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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Despite a challenging environment, Krept's determination, focus on education, and the influence of his mother's sacrifices pushed him to rise above and create a brighter future.
  2. Despite difficult circumstances, Krept and Conan's choice to focus on music led them to success, showing the power of aligning choices with goals and dreams.
  3. Success and distractions can provide temporary relief, but healing from past pain and trauma requires addressing mental health and breaking down societal barriers to seek support.
  4. Men, particularly black men, need to openly communicate their feelings, seek help when needed, and challenge societal expectations. Additionally, aspiring entrepreneurs should be cautious and vigilant to avoid exploitation and unnecessary expenses.
  5. Experiencing adversity in business leads to a more cautious and meticulous approach, as Krept and Steven learned through their own challenges and the need to double-check everything for the best value.
  6. Launching and running a business requires emotional resilience, as grief and adversity can impact not only the business owner but also the staff and customers.
  7. It is important to find a balance between keeping busy and processing difficult experiences, especially in challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Understanding and expressing emotions is crucial for personal growth and building meaningful connections with others, and can have long-term consequences in various aspects of life.
  9. Be true to yourself, create the work you believe in, and go the extra mile to showcase your talents – success and recognition will follow.
  10. Opportunities should not be judged solely by their surface benefits. A successful opportunity can lead to a cascade of new ones, but dedication and authenticity are crucial. The lack of financial education emphasizes the need for better schooling in this area.
  11. Understanding credit, financial concepts, and the long-term costs of lifestyle upgrades is crucial for young people entering the workforce to avoid financial traps and make informed decisions.
  12. Promoting financial literacy and wise investments is crucial to breaking the cycle of extravagant spending and financial struggles in hip hop culture.
  13. Young artists should prioritize building a solid foundation and making strategic choices for long-term success, rather than focusing solely on immediate gratification and material possessions.
  14. Seeing the success of others can inspire individuals to pursue their own ideas and turn them into reality, challenging societal norms and creating new opportunities.
  15. Krept and his ex-partner identified a gap in the market, creating a skincare brand that is 100% natural and meets various parent requirements, while also balancing the need for shelf life preservation and affordability.
  16. Rushing the process may lead to shortcuts and an inferior outcome. Take the time to develop and refine your brand or idea for the best possible results in business.
  17. In business, it is vital to trust the expertise of others, make informed hiring decisions, and overcome insecurities in order to build a strong team and achieve greater accomplishments.
  18. Surround yourself with challenging individuals, don't let fear hold you back, embrace opportunities for growth, and understand that life is unpredictable and destiny plays a role in our journey.
  19. Despite tragedy and loss, Krept's cousin achieved success independently, only to have his life cut short, leaving Krept devastated and reeling.
  20. The profound impact of losing a loved one can be overwhelming and processing the loss takes time.
  21. Appreciate and prioritize meaningful relationships, confront and process emotions for personal growth.
  22. Trust yourself, challenge labels, and believe in the ability to achieve greatness in unexpected areas through thoughtful decision-making and embracing opportunities outside societal expectations.

📝 Podcast Summary

Overcoming violence and temptation: Krept's journey to a better life

Krept's upbringing in a neighborhood plagued by violence and crime shaped his resilience and determination to create a better life for himself. Despite being surrounded by gangs and witnessing friends fall into a destructive cycle, Krept always saw the bigger picture and refused to succumb to that lifestyle. He recognized the importance of education and pursued his studies, even when faced with temptations and peer pressure. Krept's motivation was fueled by his mother's sacrifices as a single parent, with his father absent due to incarceration. Her words, "I failed as a mom," served as a wake-up call for Krept, pushing him to make her proud and overcome the challenges he faced.

Choosing a Different Path

Sometimes life presents you with choices that can lead down different paths. Krept and Conan had experienced a traumatic incident where they could have easily chosen a life of retaliation and crime. However, they made a pivotal decision to take their music seriously and focus on creating a better future for themselves. Despite their difficult circumstances, they persevered and released a song that went viral, leading to new opportunities and success. This highlights the importance of making choices that align with our goals and dreams, even in the face of adversity. It serves as a reminder that circumstances do not define our destinies, and with determination and hard work, we can create a better life for ourselves.

