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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Molly's success was not just based on her appearance on Love Island, but on her drive, determination, ability to navigate challenges, and her grounding upbringing that instilled values of pride and resilience.
  2. Taking risks and following your heart can lead to a life that is both fulfilling and rich with stories to share.
  3. Confidence and belief in oneself are key factors for success. Molly Mae emphasizes the importance of making the most of one's time, pursuing goals, and being selective with opportunities.
  4. Building trust and maintaining authenticity are key to success in influencer marketing, prioritizing genuine connections over financial gains leads to long-term success.
  5. Success is not just about the opportunities we are given, but about our determination and hard work to capitalize on those opportunities.
  6. True happiness stems from within and is found through meaningful relationships and personal fulfillment, rather than chasing external achievements or material possessions.
  7. Success doesn't always mean having a large social circle. It's about being selective and investing time in relationships that truly add value to your life and personal growth.
  8. Building a small circle of trustworthy people and prioritizing personal security can help navigate the negative consequences of fame and protect one's mental well-being.
  9. Self-acceptance and managing expectations are crucial in navigating the pressures and judgment that come with maintaining an online presence, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself.
  10. Creating engaging content on YouTube allows influencers to connect with their audience on a deeper level and maintain relatability, ultimately keeping followers engaged and connected.
  11. Influencers must be honest and transparent about both the highs and lows of life, considering the impact their content may have on their impressionable followers.
  12. Despite societal pressure, Molly Mae chooses gratitude, remains grounded, and embraces her natural self, recognizing the importance of authenticity in the face of constant image expectations.
  13. Molly Mae's decision to reverse cosmetic changes inspired others to embrace their natural beauty and highlighted the impact of excessive alteration on self-perception and influencing young girls.
  14. Molly Mae encourages self-acceptance, believes in the safe use of fillers, promotes inclusivity and relatability in her business, and prioritizes genuine understanding over pretending to know everything.
  15. It's essential to recognize our limitations and actively seek clarity, embracing curiosity and asking questions. Each individual brings value to the table, and continuous learning and seeking advice are crucial for making informed financial decisions.
  16. Molly Mae's appointment as creative director at Pretty Little Thing showcases the brand's unique approach and signifies her transition from influencer to businesswoman.
  17. Molly Mae's lack of experience in the fashion industry did not hinder her success at PrettyLittleThing; her belief in the brand and ability to contribute ideas showcased the value of new perspectives.
  18. Molly Mae's partnership with PRT shows the value of authenticity and understanding in business collaborations, while her experience with a burglary highlights the emotional attachment and vulnerability of one's home.
  19. Molly Mae's experience has taught her the significance of maintaining privacy for safety. She now finds a balance between sharing and oversharing, focusing on her well-being and safety rather than material possessions or validation.
  20. Molly Mae prioritizes her safety and is willing to invest in security measures. While she appreciates her current life, she feels restricted and tries to maintain her privacy and safety by avoiding crowded places.
  21. With determination and the right opportunities, anyone can achieve unexpected and remarkable success in a short span of time, just like Molly Mae.
  22. Trust and commitment are essential for building a strong and resilient relationship, even in the face of doubts and challenges.
  23. Molly Mae believes that a successful relationship requires work and effort, but it should also have a natural flow. She discusses her ambition, future plans, and the importance of humility and curiosity for future success.
  24. Set goals, be selective, and embrace new opportunities while being mindful of spreading oneself too thin. Prioritize and navigate financial challenges to reach personal milestones.
  25. Compassion and gratitude are essential in making a difference, whether by helping the homeless or appreciating what we have achieved.
  26. Molly Mae's ambition and determination set her apart, serving as a relatable role model for the younger generation and positioning her as a formidable businesswoman in the future.

