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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Tamara Lich was inspired to become politically active after witnessing government mismanagement. She discovered her organizing skills in the oil and gas industry despite facing obstacles as a woman.
  2. Canadian government's passing of anti-pipeline bills has resulted in job losses and economic devastation, making it an unreliable partner for long-term projects and only signaling to save the planet at the expense of the economy.
  3. Despite decades of heavy subsidies from Alberta, Quebec opposes Alberta energy and natural gas development, putting its own economy at risk. This is one of the biggest scandals in Canadian history, and it's time for the West to pressure Central Canada for economic equality.
  4. Cooperation between all levels of government is crucial to achieving the country's economic potential, but attitudes of superiority from one region towards another can hinder progress.
  5. Don't wait for others to solve problems, take action and learn by doing. Believe in your potential to create positive change, despite obstacles in politics or past experiences.
  6. By taking personal responsibility for our actions and prioritizing physical health, we can protect ourselves, prevent the rise of tyrants, and maintain a sense of community during uncertain times.
  7. Be vigilant against politicians who exploit situations of fear and emergency to gain control. Exercise free speech responsibly and seek out credible sources of information to make informed decisions. Science should be a value-free investigation, not a tool for politicians.
  8. Proper allocation of resources is crucial during crises. We must prioritize building up the healthcare system and speak out against unjust policies to ensure the well-being of the community.
  9. Effective protesting involves a strategic combination of multiple channels and careful planning, as well as understanding the risks and legal challenges that may arise.
  10. The power of public support and disruption is immense, and even blue-collar workers have a voice that cannot be ignored by politicians and ruling elites.
  11. Clearly explain the process to donors and understand legal regulations to avoid challenges when using third-party platforms for crowdfunding campaigns.
  12. Despite political controversies and division, people can come together in solidarity to fight for their rights and support one another.
  13. The historical movement by Canadian truckers and Dutch farmers showcases how people can unite and fight for their rights, despite differences, and how activism can bring changes in society.
  14. It's important for Canadians to pay attention to their government's actions and not let false portrayals dictate their beliefs. Rediscover the courage to stand up for what's right.
  15. Effective communication and support from law enforcement can lead to peaceful protests, and unity among Canadians for a cause can create a powerful impact.
  16. It's crucial to be aware of the potential dangers of government control and spending, as well as the impact of false morality on laws and policies. Having a sense of purpose can provide hope and direction in trying times.
  17. The JCCF is a charitable organization that champions civil liberties in Canada, dedicated to defending freedom of expression from excessive government intervention.
  18. The misuse of the Emergencies Act in Canada caused severe violations of trust in the government, banking industry, and separation of power, highlighting the importance of preserving such separations and the need for leaders to speak out against violations.
  19. In times of crisis, community can become like family. Even amidst differing opinions and experiences, it is possible to find common ground and support each other for the greater good.
  20. Love and peace are powerful tools in protests. Consider the impact on innocent individuals, mitigate extremists, and create jobs for protesters to maintain peace.
  21. Despite a peaceful protest, false claims were made about protesters, and police brutality occurred towards the end. The protest inspired change but exposed the flaws in media and government portrayals of activists.
  22. The Convoy showed that in times of crisis, individual responsibility and community support can bring hope and positive change, reminding us to persevere and hold onto our values.
  23. The Canadian trucker convoy and the pandemic's effects on education highlight the need to provide assistance and support to those affected globally, as well as partnering platforms like DailyWire Plus under attack from censorship.

📝 Podcast Summary

Tamara Lich's role in political activism and interest in logistics

Tamara Lich explains her role in the yellow vest rallies and the internationally recognized trucker Freedom Convoy, and also discusses the current dismal state of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the unprecedented punishment unleashed upon those who criticize their own leaders. Tamara's interest in politics started when she witnessed the lack of accountability and transparency in the government's spending taxpayers' money. Despite being a woman, she worked in the oil and gas industry and discovered her skill set was in logistics and organization of the fracturing jobs. She looked after and organized the frac crews, dealt with salespeople and managers, and reveled in the challenge of putting the pieces of a puzzle together. She developed her organizing skills by finding equipment and dealing with consultants who didn't like dealing with women.

Trudeau's globalist agenda devastating Western Canada's resource-based economy.

The Canadian government under Prime Minister Trudeau has adopted a globalist agenda and produced legislation that is hurting the resource-based economy of Western Canada. The passing of bills C 69 and C 48 has made it virtually impossible for people to lay pipelines and tankers to transport Alberta oil. This has resulted in job losses and economic devastation for families. The inefficiency and danger of transporting oil using rail cars have increased due to the prohibitively expensive pipeline development. The Canadian government has become an unreliable partner for long-term projects that crippled the industry and no longer make a business case for anything. The federal government is only virtue signaling to destroy the economy to save the planet.