Finding solace in success but acknowledging the need for addressing mental health and breaking down societal barriers.

Success and distractions can provide temporary relief from the pain and trauma in one's life, but at some point, it's important to address and heal from those experiences. Krept and Conan found solace and distraction in their music and success, allowing them to cope with the hardships they faced. However, they acknowledge that success alone does not heal the wounds completely and that addressing mental health is crucial, especially within the black community where discussing emotions and seeking help is often stigmatized. The conversation highlights the need for open conversations about mental health and breaking down societal barriers that prevent people from seeking support. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that even success does not shield individuals from pain and the importance of supporting one another through difficult times.

The Importance of Prioritizing Mental Health and Breaking Stereotypes in the Black Community

It is crucial for men, especially black men, to prioritize their mental health and seek support when needed. Krept shares a devastating experience of his friend's sudden suicide, highlighting the importance of open communication and seeking help rather than hiding and suppressing emotions. This realization emphasizes the need for men to break societal expectations and stereotypes by openly discussing their feelings and seeking therapy if necessary. Additionally, the conversation reveals the journey of launching Krept and Cone's restaurant, highlighting the challenges they faced due to being musicians and facing exploitation. It serves as a reminder to be cautious and vigilant when pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors to avoid unnecessary expenses and fraud.

The Shift: Adversity's Impact on Business Mindset

Experiencing adversity in business can lead to a shift in mindset and approach. Krept shares how the challenges they faced in opening a restaurant made them distrustful and cautious in their business dealings. They learned the hard way that they couldn't blindly trust others and had to double-check everything to ensure the best value for their money. This experience turned them into more skeptical and thorough decision-makers. Steven Bartlett acknowledges that adversity can create a self-defense mechanism, causing them to ask more questions and scrutinize every aspect of a deal. Both Krept and Steven agree that being burnt in business leads to a more cautious and meticulous approach in future ventures.

Perseverance in the Face of Grief and Adversity

Launching and running a business is a challenging task, made even more difficult when faced with personal grief. Krept and his team experienced the sudden loss of their colleague NASH right before their shop launch, leaving them in a state of confusion and sadness. Despite the overwhelming emotions, they made the difficult decision to continue with the launch and keep the business running. This conversation highlights the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. It also sheds light on the emotional toll that comes with managing a business, as Krept mentions the need to navigate not only his own emotions but also those of the staff and customers.

Facing Challenges and Finding Balance in the Restaurant Industry

Krept's restaurant business was greatly impacted by COVID-19. The business was built on creating a vibrant in-person experience with music, drinks, and events, and shifting to takeaways was not a feasible option. Despite the restaurant's initial success, the stress of running the business during the pandemic took a toll on Krept's mental health. The final straw was when someone posing as a friend stole everything from the restaurant. However, Krept was presented with an opportunity to partner with experienced individuals who believed in the potential of his business. Krept's way of dealing with grief and stress has been to keep busy and distracted, avoiding truly facing his emotions. The conversation highlights the importance of finding balance and taking time to process difficult experiences.

Coping with Grief and the Importance of Emotional Expression

Krept has been using distractions to cope with his grief, leading to a cold and dismissive attitude towards negative emotions and experiences. While this may provide short-term relief, it can have long-term consequences, especially in his roles as a father and in his relationships. Steven Bartlett emphasizes the importance of understanding and expressing emotions, both for personal growth and for better emotional connection with others, particularly in romantic relationships. Krept reflects on pivotal moments in his music career that brought about significant changes, including the release of their independent mixtape, "Young Kings," which achieved a high chart position solely through physical sales. These experiences highlight the resilience needed to overcome rejection and navigate the challenges of the music industry.

Finding Success Through Authenticity and Individuality

It is important to stay true to oneself and pursue what you truly believe in. Krept and Skepta's journey in the music industry highlights the significance of authenticity and individuality. They refused to conform to the expectations of record labels and instead decided to create the music they wanted to make. By taking control of their own destiny and releasing their projects independently, they were able to achieve great success and recognition. Additionally, their willingness to go above and beyond in every opportunity, whether it was a radio show or a TV show, allowed them to showcase their talents and open doors for even greater opportunities. Their story serves as a reminder that putting in the extra effort and showing what you are capable of can lead to remarkable outcomes.