📝 Podcast Summary

Molly Mae's Journey to Becoming the UK's Top Instagram Influencer

Molly Mae's meteoric rise as the UK's number 1 Instagram influencer cannot be solely attributed to her appearance on Love Island. Her success is a result of her drive, determination, and ability to handle the challenges that come with fame. Despite being thrust into the number one spot in terms of influence at just twenty-two years old, Molly has managed to inspire others and navigate the inevitable mistakes that come with such rapid success. Additionally, Molly's upbringing in Hitchin, with a normal family and a job as a lifeguard and in a hairdresser's, grounded her and shaped her into the person she is today. Her family dynamics, with a sister in the army and both parents as police officers, instilled values of pride and resilience. As a young girl, Molly always sought out different paths, attending fashion school and commuting to London for two years to pursue a career in fashion. These experiences outside her comfort zone helped shape her desire to do things differently and stand out.

Embracing the Unknown: Molly Mae's Journey to a Meaningful Life

Molly Mae had a desire for a non-ordinary life from a young age. She was inspired by her parents' ordinary careers and wanted to break free from that path. Molly Mae felt terrified at the thought of living a mundane life and wanted to have stories to share with her future grandchildren. She decided to move to Manchester at the age of 18, without much financial stability, to explore new opportunities. Although she initially felt homesick and struggled financially, it turned out to be the best decision she ever made. This conversation highlights the importance of following your heart, taking risks, and embracing the unknown in order to create a life that's meaningful and fulfilling.

The Power of Confidence and Belief

Confidence and belief in oneself are crucial for success. Molly Mae expresses her unwavering confidence in various situations, crediting it as a significant factor in her achievements. She believes that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and that it is up to individuals to make the most of their time and pursue their goals. Molly Mae acknowledges that people come from different backgrounds and face varying challenges, but she emphasizes that if someone desires something enough, they can achieve it. The conversation also highlights the importance of being selective and intentional with the opportunities and work one takes on. Molly Mae attributes her success to careful consideration and genuine belief in the products and messages she promotes.

Trust and authenticity in influencer marketing

Trust and authenticity are crucial factors for success in influencer marketing. Molly Mae emphasizes the importance of believing in and genuinely endorsing the products or brands she promotes to maintain the trust of her audience. She mentions that she receives numerous offers, but only accepts those that align with her values and goals. Molly Mae also highlights the significance of having a manager like Fran, who understands her direction and supports her career aspirations. Their close relationship, bordering on friendship, allows for effective communication and decision-making. Ultimately, Molly Mae prioritizes building trust with her audience over financial gains, recognizing that authenticity and genuine connections lead to long-term success in the influencer industry.

From Love Island to Unprecedented Success: Molly Mae's Relentless Drive and Ambition

Love Island provided Molly Mae with a platform that elevated her career, but her unprecedented success after the show was due to her relentless drive and ambition. Molly Mae recognized that the show could catapult her following and influence, but she also knew that she had the work ethic and determination to capitalize on the opportunity. She set lofty goals for herself and constantly pushed to achieve more, never settling for complacency. This mindset, combined with her unique personality and character, played a significant role in her extraordinary rise to success. It serves as a reminder that even with a platform, it is ultimately an individual's drive and ambition that determines their level of achievement.

The Pursuit of True Happiness

Molly Mae constantly strives for more in her life, always pursuing the next goal, even when she achieves what she initially thought would bring her happiness. Despite reaching her dream collabs and moving into a new dream house, Molly Mae still feels the need for more. However, she acknowledges the importance of finding true happiness within oneself and through meaningful relationships rather than material possessions or external achievements. Steven Bartlett shares a similar sentiment, realizing that reaching his own goals didn't bring the expected joy and fulfillment. Both emphasize that true happiness comes from one's mental state, relationships, and non-superficial aspects of life, rather than monetary success or material wealth.

The Value of a Small Circle: Molly Mae's Approach to Prioritizing Success and Happiness

Molly Mae emphasizes the importance of keeping a small circle of friends in order to focus on what truly matters to her, such as work, success, and happiness. She acknowledges that while friendships are valuable, she doesn't actively seek out new ones because it can be time-consuming and often doesn't add much to her life. Molly Mae's experience resonates with the idea that successful people often have fewer friends due to their evolving lifestyles and priorities. It's not about being a loner or pushing people away, but rather about consciously choosing to invest time and energy in relationships that genuinely contribute to personal growth and fulfillment.

