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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Hackers can exploit phone systems to make unauthorized, expensive calls through unsuspecting victims' phones, leading to huge bills. People must take measures to secure their phones and phone lines against such attacks.
  2. Protect your communication systems from being hacked by creating unique passwords, securing PBXs, and monitoring phone and voicemail activity for any anomalies.
  3. Improperly secured PBX systems put businesses at risk of costly hacking attacks, with phone companies not liable for fees incurred. Outsource PBX configuration with caution to avoid vulnerabilities.
  4. Despite limited resources and fear of negative publicity, victims of PBX hacking can report the crime to the FBI for data collection. The FBI's Cyber Most Wanted List offers rewards for information leading to the arrest of criminals.
  5. PBX hacking can be financially devastating, as seen in recent cases. Tracking phone numbers and GPS coordinates can help catch culprits. Companies need to remain vigilant and invest in strong security measures to protect against PBX hackers.

📝 Podcast Summary

Phone Hacking - A Threat to Your Finances

Hackers can use methods like calling a desk phone in a random office and connecting to its voicemail to make unauthorized pay-per-minute calls, leading to enormous phone bills for unsuspecting victims. The hackers own the numbers being called, turning other people's phones into ATMs. These attacks can go unnoticed for a long time, and even when discovered, victims might struggle to get any help from the authorities or telephone companies. The scale of such attacks can be significant, as seen in the example of Adam Finch who found out a month later that his phone bill was $24,000 more than normal. People need to be vigilant and take appropriate measures to secure their phones and phone lines against such attacks.

How Hackers Exploit Default Passwords in Voicemail and Phone Systems

Hackers can access voicemail and phone systems by exploiting default passwords and insecure configurations. They take advantage of default voicemail box pins and use call forwarding to reroute incoming calls to their pay-per-minute line. They also exploit insecure Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) by finding their IP addresses and making phone calls from that office. This can be prevented by using unique, strong passwords, securing PBXs, and monitoring phone and voicemail activity for any anomalies. It is important for individuals and organizations to be aware of these security vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures to protect their communication systems from being hacked.

The Serious Consequences of Neglecting PBX Security

PBX hacking is a serious crime that costs businesses over 10 billion dollars annually. Phone companies do not cover the charges of the victim as they have legal rights to collect their fees. The victim is held liable as it was their own negligence to secure their PBX that resulted in the attack. Companies need to take steps to secure their PBX properly, else they can be compromised easily. PBX hacking usually happens when the victim outsources PBX configuration to a cheap contractor. A PBX requires delicate balance configuration as it must block all incoming access while allowing calls initiated from the internet. Companies with 100 users can be compromised on a Friday night.

PBX Hacking: A Global Crime and the FBI's Pursuit for Justice

PBX hacking is an international crime, but the police are not equipped to handle it as they lack resources to understand the crime and investigate. Companies fear bad publicity, so many of these crimes don't get reported. Victims can report the crime to the FBI for collecting data to build the case. Patterns of PBX hacking helped the FBI track down two men, but they were released by the Malaysian Attorney General due to the technicalities. Farhan and Uddin fled to Pakistan. FBI added both men to Cyber's Most Wanted List and announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to their arrest.

The Financial Threat of PBX Hacking and the Importance of Strong Security Measures.

PBX hacking can cause massive financial damage to companies and organizations, as proven by the cases in New Jersey where hackers allegedly caused losses of tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The indictment report shows that the two men arrested in Pakistan were responsible for damages of fifty million dollars. As security measures against PBX hacking continue to be insufficient, similar incidents are still happening and many hackers remain unidentified and free. The PBX hacking case of Uddin and Arshad highlights the importance of tracking down phone numbers and GPS coordinates, which proved to be the key to apprehending the culprits. It is essential for companies and organizations to remain vigilant and invest in strong security measures to avoid falling prey to PBX hackers.