The Importance of Looking Beyond Immediate Benefits and Being True to Oneself

Opportunities are not always what they seem on the surface. When presented with an opportunity, it is important to look beyond the immediate benefits and consider the potential long-term effects. Just like a set of dominoes, one successful opportunity can lead to a cascade of new opportunities. However, if the initial opportunity is not approached with enough effort and dedication, the knock-on effects may never occur. It is also crucial to be true to oneself and express personal authenticity. By being genuine and showing all sides of one's personality, greater success and resonance can be achieved. Additionally, the conversation highlights the lack of financial education in society, particularly regarding money management and investment. This knowledge gap can have significant long-term consequences, emphasizing the need for better financial education in schools and beyond.

The Importance of Financial Literacy and Responsible Money Management

Understanding and managing credit is crucial, especially for young people entering the workforce and earning money. Both Steven Bartlett and Krept highlight the lack of knowledge about credit and its consequences among their peers. They emphasize the importance of learning about credit in school to avoid falling into traps and making uninformed financial decisions. Additionally, they discuss various financial concepts like EIS, SEIS, and research and development that are not widely known or discussed. Both individuals stress the need for financial education and advise young people not to hastily upgrade their lifestyles with newfound wealth, as the long-term costs and expenses can quickly accumulate. Overall, this conversation highlights the importance of financial literacy and responsible money management.

The cycle of reckless money decisions and insecurities in hip hop culture

There is a cycle of reckless money decisions and insecurities within hip hop culture. Many individuals start out without much money and have witnessed the pain caused by financial struggles in their homes. As a result, they believe that money can fill the void and constantly feel the need to signal their wealth through extravagant spending. This perpetuates the cycle as others look up to them and strive to imitate their behaviors. While it may be challenging to change this mindset, individuals who have experienced similar journeys, like Krept, can play a significant role in guiding and advising young artists. It is essential to promote financial literacy, wise investments, and the importance of avoiding impulsive purchases in order to break this cycle.

The Importance of Long-Term Success and Building a Strong Personal Brand in the Music Industry

Young artists often feel the need to prioritize immediate gratification and "bling" in order to validate their success and fit into the hip-hop culture. They believe that to become the rapper they idolize, they must invest in flashy jewelry and expensive items. However, the conversation highlights the importance of understanding the long-term game and focusing on building a solid foundation for the future. It is emphasized that branding goes beyond material possessions and that successful rappers like Jay Z and Diddy have built impressive portfolios and made wise investments alongside their public image. The takeaway suggests that it is crucial for young artists to realize that success in the music industry is not solely about the immediate appearance, but about building a strong personal brand and making strategic choices for long-term success.

The Influence of Rappers as Role Models and the Power of Taking Action

Role models have a powerful impact on inspiring others. Steven Bartlett and Krept discuss the influence of rappers as role models and how their actions speak louder than words. They highlight the importance of setting an example and taking action to motivate others. Krept's experience in launching Nala's baby skincare line exemplifies this concept. Despite the initial skepticism and unconventional nature of launching a rapper-owned baby skincare brand, Krept's success and the demand for the product prove that actions can challenge societal norms and create new opportunities. The conversation emphasizes the significance of perseverance, preparation, and being true to oneself. By seeing the success of others, individuals can be inspired to pursue their own ideas and turn them into reality.

Creating a Natural Skincare Brand with 0 Bad Ingredients and Meeting Parent Checklists

Krept and his ex-partner identified a gap in the market for a skincare range with 0 bad ingredients. They decided to create their own brand, focusing on a 0 rating on an app that highlights ingredient harm levels. They collaborated with a manufacturer and developed a formula that would be 100% natural, although they had to compromise on some natural alternatives due to the need for shelf life preservation. They also aimed to meet parent checklists, including vegan and cruelty-free requirements, tear-free, alcohol-free, suitable for sensitive skin and eczema. However, they faced the challenge of creating a high-quality product at an affordable price, understanding that their success lies in selling mass amounts of units rather than targeting a niche market.

