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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Healing is a non-linear process that requires patience and self-compassion. It's okay to acknowledge and express our emotions, even after time has passed. Appreciate life's blessings.
  2. Focus on your own happiness and growth, instead of comparing yourself to others who may seem more successful. Everyone has their own struggles and battles to fight.
  3. True support and strength come from genuine relationships, reminding us that external circumstances do not shield us from life's challenges.
  4. True friendships are built on vulnerability and support during both good and bad times. It's important to prioritize relationships amidst career pursuits and learn from past experiences for personal growth.
  5. Prioritizing self-care and believing in one's own worth are essential in creating a healthier and more balanced life.
  6. Take care of yourself, foster strong bonds with your children, and find a balance between parenting and friendship to enhance overall well-being.
  7. Building a strong and open relationship with our parents during our formative years can help us avoid mistakes, communicate effectively, and raise confident and well-mannered children.
  8. Find projects you are passionate about, embrace freedom and control, create opportunities for others, and understand that rejection does not define your abilities.
  9. Let go of the need to please everyone and embrace fear and disappointment. Push past them, trust in the timing, and let them build your character and strength.
  10. Don't let the opinions of others define your self-worth. Focus on the love and support from those who truly care about you, and learn to accept and believe in the positive feedback you receive.
  11. Simple words of love and affirmation can spark a complete change in mindset and behavior, while creating a supportive and positive environment is crucial for long-term transformation.
  12. Genuine love and support can transform the lives of individuals who have faced tough experiences, like incarceration. By leading with love and understanding, we can help them make positive choices and create a brighter future.
  13. Working together and providing opportunities, love, and support can bring about significant change in the lives of individuals affected by the prison system.
  14. It's important to adapt and find joy in the present moment, even when life takes unexpected turns.
  15. Love and respect should be prioritized in all parental relationships, regardless of societal norms. Find what works for you and prioritize your own happiness, not the judgments of others.
  16. Being open to love and forming genuine connections brings personal happiness, emphasizing the importance of finding someone who aligns with us and makes us feel happy and comfortable being ourselves. Additionally, treating others as equals creates a safe and supportive space for everyone.

📝 Podcast Summary

Embracing the Messiness of Healing

Healing is messy and there is no time limit on it. It's important to give ourselves credit for going through difficult times and to be kind to ourselves during the healing process. We shouldn't feel the need to act like everything is okay if it's not and it's okay to feel things and acknowledge our emotions. Healing can take time, and even after a period has passed, triggers can still arise. We should honor ourselves for understanding that healing is not linear and for not being too hard on ourselves when it comes to our progress. Life is unpredictable, but it's also filled with blessings that we should be grateful for.

The truth behind appearances

Appearances can be deceiving. Just because someone seems to have it all or portrays a perfect life on social media, doesn't mean they are without struggles. We often compare ourselves to others and wish we had what they have, but the truth is, we don't know what they're going through behind closed doors. Everyone has their own battles to fight and their own internal healing to do. It's important to focus on our own happiness and not constantly compare ourselves to others, because there will always be someone who appears better or more successful. Instead, we should strive to be confident in ourselves and continue learning and growing every day.

Understanding the hidden struggles of success and fame.

We often underestimate the struggles and challenges that others, including successful and famous individuals, face in their lives. It's easy to assume that money, fame, and status fix everything, but the reality is that everyone deals with similar issues regardless of their circumstances. Money and influence may come with their own set of problems, such as constant scrutiny and criticism from the public. It's important to remember that we are all human and that our external situations don't necessarily protect us from difficulties. True protection and support come from the people who truly know us and understand us at our core. Building strong relationships with a core group of friends and family who genuinely support us can provide the energy and strength needed to navigate life's challenges.