Trust, fame, and the toll it takes on Molly Mae's mental health.

Trust becomes difficult to maintain when experiencing a rise in fame. Molly Mae acknowledges that some individuals are motivated by selfish reasons, such as selling stories or taking advantage. However, she feels fortunate to have a small circle of trustworthy people around her. Molly Mae also shares the trade-offs of her success, including severe online trolling that took a toll on her mental health. She even had a breakdown, desperate to remove hurtful images and comments from a news article. Despite the negativity, she has learned not to let the opinions of unhappy individuals affect her. The experience has led her to prioritize personal security during campaigns, ensuring she is protected from invasive paparazzi.

Managing the Challenges of Living a Public Life on Social Media

Living a public life on social media can be overwhelming and challenging. Molly Mae discusses the constant pressure to maintain a certain image and please her followers, while also dealing with negative comments and judgment. She explains how she compartmentalizes her life, always thinking about how her actions affect her work and income. Despite the anxiety and chaos that comes with being in the spotlight, Molly Mae emphasizes the importance of accepting that not everyone will like or appreciate what she does. She finds solace in her YouTube channel, where she can show a more authentic and transparent side of herself. This conversation highlights the need for self-acceptance and managing expectations in the fast-paced world of social media.

The Importance of Starting a YouTube Channel for Influencers

Starting a YouTube channel is essential for influencers who want to grow their engagement, connect with their audience, and be understood on a deeper level. Molly Mae emphasizes that Instagram is limited to posting pictures, while YouTube allows creators to share more meaningful and engaging content. She finds editing her videos therapeutic and takes pride in creating something that millions of people will watch. Steven Bartlett raises the question of whether material success makes influencers less relatable to their audience. Molly Mae acknowledges the challenge of catering to a diverse group of followers with varying financial situations but strives to maintain relatability by sharing both aspirational and personal moments. Ultimately, the balance between aspiration and relatability is what keeps followers engaged and connected.

The Responsibilities of Influencers and Social Media Personalities

Influencers and social media personalities have a significant responsibility towards their audience. Molly expresses the importance of being honest and transparent about both the highs and lows of life, as it helps create a stronger connection with the audience. She emphasizes the need to share not only the aspirational aspects but also the challenges and vulnerabilities. Molly acknowledges that the impact of what influencers post can be unpredictable and might affect their young and impressionable followers. Steven further adds that there are often double standards and heightened scrutiny for women in the social media space. It becomes evident that navigating this responsibility is not easy, and even seemingly harmless comments can have severe consequences. The key takeaway is that influencers must carefully consider the impact of their content and be mindful of the potential influence they hold over their followers.

Maintaining Authenticity in a Pressured World

Molly Mae acknowledges the constant pressure to maintain a certain image in the public eye. She recognizes the fear of making mistakes and potentially facing scandals. Despite this, she chooses to focus on gratitude and the bigger picture of her life. She acknowledges the blessings she has, such as her health, family, manager, and boyfriend. Through all the changes in her life, she remains grounded and true to herself. Molly Mae also reflects on her experience with cosmetic procedures, realizing that she felt compelled to alter her appearance due to societal pressure and the influence of social media. She now understands that the idealized images are often edited and has come to appreciate her natural self.

Embracing Natural Beauty: Molly Mae's Journey

Molly Mae made the decision to reverse the cosmetic changes she had made to her face, which had a significant impact on her self-perception and the perception of others. This decision not only made her feel the prettiest she had ever felt but also garnered admiration and gratitude from young girls and their parents. By removing the filler and bonding, Molly Mae became a role model for those who had been looking up to heavily edited influencers. Her choice demonstrated the importance of embracing natural beauty and the potential consequences of excessive alteration. This conversation highlights the power of being true to oneself and the positive influence it can have on others.