Quebec's Opposition to Alberta Energy and Natural Gas Development.

Canada forfeited an immense economic benefit that could have accrued to Canadians by opposing Russia and leaving the Europeans and Japanese to the mercy of our apparent enemies. Alberta heavily subsidized Quebec for decades, and yet the Quebec government in particular opposes Alberta energy and its development, despite its economy's dependence on transfer payments. Quebec also put a moratorium on its natural gas development and crippled the people who bought land in Quebec with the intent of developing natural gas resources there. This story hasn't broken in the Canadian legacy media, and it's one of the biggest scandals in Canadian history. Alberta and the West had to put pressure on Central Canada not to demolish Alberta's economy for the second time.

Western Canada's Tension with Eastern Canada over Resource Development and Government Interference

Canada's federal government has no constitutional right to interfere in resource development which is a provincial matter. The West in Canada has always suffered from a quasi-colonial relationship with the powers that be in Eastern Canada. There are Eastern Canadians who truly believe that they know how to live better and they are perfectly willing to impose that viewpoint on the rest of the country and the world. The Western Canadians are concerned about what's happening to them and that's why there is agitation in the West to put pressure on the central government involving the threat of potential secession. Cooperation between all levels of government in Canada is needed to make everybody in Canada as rich as Norwegians which we could have done decades ago if we weren't so damn stupid.

Taking Action and Making a Positive Impact

It's not enough to wait for someone else to solve the problem. Everyone needs to do their part, even if it means being a fool and stumbling forward. Learning by doing and expanding logistics capability is key to success. It's necessary to know that there is potential in oneself to make a positive change, and that waiting for someone else to do it is not an effective strategy. Despite the corruption and narcissism prevalent in politics, it's important to do one's part in creating change and move forward. Even if one has been jaded by past experiences, it's important to acknowledge that and learn from it to make a positive impact.

Personal Responsibility and Physical Health in Defying Undue Authority

Jordan Peterson discusses the abdication of political responsibility, stating that when individuals do not take responsibility for their actions, tyrants will take control and use it against them. Tamara Lich, who lost her job due to covid, advocates for the importance of exercising to improve immune health. Additionally, they discuss the pandemic's impact on society, including informants akin to Soviet times, the delight of informing on others, and the lockdown's effects on mental health. Lich also expresses her disdain for the lockdowns as they prevented her family from visiting her. Overall, taking personal responsibility, promoting physical health, and being mindful of others' well-being can help combat undue authority and maintain a sense of community during tumultuous times.

Politicians and Pandemic: The Rise of Power-Grabs

The pandemic has exposed a power-hungry side of politicians who use fear and emergency situations to gain control and suppress opposition. They weaponize duty and devolve their authority to public health experts who have no expertise in making informed economic decisions. The government has captured the court system in Canada, leaving citizens with no parliamentary supremacy. In the face of all this, it's important to exercise our right to free speech responsibly. It's also essential to seek out credible sources of information and not blindly follow politicians who hide behind the guise of following science. Science is supposed to be a value-free investigation and not a set of moral prescriptions.

Misuse of resources and corruption during the pandemic in Canada.

The media campaigns during the pandemic were heavily focused on fear-mongering and propaganda, rather than actually solving the problems at hand. The money spent on marketing and advertisements could have been better utilized in building up the healthcare system and ICU capacity, which was the actual need. Instead, Canada spent hundreds of millions of dollars on portable ICU beds that were never implemented, leading to wasted resources and storage costs. Additionally, legacy media outlets have become corrupt due to facing competition from online media and losing their best people. The truckers in Canada were particularly affected by vaccine mandates and border crossing issues, which impacted their ability to work and support their families. This highlights the importance of speaking out against unjust mandates and standing up against oppressive policies.

The Power of Different Channels, Social Media, and Logistics in Protests

Tamara Lich's experience highlights the need to bring attention to important issues through different channels, such as Convoy to Ottawa. It also highlights the power of social media and the importance of logistics and organization for effective protests. Lich's restrictions on electronic communication and imprisonment demonstrate the dangers of speaking out against the government in Canada, even for non-violent protests. The charges against her, such as mischief counseling and disobedience, highlight the legal hurdles that activists face, and the need for fair and equal treatment in the justice system.

The Canadian Truckers' Convoy Protest: A National Movement in Ten Days

The convoy protest launched by truckers in Canada to give voice to their concerns snowballed into a national movement within ten days, receiving immense public support and funding. The protests were in response to the Dimwit government's regulations that increased taxes and hampered the trucking industry's profitability, forcing many drivers to shut down their businesses and suffer losses. Although the protest had some opposition and complaints from the bourgeois section and some didn't welcome the honking sounds, it was able to create enough disruption to capture the government's attention. Tamara Lich, one of the protest's core organizers, states that the event was a reminder to politicians and ruling class elites that they can't neglect the blue-collar population's unsolved issues and concerns.

