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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Financial incentives and restrictions can significantly influence career decisions, as showcased by Noah Beck's choice to pursue social media due to the lack of financial opportunities in his NCAA athletic career.
  2. In the face of challenges and uncertainty, embracing a positive mindset, building genuine connections, and staying resilient are essential for finding greater opportunities and appreciating the journey.
  3. In a world of criticism and comparison, Noah Beck stays true to himself, knowing that his self-worth should not be defined by likes or external validation. He prioritizes creating meaningful content over pleasing others.
  4. Despite his sudden rise to fame on TikTok, Noah Beck remains humble and attributes his grounded nature to the influence of his parents and the support of his loved ones. He acknowledges his insecurities but recognizes the ever-changing nature of human emotions.
  5. Despite his success, Noah Beck often struggles with feeling like an imposter and questions his place in the entertainment industry, leading to self-sabotaging thoughts.
  6. Noah Beck believes in the importance of working hard and earning success, rather than feeling entitled to it. He values staying grounded, being emotionally aware, and seeking support when needed.
  7. Navigating a public relationship in the social media world requires empathy, understanding, and a strong support system to cope with online criticism and negativity.
  8. Despite its potential for positive connection, social media often prioritizes controversial content, affecting relationships and personal development. Noah Beck reflects on the challenges of maintaining a public relationship and the missed opportunities due to fame.
  9. It is crucial to guard one's emotions, take relationships slow, and prioritize personal growth before fully committing to a relationship to avoid being taken advantage of.
  10. We cannot solely rely on our partners for happiness and should instead focus on our own personal growth to contribute to a fulfilling relationship.
  11. Therapy and open communication are essential for maintaining a healthy mindset and addressing challenges in relationships. Take time to respect boundaries and allow personal growth for a successful and fulfilling relationship.
  12. Prioritizing personal growth, open communication, and self-care fosters a healthy relationship, where independence and support are balanced. Kindness, generosity, and personal evolution contribute to a successful partnership.
  13. Noah Beck finds value in learning from and surrounding himself with older individuals, while also aspiring to create a genderless apparel brand that promotes inclusivity and personal growth.
  14. Noah Beck's advice is to prioritize happiness, follow your passion, and surround yourself with supportive mentors and friends.
  15. Share your talents, protect your peace, and strive for personal growth to bring joy, save lives, and find balance in life.

📝 Podcast Summary

Financial Considerations and Career Choices in the World of Social Media and Athletics

Opportunities and financial incentives played a significant role in Noah Beck's decision to pursue a career in social media instead of continuing his soccer dreams. Despite being a NCAA division one athlete, Noah was unable to make money due to NCAA rules. However, as his social media following grew, he started receiving lucrative sponsorship and brand deals that he couldn't ignore. Even though Noah had a conversation with his Dean and coach about the situation, NCAA restrictions prevented him from capitalizing on these opportunities. This, coupled with the introduction of NLL (Name, Image, and Likeness) rules that arrived shortly after Noah's decision, highlights the importance of financial considerations and the impact they can have on the choices individuals make in their career paths.

Embracing Change and Building Connections: Insights from Noah Beck and Lewis Howes

Life often takes us in unexpected directions, and sometimes these redirections can lead to greater opportunities. Both Noah Beck and Lewis Howes shared their experiences of facing challenges and uncertainty in their respective careers. Despite the unpredictability and criticism that come with fame and success, Beck emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and embracing new opportunities with dedication and enthusiasm. Additionally, Beck highlights the significance of building a genuine and intimate connection with his fans, demonstrating the value of community and gratitude. Overall, the conversation underscores the need to adapt to change, stay resilient, and appreciate the journey, even when faced with criticism and uncertainty.

Noah Beck's Commitment to Authenticity in the Influencer World.

Noah Beck acknowledges the challenges of dealing with criticism and comparison in the influencer world, but he remains committed to being authentic and true to himself. He recognizes that while likes and engagement may fluctuate, his self-worth should not be defined by external validation. Noah understands the temptation to cater to other people's preferences, but he believes that the work is never as good when it's done solely for the purpose of pleasing others. Instead, he strives to create content that he genuinely enjoys and appreciates his fan base for their unwavering support. Noah values authenticity and chooses to focus on producing meaningful content rather than constantly striving to stay on top.

Noah Beck's Journey to Fame and Staying Grounded

Noah Beck acknowledges the privileged and fortunate timing of his success on TikTok. He recognizes that his rise to fame coincided with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to increased social media usage. Despite his initial disbelief and detachment from the numbers on his screen, he gradually became aware of his growing popularity when people started recognizing him in public. Noah attributes his ability to stay grounded and humble to the influence of his parents, who raised him to be confident but not arrogant. He also values the support of his close friends and family, who remind him of his roots. Noah admits to having insecurities, particularly when comparing himself to others, but he ultimately recognizes that he is human and that these insecurities can change on a daily basis.

Noah Beck's Insecurity and Self-Doubt in the Entertainment Industry

Noah Beck often questions whether he deserves the success and opportunities he has received. Coming from a background as an athlete, Noah believes in working hard to earn achievements, but he feels unsure about his place in the entertainment industry. This feeling of insecurity and self-doubt arises whenever he finds himself in rooms with accomplished individuals from various fields. Noah worries that others might view him as an imposter and questions why he is in those situations. This constant internal struggle and fear of not deserving his success weighs heavily on Noah's mind, leading to self-sabotaging thoughts.