Molly Mae's Transition to Embracing a Natural Look and Promoting Confidence

Molly Mae went through a significant transition in her appearance, removing filler and embracing a more natural look. Initially, she had doubts and struggled with self-acceptance. However, after experiencing public approval and starting a trend, she has grown to love her new look. Molly Mae believes that using filler is not inherently bad if it boosts someone's confidence safely. When selecting models for her business, she aims for relatability and inclusivity, considering various body types and appearances. In terms of imposter syndrome, Molly Mae remains honest and unafraid to ask questions when she doesn't understand something, prioritizing genuine understanding over pretending to know everything.

Embracing Curiosity and Seeking Knowledge

It's important to ask questions and seek knowledge, especially in intimidating and unfamiliar situations. Molly Mae, despite her young age and lack of formal education on finance and business, openly admits her limitations and actively seeks clarity. She embraces her curiosity and is not afraid to ask for explanations. Steven Bartlett, who has experienced similar feelings of inadequacy, emphasizes the value that each individual brings to the table and encourages focusing on one's unique strengths. Both of them highlight the significance of recognizing one's worth and not pretending to know everything. They stress the importance of continuous learning, patience, and seeking advice from trusted sources to make informed financial decisions.

Molly Mae's Journey to Creative Director at Pretty Little Thing

Molly Mae's role as the creative director of Pretty Little Thing is a significant achievement and a departure from her previous influencer status. This elevation in her career came about through her close relationship and understanding with the brand, as well as her dedication and passion for the role of creative director. It was a role she specifically desired and was willing to continue working with the brand even if it was not offered to her. The impact of this announcement was unexpected but massive, proving that it goes beyond just releasing clothing collections. Molly Mae's new position signifies her transition into being a businesswoman and highlights the unique approach Pretty Little Thing has taken by appointing her.

Molly Mae's Unique Perspective on Creative Direction at PrettyLittleThing

Molly Mae's role as the creative director at PrettyLittleThing has provided her with a unique opportunity to contribute her perspective as a consumer and bring a fresh pair of eyes to the business. Despite initial skepticism from others about her lack of experience in the fashion industry, Molly Mae's strong belief in the brand and her ability to offer ideas and input throughout her partnership with PrettyLittleThing led to her current role. She emphasizes the importance of being involved in the creative process and taking the time to carefully develop collections, showcasing a shift towards a more serious and thoughtful approach. The conversation also reveals the founder and CEO's inclination to bring in individuals without extensive experience, emphasizing the value of new perspectives and ideas within the company.

Molly Mae's perfect fit with PRT and the importance of home security.

Molly Mae's authenticity and understanding of the customer base played a crucial role in her partnership with PRT. The CEO of PLT recognized her as the perfect fit for the brand and went to great lengths to secure her collaboration. Molly Mae also expressed her admiration for PRT's office environment, where young girls handle social media and technologies like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. On the other hand, the conversation also touched on the vulnerability of one's safe space, as Molly Mae shared the heartbreaking experience of a burglary in her cherished home. This incident highlights the emotional attachment and the sense of security associated with a home, which can be shattered when violated. Ultimately, home is not just a physical space but a collection of emotions that can be disrupted and lost when tampered with.

Molly Mae's Shift in Perspective: Balancing Privacy and Sharing on Social Media

Molly Mae's experience of having her house ransacked has led to a shift in her perspective on privacy and security. She recognizes that the rapid change in her situation has made her reconsider the way she shares her life with her followers on social media. While she used to enjoy being open and transparent, she now understands the importance of maintaining a certain level of privacy for her and Tommy's safety. Molly Mae realizes that she needs to find a new balance between sharing and oversharing, and she has taken steps to enhance her security, including hiring close protection security and being cautious about revealing too much personal information. Ultimately, this incident has made her prioritize her safety and well-being over material possessions and external validation.

Molly Mae's Priority: Safety and Security

Molly Mae values her safety and security above all else. She emphasizes that feeling safe is priceless, and she is willing to spend a fortune on security measures to ensure her well-being. Despite the challenges of living in the public eye and dealing with paparazzi and the constant attention from fans, Molly Mae expresses gratitude for her current life and never wants to go back to her old ordinary life. However, the downside is that she feels restricted in her ability to go out and enjoy herself in public without attracting a crowd. She often chooses to stay home or avoid crowded places to maintain her privacy and safety.

