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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Passion and finding an activity that brings fulfillment can help overcome personal challenges and provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
  2. Tony Hawk's journey from excelling in math to pursuing a career as a professional skateboarder highlights the importance of following one's passion and finding a sense of belonging and purpose in a chosen field.
  3. Perseverance, exploration, and embracing discomfort are crucial for achieving mastery and success in any field.
  4. By focusing on his expertise and passion, Tony Hawk achieved long-term success in the skating industry despite challenges faced along the way.
  5. Tony Hawk's father played an instrumental role in Tony's skateboarding success, facing challenges from nepotism accusations to isolation from some parts of the skateboarding community, but ultimately, Tony's love for the sport propelled him to become its ambassador.
  6. Pursue your passion for the joy of learning and improvement, not for external rewards.
  7. Tony Hawk's journey teaches us that letting go of perfection, taking risks, and staying true to our passions are key to finding fulfillment and success. Fame can be isolating, so it's important to remain grounded and focused on what truly matters.
  8. Prioritizing personal fulfillment and relationships leads to a more meaningful life, regardless of external validation or societal expectations.
  9. Tony Hawk emphasizes the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, believing in yourself, and taking risks in order to achieve greatness and stand out in any field.
  10. Tony Hawk's perseverance and discovery of shifting his weight back allowed him to master the challenging 900 trick and achieve a career highlight.
  11. Tony Hawk's success in skateboarding and the creation of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game was driven by his proactive nature, strategic decision-making, and the support of his late father.
  12. Tony Hawk's refusal to sell his rights paid off big time, proving that true success involves more than just money.
  13. Priorities and values can change over time, and seeking therapy and practicing vulnerability can lead to positive personal growth and stronger relationships.
  14. Tony Hawk's authenticity and willingness to learn from failures have been key factors in his success.
  15. Vulnerability is not a weakness, but a powerful tool for building strong relationships through open communication and understanding.
  16. Connection, vulnerability, and kindness can make a difference in someone's life. Tony Hawk's selfless act showcases the importance of supporting mental health and using one's platform for positive change.

📝 Podcast Summary

How Tony Hawk's Obsession with Skateboarding Transformed His Life

Tony Hawk's obsession with skateboarding served as a form of medicine for him. Skateboarding gave him a sense of purpose, an outlet for his energy and frustrations, and a way to express his determination. Unlike team sports where he felt mediocre, skateboarding allowed him to continuously improve and progress. It provided him with a psychological boost and a feeling of accomplishment that he couldn't find in other areas of his life. Tony's difficult upbringing and the lack of warmth in his household further fueled his dedication to skateboarding. This highlights the importance of finding a passion or activity that brings fulfillment and helps overcome personal challenges.

From Math Nerd to Skateboarding Legend: Tony Hawk's Transformation

Tony Hawk's passion for skateboarding surpassed his academic pursuits. Despite excelling in math and initially considering a career as a math teacher, Hawk discovered his talent and love for skateboarding, causing his focus to shift. Although academic accomplishments were important to him, Hawk found greater fulfillment in the culture, community, and creativity surrounding skateboarding. He embraced the punk music, renegade attitude, and DIY nature of the sport, giving him a sense of belonging and purpose. Even though skateboarding was not initially perceived as cool in his high school, Hawk's progress, motivation, and recognition as a professional skater eventually reinforced his skills and talents in the sport.

Tony Hawk's fearless journey to skateboarding stardom - the secrets revealed!

Tony Hawk's success in skateboarding was attributed to his willingness to step out of his comfort zone and explore new techniques. He wasn't afraid of getting hurt along the way and accepted it as part of the learning process. Unlike many of his peers, he was open to trying tricks and board manipulation that weren't comfortable or popular. He dedicated countless hours to practicing and mastering his skills, often repeating a single trick thousands of times. This commitment and fearlessness allowed him to develop a deep trick repertoire and perform them consistently in the most challenging circumstances. Despite facing pushback and criticism, Hawk's success skyrocketed in his late teens, earning him income and recognition as the best skateboarder in the world. However, he also experienced a downturn in the early 90s before making a comeback in the late nineties. Overall, Hawk's remarkable journey showcases the importance of perseverance, exploration, and embracing discomfort in achieving mastery and success in any field.