Embracing Hard Work and Emotional Awareness: Noah Beck's Journey to Success

Noah Beck values hard work and believes in earning his successes rather than feeling entitled to them. He appreciates having a mindset of not feeling like he deserves everything and continues to work towards earning his achievements. Noah acknowledges that there may be others who possess a sense of entitlement, but he applauds confidence and prefers to stay grounded. Additionally, he opens up about feeling sad at times and recognizes the importance of embracing and appreciating these emotions, as they make him human. He values his emotional awareness and is not afraid to seek support when needed, demonstrating a healthy approach to dealing with sadness.

The Benefits and Challenges of Being in a Public Relationship in the Social Media World

Being in a public relationship in the social media world comes with both benefits and challenges. The best part for Noah Beck was having a partner who understood the pressures and negativity that can come with fame. They were able to support and comfort each other through difficult times. However, the most challenging aspect was dealing with the constant scrutiny and unsolicited opinions from the public. Regardless of the number of followers, anyone can have a significant impact with their comments. Navigating a relationship under such circumstances and learning to cope with online hate at a young age proved to be a struggle. The conversation highlights the importance of empathy, understanding, and having a strong support system when facing online criticism.

The Amplification of Negative Content on Social Media and Its Impact on Personal Growth and Relationships

Social media tends to amplify negative content and attention-seeking behavior. Despite people's desire to see positive and loving content, negative and controversial topics often gain more views and engagement. Noah Beck acknowledges the power of social media and how it gives everyone a voice, regardless of their background or knowledge about a certain topic. He also emphasizes that despite his success and gratitude for what he has, he is still figuring things out, just like any other 19-year-old. Noah's experience of a breakup highlights the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the public eye and the complexity of recovering from a strong bond. Additionally, he reflects on how his and his ex-partner's careers have affected their personal growth and the experiences they missed out on, such as college.

The Importance of Self-Protection and Individuality in Relationships

It is important to protect yourself and your heart when entering a relationship. Noah Beck realizes the significance of guarding his emotions and taking things slower in future relationships. He reflects on how he and his ex-girlfriend rushed into dating because they enjoyed spending time together and Covid-19 made them constantly available to each other. Noah acknowledges that being too available can sometimes lead to being taken advantage of. Additionally, he learns the importance of filling up his own cup and focusing on his personal growth and vision before fully committing to a relationship. This conversation highlights the need for self-protection, setting boundaries, and maintaining a sense of individuality in relationships.

The importance of personal happiness in relationships

We cannot solely rely on ourselves to make our partners happy. Despite our best efforts, we cannot change someone's overall happiness and fulfillment. We can only add to their happiness in moments and influence them to some extent. It's important for both partners to focus on their own happiness and fulfillment. This realization can be difficult for those of us who are driven to succeed and accomplish. It's crucial to give ourselves space and time to focus on our own personal growth and happiness, rather than rushing into another relationship. Prioritizing our own happiness and finding what truly brings us peace is a lifelong search, but it's essential for our overall well-being.

Taking things slow and seeking therapy can be beneficial in navigating relationships. Noah Beck discusses the challenges of being separated from someone he cares about and the uncertainty of when and how to reach out. He acknowledges the power dynamics at play and the difficulty of maintaining no contact. However, he also recognizes the importance of respecting boundaries and allowing time for personal growth. The conversation highlights the value of therapy in maintaining a healthy mindset and addressing issues in a relationship. Both Noah and Lewis Howes share their positive experiences with therapy, emphasizing the benefits of open communication and setting ground rules for a successful and fulfilling relationship.

Creating a Balanced and Fulfilling Relationship through Self-Care and Boundaries.

Establishing boundaries and prioritizing personal growth and self-care are crucial in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. It is important to take time to understand yourself and your partner, and to have open and honest communication about your needs and goals. By focusing on your own mission and vision, and by taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, you become more attractive and desirable to your partner. This does not mean neglecting the relationship, but rather finding a balance between independence and support. Kindness and generosity, along with personal evolution, are the qualities that ultimately lead to a successful and harmonious partnership.

Embracing Wisdom and Fostering Inclusivity

Noah Beck has found value in surrounding himself with older individuals and learning from their wisdom and experiences. He appreciates the perspective they bring and enjoys being a sponge in conversations, soaking in everything he can. This connection to older friends and mentors has shaped him into someone who values knowledge and seeks personal growth. Additionally, Noah is excited about his recent launch of a genderless and gender-neutral apparel brand called Efes. He wants to build a brand that fosters a community for everyone, inspired by a Greek mythology story about love conquering all and gender fluidity. Noah's passion for creating and curating extends beyond social media, as he aims to promote something he truly believes in.

Prioritizing Happiness and Making a Positive Impact: Noah Beck's Perspective on Life

Noah Beck emphasizes the importance of pursuing what makes you happy in life. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, he believes in being positive and having a mindset that life is too short to not do what brings you joy. Noah's own experience of starting a business and getting into fashion reflects his desire to follow his passion and create something he is truly excited about. He also values the support and guidance of mentors and friends who have helped him along the way. Overall, Noah encourages others to prioritize their happiness and strive to make a positive impact, regardless of their age.

The Power of Sharing, Protecting, and Striving

It is important to share your talents and not keep them hidden. By doing so, you have the potential to bring joy and even save someone's life. It is crucial to realize the impact that your words and actions can have on others. Additionally, protecting your peace is essential for a better life. It is important to find something that brings you peace and constantly apply it to your life. Simple things can often have the most significant impact. Lastly, greatness is about consistently striving to be the best version of yourself while still finding moments of fun and enjoyment. It is about finding the balance between personal growth and living in the present.