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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Our biggest obstacle in achieving our goals are often the fears and limiting beliefs we create in our own minds. By realizing that fear is self-created, we can stop paying attention to it and focus on taking action towards our goals.
  2. Our thoughts and beliefs can hinder our progress. We have the power to change them and create the life we desire. Don't blame external factors for your failures; identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs.
  3. Your thoughts and actions shape your future. Take responsibility for your choices and actions, and actively work towards creating the future you desire by being mindful of your thoughts and focusing on what you want.
  4. Your current situation is in your control, don't let limiting beliefs stop you from making positive changes. Use helpful hiring tools, like Indeed, and prioritize your health with LifeLabs.
  5. Acknowledge and Release Unwanted Thoughts by Talking to Yourself to Improve Sleep Quality. Seek Professional Help for Mental Health Concerns at LifeLabs.
  6. Addressing negative self-talk with assertive statements can calm racing thoughts and improve sleep. Saying "not right now" helps prioritize and focus on what truly matters.
  7. Stop imagining scary futures and bring yourself to the present moment. Use positive affirmations based on facts to combat anxiety and reprogram your mind to believe in success in business and life.
  8. Focus on the present moment, take action to improve your situation, and choose positive self-talk to overcome obstacles. Your thoughts have a powerful impact on your actions and future, so filter them carefully. You are in control of your life.

📝 Podcast Summary

Overcoming Self-Created Fears to Achieve Goals

Stop all the BS going on in your mind that's holding you back from creating the life you want. One tip is to stop paying attention to your biggest fear, because it doesn't really exist. You have created the problem of fear and it only exists in your mind. The biggest thing that holds people back from taking action and creating the life they want is their own thoughts, fears, and limiting beliefs. Once you realize that the only problems that exist in your world are the problems you have created, you can begin to stop creating the fear and start taking action towards your goals.

Overcoming Self-Created Obstacles for Success

The problems we face are often created in our own minds, holding us back from creating the life we want. Overthinking, negative self-talk, fears and other limiting beliefs are just made up constructs in our heads that we can't physically hold. We need to realize that if we are creating these thoughts, we have the power to stop creating them or to create new ones. This applies not just to business owners, but to everyone. We need to identify our limiting beliefs and work on changing them to achieve success and create the life we desire. We are our own bottleneck, not external factors like government or shipping costs.

Focusing on what you want to create your future.

Focusing solely on what you do not want limits your ability to create the future you desire. Your thoughts and actions play a crucial role in shaping your future. While some factors may be beyond your control, 99% of your future is determined by your choices and actions. Most people do not actively work on themselves and fail to pay attention to their thoughts. Where you are presently in life is a result of your past actions. Therefore, take responsibility for your actions and avoid blaming others for your failures. Be mindful of your thoughts and actively work towards shaping your desired future.

Take Responsibility and Take Action to Change Your Life

Your current situation is a result of the actions you took in the past. If you're not happy with where you are, it's time to take responsibility and take action to change it. Don't let worries, fears, limiting beliefs, or overthinking hold you back - they are all in your head and not based in reality. It's time to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and grow into a new version of yourself. In addition, powerful hiring tools like Indeed can help you find quality candidates fast, while LifeLabs provides testing services and partners with your doctor to empower a healthier you.

Talking to Yourself Before Bed to Clear Unwanted Thoughts

Talking to yourself out loud in the moment can help stop the flow of unwanted thoughts, especially before bed. Acknowledge the thought and release it. This can prevent your mind from racing and get you back to sleep quickly. Mentors can give valuable tips that may seem overly simplistic, but can make a big difference in our lives. LifeLabs is now open in your community and making appointments has never been easier. Take care of your mental health and talk to a professional today at

Talking to Yourself: The Science Behind a Peaceful Mind

Talking out loud to yourself, addressing your negative self-talk and telling your brain 'not right now' can help you calm your thoughts and fall asleep easily. When you talk to yourself, address yourself as if someone else is in the room and stop your negative self-talk by saying 'That's not true', 'Stop lying to me', and 'I don't accept the words that you are saying.' This also helps in other areas of life, like owning a business and battling thoughts of failure. Telling your brain 'not right now' can help you prioritize and focus on more important things, rather than getting stuck in negative thoughts.

Staying Present and Positive to Combat Anxiety and Improve Business

Stop imagining fake futures that create anxiety and bring yourself to the present moment where everything is fine and you are safe. Talk to yourself out loud with positive affirmations that reflect the truth about your current situation. Remember that anxiety comes from imagining a scary future and that you must bring the facts to your brain instead of the imaginary. Focus on what you are grateful for in the present moment and learn to stop the BS in the moment. This applies to all aspects of life, including business, where it's essential to reprogram your mind to believe in your success, rather than succumb to thoughts of failure. Stay present and stay positive.

Living in the Moment and Choosing Positive Thoughts to Create the Life You Want

Live in the present moment and focus on taking action to improve your situation instead of worrying about the future. Pay attention to your thoughts and push away negative ones that hold you back. Stop lying to yourself and start talking to yourself positively. You are in control of your life and can choose to be your own best friend or worst enemy. Your thoughts have a powerful impact on your actions, feelings, and future, so filter them carefully. By being present, taking action, and choosing positive self-talk, you can create the life you want and overcome any obstacle.