Embracing Transformation: Molly Mae's Journey from Fan to Collaborator

Molly Mae has experienced a rapid transformation in her life and career. She admits that it can be overwhelming and scary at times, but she has learned to navigate it by pretending to be someone who knows what they're doing. She has grown from being a fan of successful individuals like Trisha Bright to collaborating with them, which she finds surreal. While her parents are proud of her accomplishments, she believes that her success is not solely attributed to their upbringing, but rather a result of her own efforts and partnership with Fran. Molly Mae's story reminds us that with determination and the right opportunities, we can achieve unexpected and remarkable things in a short span of time.

Trust and effort: Building strong relationships

Relationships require trust and work. Molly Mae and Steven Bartlett discuss the unpredictability of raising children and the success of their own relationship. They emphasize that parental intentions cannot guarantee specific outcomes, as each individual's path is unique. They also address the skepticism surrounding reality show relationships, highlighting their enduring connection on Love Island. Molly Mae attributes their lasting relationship to trust, which allows them to manage long-distance periods confidently. Steven adds that relationships involve effort to maintain and nurture, while love itself is a constant presence. The key lesson is that trust and commitment are crucial factors that contribute to a strong and resilient relationship, surpassing external challenges and doubts.

Work, Effort, and Natural Flow in Relationships: Molly Mae's Perspective

Molly Mae recognizes the importance of work and effort in a relationship, but also emphasizes that it should not feel like a job. She believes that when you are with the right person, things fall into place naturally. Molly Mae and Tommy are excited about their future together, constantly discussing their plans for marriage and children. Additionally, Molly Mae discusses her ambitious nature and the various projects she is working on, such as London Fashion Week and her own fake town business called "Thoughts by Molly Mae." Despite her success, Molly Mae remains humble and acknowledges that she still has much to learn. Steven Bartlett appreciates Molly Mae's humility and encourages her curiosity and willingness to ask questions, highlighting it as a key quality for future success.

Balancing growth and goals in the world of social media.

Molly Mae is experiencing rapid growth in her social media following and is excited about the endless possibilities it brings. However, Steven Bartlett reminds her to be mindful of spreading herself too thin and to prioritize her goals. Molly Mae acknowledges the risk but expresses her desire to reach for new opportunities, such as working with high-end fashion brands. She also shares her main goal of owning a house and highlights the financial challenges that young adults face in getting on the property ladder. The conversation emphasizes the importance of setting goals, being selective, and embracing the excitement of each new day.

Molly Mae's Passion for Helping the Homeless and Finding Contentment in Life

Molly Mae is extremely passionate about helping the homeless and giving back to those in need. She expresses her deep empathy for people who don't have a home and how it breaks her heart to see them in that situation. Molly Mae shares her habit of always giving money to homeless people whenever she sees them on the street, showing her strong desire to make a difference. This passion extends to wanting to donate all her assets to organizations that help those in need if she had to choose between vanishing or donating everything. Additionally, when reflecting on her past, Molly Mae realizes the importance of slowing down and appreciating what she has achieved instead of constantly wanting more. She understands the value of gratitude and not rushing through life. Overall, the key takeaway is the importance of compassion, giving back, and finding contentment in the present.

Molly Mae: Always Striving for More

Molly Mae recognizes the importance of continuous growth and exceeding her current achievements. She acknowledges that she is enough as a person, but she still feels the need to do more and achieve more. This mindset of always wanting more and striving for success is what sets her apart from others in her field. Despite her young age, Molly Mae is heavily involved in building and shaping brands, running businesses, and managing her personal life. Her dedication and determination are commendable, and it is clear that she has a mature and wise approach to her career. She serves as a relatable role model for the younger generation by being real, honest, and open. Overall, Molly Mae's ambition and drive make her a formidable businesswoman and a force to be reckoned with in the future.