The Importance of True Friendships and Finding Balance in Life

True friendships are built on being there for each other through thick and thin. It's not just about sharing fun and happy moments, but also about being vulnerable and supportive during the tough times. La La Anthony emphasizes the importance of having friends who are willing to be raw and real, who can handle both the good and the bad in your life. These bonding moments create stronger friendships and leave lasting impressions. Additionally, La La highlights the significance of balance in life, making sure to prioritize relationships amidst career-driven pursuits. It's about finding a middle ground and not losing sight of what truly matters. Lastly, taking accountability and learning from past experiences can lead to personal growth and becoming better in future relationships. Blaming oneself is not productive, but self-reflection and improvement are essential.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Finding a balance between personal and professional life is crucial. La La Anthony shares that neglecting friends and personal needs can lead to problems and the search for fulfillment in other ways. She also highlights the guilt she used to feel when taking time off, fearing that someone might take her place or job. This fear and belief in constant competition hindered her from giving herself permission to find balance. However, she realized that taking care of oneself is essential and that if someone can easily take what is yours, it was never truly yours to begin with. It is important to prioritize self-care and believe in one's own worth to create a healthier and more balanced life.

Prioritizing Happiness, Relationships, and Parenting

Finding what makes us feel worthy and happy is crucial for our well-being. La La Anthony highlights the importance of self-care and not feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves. She also emphasizes the significance of being present for our children and fostering a strong bond with them. La La's experience as a parent has taught her patience and the beauty of unconditional love. Despite opinions that children should not be their parents' best friends, La La believes that being a parent and having a close friendship with her son can coexist. This conversation reminds us to prioritize our own happiness, nurture meaningful relationships, and find the balance between parenting and friendship.

Building Open Communication and Trust with Parents for a Stronger Relationship

Building a strong and open relationship with our parents during our formative years can help us avoid making mistakes and feel more comfortable discussing certain topics with them. Both La La Anthony and Jay Shetty expressed regrets about not having a friendlier relationship with their parents when they were younger. They believed that fear of getting in trouble hindered open communication and healthy interactions. La La Anthony emphasized the importance of having honest conversations rather than resorting to yelling and screaming, as it can be more effective in getting through to children. It's crucial to trust in our parenting abilities and allow our children to handle situations on their own, demonstrating confidence in their upbringing. Ultimately, the greatest compliment for any parent is to hear that their child is kind, humble, and well-mannered.

Finding joy and creating opportunities in work

Everyone has a different motivation when it comes to their work. La La Anthony enjoys working and finds happiness and joy in it, which is why she continues to push forward and take on new projects. She emphasizes the importance of finding projects that she's interested in and passionate about, as well as the freedom and control that producing offers. La La also highlights the significance of creating opportunities and opening doors for others in the industry, rather than waiting for someone else to give her an opportunity. Additionally, she acknowledges that rejection is a part of life, but has learned that it usually has nothing to do with her abilities or talent. Understanding this has helped her react to rejection differently and not take it personally.

Embrace Disappointment and Fear to Discover Amazing Things.

It's important to let go of the need to please everyone and accept that you will never be able to do so. La La Anthony shares her experience of being a people pleaser and always wanting to be liked by everyone. She realized that this desire was holding her back and causing disappointment and fear. Similarly, we often let the fear of disappointment or failure stop us from moving forward and pursuing great things. However, both La La Anthony and Jay Shetty emphasize that when we push past that fear and disappointment, amazing things can happen. It's crucial to trust in the timing, keep moving forward, and let fear and disappointment build our character and strength.

Overcoming the Influence of Others and Embracing Self-Worth

We shouldn't let the opinions of people who don't even know us affect our self-worth. La La Anthony shares how she used to be bothered by people's judgments and criticisms, but she has now become secure in herself. She emphasizes the importance of celebrating the people who love and support us instead of focusing on those who are absent. Similarly, Jay Shetty adds that we should learn to accept and embrace the positive feedback and love we receive, just as easily as we accept hate and negativity. It's crucial to train ourselves to believe in the genuine love and uplifting comments we receive, rather than dismissing them. Moreover, sometimes it's safer to avoid reading comments altogether and instead cherish the genuine moments of appreciation from real-life interactions.

