her on the journey towards change, read the room, and hold onto threads of progress. As a private person, she had to overcome the challenge of representing a nation as a diplomat. Reema's experience highlights the importance of persistence, strategic thinking, and adapting to different roles when pushing for change in a conservative society.

Princess Reema's Impact on Women's Inclusion in Sports

Princess Reema's work in promoting women's inclusion in sports translated from her private sector social enterprise to her government role at the Ministry of Sports. She was hired to push the envelope, make change, and challenge limiting beliefs and stereotypes. Her role as ambassador is to convey, communicate, and bring together, while presenting the impact of decisions and implementing them. She emphasizes on providing access for opportunity and marrying privilege with conscience to fulfill her obligation to give to others. The open-ended regulations drafted for female inclusion in sports allows for future generations to thrive and find opportunities for themselves, promoting progress and breaking boundaries.

Princess Reema's Vision for Women's Empowerment in Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema of Saudi Arabia envisions a future where women have the freedom to dress, speak, and move as they desire while feeling equally welcome and proud to call themselves Saudi citizens. She believes in promoting and nurturing the pipeline for female leadership at all levels, including in middle management, to ensure a balanced and collective decision-making approach. While acknowledging that there are many challenges and obstacles still facing women in Saudi Arabia and around the world, Princess Reema is grateful for the progress that has been made, such as women's ability to work anywhere, equal pay, and the opportunity to be a head of household. Her journey as an entrepreneur has transformed into a broader representation of her country, its people, and its potential for change.

Princess Reema's Fluid Leadership Approach for Women's Empowerment

Princess Reema's impact on women's lives highlights the challenge faced by women everywhere, where beliefs about women's place in society are limiting progress. To create real change, women must wake up each day striving to make life easier for themselves and other women, while also recognizing that men deserve the same opportunity and respect for growth and development. Rather than approaching obstacles with a combative stance, Princess Reema advocates for a 'fluid' leadership style, one that flows and engages with others, bringing them along on the journey towards change. This approach is critical for anyone seeking to reframe the status quo, whether through a startup or within a larger organization. Staying adaptive and bending to meet the world as it exists today is key to creating a better future in which women are no longer isolated as 'others.'