Tony Hawk's Secret to a Sustainable Skating Career Exposed!

Tony Hawk realized early on that his success-to-injury ratio was higher in half pipe skating than in other forms of skating. He made the decision to focus on his expertise in order to have a sustainable skating career. Despite starting his own company and thinking he was stepping away from the spotlight, Hawk's passion for skating never wavered. He continued to skate and eventually his career picked up again, especially after the X Games happened and the interest in the sport grew. The conversation also touched on the downturn that the skating industry experienced in the 1990s, with skate parks closing and skaters struggling to find places to skate.

Tony Hawk's Dad Sacrificed Everything for His Skateboarding Career

Tony Hawk's father played a significant role in supporting and shaping his skateboarding career. Despite not receiving any payment for his efforts, Tony's dad founded the National Skaport Association to provide structure and organization to the skateboarding community. However, this created challenges for Tony, as some accused him of nepotism and hogging the spotlight. Despite these pressures, Tony persevered and used the criticism as motivation to improve and prove his detractors wrong. He also highlighted the importance of camaraderie, even though he experienced isolation from certain parts of the skateboarding community. Ultimately, Tony's love for skateboarding and desire to make it more accessible and popular allowed him to become a chosen ambassador for the sport.

How pursuing fame or fortune can kill your motivation!

Pursuing a passion purely for fame or fortune can lead to a decline in motivation. Tony Hawk emphasizes that when he first started skateboarding, there was no expectation of financial rewards or recognition. He believes that true motivation comes from a desire to continuously improve in an activity that hasn't been mainstreamed yet. On the other hand, Steven Bartlett shares findings from a study that reveal how getting paid for a hobby can actually decrease motivation. Both Tony and Steven agree that the pressure to succeed and the repetitive nature of competition can eventually suck the fun out of a passion. Tony's experience teaches us the importance of letting go and finding joy in the process of learning and mastering new skills.

Tony Hawk's incredible journey to finding true fulfillment and success

Tony Hawk went through a process of self-discovery where he had to let go of the idea of perfection and take more chances. He learned that when he stopped focusing on always being the best and instead embraced a more creative and risk-taking approach, he found much more fulfillment and enjoyment in his work. Tony Hawk also reflected on the challenges that come with success and fame, and how it can disconnect individuals from others and even themselves. He emphasized the importance of staying true to one's passions and values, and not getting caught up in the distractions and temptations that come with fame.

How Tony Hawk Learned to Prioritize What Really Matters

Prioritizing fulfillment and personal growth over external validation and societal expectations leads to a more meaningful and satisfying life. Tony Hawk shares his experience of feeling unfulfilled and distracted by fame and celebrity culture, which affected his emotional availability to his children. He emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with his children and finding fulfillment in their thriving rather than seeking validation through events like the Oscars. Steven Bartlett highlights the significance of feedback from loved ones in recognizing when priorities drift and reclaiming focus. Both individuals emphasize the value of pursuing one's passion and continuously improving, regardless of age or external recognition. They encourage young individuals in any industry to prioritize personal growth and the intrinsic joy of their craft.

Tony Hawk's Surprising Secrets to Mastering Any Field Revealed

Achieving mastery and success requires intense focus, the ability to listen and take inspiration from others, and stepping out of one's comfort zone. Tony Hawk emphasizes the importance of not staying in one's own bubble and instead exploring new ways of doing things. He highlights the significance of adding one's own flare and personal style to stand out in any field. Tony also emphasizes the value of not giving up, believing in oneself, and taking risks, which he learned from skateboarding and applies to his business ventures. Overall, this conversation highlights the importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and perseverance in achieving greatness.

Watch Tony Hawk's 12-year struggle to conquer the impossible 900 trick!

Tony Hawk's journey to successfully land the 900 trick was a long and challenging process. It took him 12 years of off and on attempts to master the trick. Throughout this time, he faced various injuries and setbacks, but he persevered in his pursuit. The difficulty of the trick lied in the fact that the skater becomes blind to their landing zone twice during the spin, making it hard to gauge spatial awareness. However, after countless attempts and adjustments, Tony finally had a breakthrough. He discovered that shifting his weight towards the back during the spin allowed him to find the right balance and successfully land the trick. This achievement was not only a highlight in Tony's career but also lifted a weight off his shoulders, knowing that the 900 was indeed possible.