The transformative power of love and a positive environment

Love and a change in environment can have a powerful impact on transforming individuals, even those who have never experienced love or a healthy environment before. La La Anthony's work with young men in her charity program highlights the profound influence that simple words of love and affirmation can have on someone's life. By telling someone they are loved and expressing pride in their accomplishments, we can spark a complete change in their mindset and behavior. Additionally, creating a supportive and positive environment is crucial for long-term transformation. It's important to recognize that love and compassion can break through the walls of resistance, even in the toughest and most challenging circumstances.

The Power of Love and Support

Genuine love and support can have a powerful impact on individuals who have been through tough experiences, including incarceration. La La Anthony emphasizes the importance of speaking from the heart and leading with love, as it resonates with everyone's core desire to be loved. She believes that by understanding and empathizing with others, we can help them make better choices and become assets to their communities. La La's work is driven by her personal experiences and the realization that she now has the ability to make a positive change. She aims to provide support, rehabilitation, and opportunities for individuals who have been incarcerated, ensuring that they have the tools to make better decisions and create a brighter future.

La La Anthony's Impact on Prison Reform

La La Anthony's passion for prison reform has allowed her to make a real difference in people's lives. Through her program, she has seen inspiring stories of individuals reintegrating into society and finding hope. One remarkable story is that of Rondo, who was incarcerated when La La brought Reform Alliance to visit. Jessica Jackson, who works closely with Kim Kardashian, was impressed by Rondo's transformation and promised him a job upon release. True to her word, Rondo started working just days after leaving prison and has since spoken alongside prominent figures like Kim and Michael Rubin, advocating for prison reform. This story highlights the power of opportunity, a change in environment, and love in bringing about meaningful change. La La's experience shows that collaboration and having a support system are crucial in this challenging, yet rewarding, work. Despite her public image, La La's friends and those close to her know that she has a humorous and lighthearted side, always ready to have a good time.

Life doesn't always go as planned, and we have to learn how to adjust to new circumstances. La La Anthony shares her experience of going through a divorce and navigating the challenges of transitioning in the public eye. She emphasizes the importance of not rushing things and enjoying the present moment. Life can throw unexpected changes our way, and we may find ourselves in situations we never imagined. It's okay to feel uncertain and have difficult days, but ultimately, we have to adapt and find our new normal. La La's story reminds us that we can still find happiness and create a new version of our lives, even after experiencing significant changes.

Redefining Family: Embracing Non-Traditional Setups and Co-Parenting

Traditional definitions of family and relationships are no longer the norm. Co-parenting and creating a supportive environment for children, even in non-traditional setups, is crucial. It's important for children to witness love and respect between their parents or caregivers, regardless of their relationship status. Society often pressures individuals to conform to traditional ideals, but the truth is that everyone's situation is unique. It's about finding what works for you and being true to yourself. Ultimately, when facing difficult moments, we are alone with ourselves, and it's important to prioritize our own happiness and not worry about the judgments or opinions of others. It's about speaking kindly to ourselves and acknowledging our own accomplishments and strengths. Love can take different forms, and marriage may not be the only path to fulfillment.

The Power of Love and Genuine Connections in Relationships

In short, one big takeaway from La La Anthony's conversation with Jay Shetty is that being open to love and connection is essential for personal happiness. La La emphasizes that she is not seeking someone to take care of her or be a father figure for her son. Instead, she values finding someone who aligns with her and makes her feel happy and comfortable being herself. This highlights the importance of genuine connections and emotional fulfillment in relationships. Additionally, Jay Shetty's belief in seeing the humanness and beauty in each person reflects the idea that everyone deserves to be treated as equals, creating a safe and supportive space for others. Ultimately, these insights remind us of the power of love, understanding, and acceptance in our lives.