The Importance of Patience and Preparation in Business

Patience and thorough preparation are vital when starting a business. Krept reflects on his experience of rushing the process initially and realizes the importance of taking the time to properly develop a brand. He acknowledges that he could have cut corners and released the product sooner, but he now sees the value in waiting for the right moment. This lesson is applicable to anyone with their own ideas or considering starting their own business. It is crucial to resist the temptation to rush and prioritize thoroughness and preparation to ensure the best possible outcome.

Surrounding Yourself with the Right People: A Key to Success

When entering a new industry or venturing into unfamiliar territory, surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial. Although there may be uncertainties about whether someone is truly an expert, basing judgments on past work and relationships can provide some indication. Trusting in the expertise of others and being willing to replace team members if necessary are common occurrences in business. Additionally, it's important to understand that making the right hiring decisions from the start can greatly impact the success or failure of a business. Taking the time to seek out and work with the best people in the world, rather than settling for convenience, can lead to greater achievements. Overcoming insecurities about managing experienced individuals is essential in order to create a strong team. Feeling a slight discomfort in a room of talented individuals may actually be a good sign, indicating that one is surrounded by greatness.

Embracing discomfort for growth and development.

Growth requires stepping out of your comfort zone. Krept emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who challenge and push you forward on your journey. Fear should not hinder you from approaching those who may have more expertise in a certain field than you do. Krept's experience of being attacked backstage highlights the unpredictability of life and how things can change in an instant. Additionally, his cousin's tragic passing serves as a reminder that destiny plays a role in our lives. It is essential to embrace opportunities for growth, even if it means facing potential criticism or discomfort, because that is the path towards personal and professional development.

A Tragic Loss: Krept's Journey Through Grief

Krept had a close relationship with his cousin, who tragically passed away. They grew up together and shared many memories. Despite a period of rocky relations, their bond remained strong, and the cousin's music career began to take off. They discussed the potential of signing with a label but ultimately decided to continue independently, which proved successful as the cousin's song achieved platinum status. However, just as his career was flourishing, he was involved in a fatal accident, shattering Krept's world. This heartbreaking loss, combined with the earlier loss of his best friend and his uncle's impending death, has left Krept reeling. The news of his cousin's death came while he was in Dubai, adding to the shock and devastation.

Coping with the Loss of a Beloved Cousin

Krept experienced a deep sense of shock and grief upon receiving the news of his cousin Blaine's passing. Blaine was not only an important person in Krept's life but also someone he could share everything with and seek advice from. Krept described Blaine as a positive, infectious presence who always expressed his love for others. Losing Blaine was devastating, as he had so much to offer the world and his potential was cut short. Krept is still processing the loss and finding it difficult to fully come to terms with the fact that Blaine is no longer here. The conversation highlights the enduring impact Blaine had on Krept's life and the immense emotional toll of losing someone so significant.

The Importance of Addressing Conflicts and Cherishing Relationships

Life is unpredictable and finite. Krept reflects on the loss of important role models in his life and acknowledges the regret he would have felt if he hadn't resolved issues and reconciled with them before it was too late. He emphasizes the importance of addressing conflicts with loved ones and cherishing the time spent with family. Krept learns the lesson of not taking people for granted and realizing that meaningful relationships should be prioritized over other distractions. While he acknowledges the benefits of therapy, he admits his fear of confronting his grief and loss. The key takeaway is to appreciate and nurture relationships while also taking the necessary steps to confront and process emotions for personal growth.

The Power of Decision-Making in Shaping Our Future

Decisions we make, especially during challenging and life-changing moments, have the power to shape our future. Krept's experience of changing his mind about having a child with his partner after a breakup highlights the importance of reassessing situations and making choices based on growth and maturity. Additionally, the mention of the car incident and the potential consequences of choosing temporary feelings over long-term outcomes emphasizes the significance of thoughtful decision-making. The conversation also showcases the significance of embracing opportunities outside societal expectations, as demonstrated by Krept's success in the babywear industry despite being known as a rapper. Ultimately, the key takeaway is to trust oneself, challenge labels, and believe in the ability to achieve greatness in unexpected areas.