How Tony Hawk's Perfect Timing and Persistence Changed Skateboarding Forever!

Tony Hawk's success in skateboarding and the creation of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game was a result of perfect timing, persistence, and recognizing the right opportunities. Hawk's ability to consistently perform the 900 trick caught the attention of the skateboarding community and led to increased popularity for both himself and the X Games. Hawk took the initiative to email Activision, the game developers, to suggest including the 900 trick in the game, showcasing his proactive nature. He also made a strategic decision to collaborate with Activision over another group because he believed their game would be more accessible and intuitive for non-skaters. Hawk's success in skateboarding and business was greatly influenced by the support and legacy of his late father, who played a significant role in keeping skateboarding alive during challenging times. Overall, Hawk's decision to pursue the video game deal with Activision was a pivotal moment that propelled his career and contributed to the growth and recognition of skateboarding as a sport.

Tony Hawk's incredible financial decision changed his life forever!

Tony Hawk made a wise financial decision by rejecting a buyout offer of half a million dollars in exchange for future royalties. This decision turned out to be the best financial decision of his life, as the game he was associated with, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, generated an astounding one billion dollars in revenue for Activision. Not only did this success make him financially free, but it also propelled him to become a global icon in the sport of skateboarding. Through this experience, Hawk learned the importance of balancing his professional success with his personal relationships and prioritizing his overall well-being. This serves as a reminder that financial success should not overshadow the importance of maintaining a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Tony Hawk's Surprising Transformation: How Priorities Can Shift

Priorities and values can shift as we age and go through different life experiences. Tony Hawk reflects on how his own priorities changed over time, realizing that his compulsive behaviors were hindering his relationships and overall well-being. Seeking therapy and actively working on himself allowed him to make positive changes and become more vulnerable and comfortable with intimacy. He also acknowledges the impact of his upbringing on his ability to express emotions. Similarly, Steven Bartlett shares his own struggles with intimacy and the fear of repeating negative cycles for his own children. Both individuals highlight the importance of practicing vulnerability and intimacy for building strong relationships and fostering emotional connections with loved ones. Furthermore, Tony Hawk credits his wife for providing a sense of grounding, support, and guidance in navigating his professional success.

Tony Hawk's secret to success: Embrace failures and stay authentic!

Tony Hawk values authenticity and embraces his failures as opportunities for growth. He is not swayed by fame and remains grounded in his identity. Despite being seen as an icon in his sport, he remains true to himself and is open to connecting with others. Tony Hawk acknowledges the imposter syndrome that comes with success, but he is confident in his abilities and the impact he has made. He has experienced failures in business and relationships, but he learns from them and uses them as stepping stones for personal growth. Tony Hawk also demonstrates his entrepreneurial side through various business ventures and investments.

The surprising truth about vulnerability: it strengthens relationships!

Vulnerability and open communication are essential in building strong relationships. Tony Hawk shared that he wished he had expressed his fears and vulnerabilities to his wife earlier in their relationship, as it would have provided her with a better perspective on his struggles and allowed for a deeper connection. Steven Bartlett also discussed his own experiment of being vulnerable with his girlfriend and how it actually strengthened their bond. Both individuals realized that vulnerability is not a weakness, but rather a magnet that draws people closer. Sharing our feelings and being brave enough to express our fears and insecurities can lead to greater understanding, empathy, and ultimately, stronger relationships.

Tony Hawk's Surprising Act of Kindness Will Inspire You

Connection through vulnerability is important, even at home with loved ones. Tony Hawk shared how he recently did something for someone else by buying a skateboard at an auction that was hand painted by Kurt Cobain. He then recreated 500 of these skateboards and sold them, with the proceeds going towards suicide prevention and public skate parks. This showcases his commitment to helping others and making a difference. Steven Bartlett expressed his admiration for Tony Hawk's impact on skateboarding and thanked him for his humility. This conversation highlights the significance of showing kindness, supporting mental health, and using one's platform to make a positive impact on others.