Transparency and accountability are crucial in crowdfunding campaigns as donors trust individuals with their money. The process must be clearly explained to ensure that donors feel they have a say in how their money is being used. The delay in releasing the funds by GoFundMe resulted in the campaign being frozen, which shows how third-party platforms can have significant control over crowdfunding efforts. Despite facing challenges, a successful campaign was set up on Give, Send, Go. However, the government attempted to seize the funds, resulting in the decision to refund everything. These challenges highlight the importance of understanding regulations and legal requirements before starting a crowdfunding campaign.

Political Drama, Truckers' Unity, and Hope in Canadian Protest

The Canadian government seized $20 million donated to a political cause, claiming that it was funded by American Republicans and Russians. However, most Americans don't care about Canada's politics. When the operators refunded the Gsen go money, $3 million dollars was in escrow, and $400,000 in e-transfers. A ground zero team was set up in Ottawa to provide food, showers, and hotel rooms to truckers protesting against the government. The truckers came from all over the country, including the USA. Despite living under the Prime Minister who has been continuously dividing people, Tamara Lich saw a beautiful show of humanity and unity during the protest when they were passing through Manitoba.

Truckers and Yellow Jackets Unite in Canada and Dutch Farmers' Protest.

The Canadian movement by Truckers and Yellow Jackets, just like Dutch farmers, reflects the people's desperation, who were ready to fight for their rights and actively protest. This historical movement saw Canadian Truckers taking their rigs out of service for two to three weeks, demonstrating their economic impact on the country. The Canadian and Dutch people are not known for political activism but were driven to the point of desperation. The movement was significant as it brought people from all backgrounds together to support the cause and fight for their rights. It is an example of how people can unite and come together despite their differences to stand up for what they believe in, and how activism can bring changes in society.

Uncovering Government's Actions towards the Trucker Convoy Protest

The trucker convoy caused a class action lawsuit of 400 million for economic harm. However, businesses were already shut down before the convoy arrived because of the false portrayal of the protesters as hooligans. The Canadian government has painted the protesters with different negative labels like misogynist, racist, bigot, and fascists, but despite that, there were no violent incidents in the convoy. The government even threatened to remove the children of the protesters, which was a reprehensible act. The New Brunswick Premier made it illegal for schools to use gender transforming pronouns without informing parents, and a lot of Canadians agreed with this statement, but generally, Canadians don't pay much attention to politics. Canadians should be aware of the actions of their leaders and rediscover their spines.

OPP's Professional and Supportive Role in the Protests.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was a professional and supportive organization to deal with during the protests. Tamara Lich, a protester, believed that dealing with OPP for the whole duration of the protest would have prevented it from ending the way it did. The OPP provided excellent support to them and allowed them to organize the protest efficiently. Canadians also came out in hordes with empty jerry cans to support the protesters when the Ottawa City police raided Coventry. The protest was like Canada Day on steroids, with strangers hugging and crying on each other's shoulders, and people singing the national anthem. The protesters' determination for their cause was evident, and they received support from immigrants who had escaped communist countries.

The Dangers of Communism and False Morality in the West.

The conversation discusses the dangers of communism and how it can take a country's money and invest it in tunnels and bunkers while its people suffer. The conversation also highlights the epidemic of false morality in the West and how laws are being crafted on hurt feelings rather than logic and compassion. The trucker Convoy in Ottawa provided hope and purpose for people, and the organizers managed to keep the event peaceful and positive. The government then cracked down on the Convoy, but the decision to end it was not made by the organizers. The conversation emphasizes the importance of having a purpose, and the danger of blind government spending and control.

JCCF defends the freedom of expression of Tamara Lich and Jordan Peterson against a government crackdown during an Ottawa convoy event.

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) provided legal support to Tamara Lich and Jordan Peterson when they faced government pressure during a convoy event in Ottawa. The city and province declared a state of emergency, and even the federal government invoked the emergencies act for issues related to honking. This move was seen as excessive, as the act is only intended for serious situations like civil war or violent insurrection. The JCCF is a charitable organization that works to protect civil liberties in Canada. It also awarded Tamara Lich with the George Jonas Freedom Award, which she had to go to court to accept due to being banned from Ontario at the time.

Emergencies Act in Canada and Violations of Trust

The invocation of the Emergencies Act in Canada led to severe violations of trust in the government, banking industry, and separation of power. Bank accounts of 280 Canadian citizens were frozen, leaving them unable to pay for groceries, medicine, mortgages, and child support, without any parliamentary oversight or court order. The government's haste to close bank accounts intimidated people, forcing many to leave the country. The act was invoked without encountering a genuine emergency, violating what the original framers of the document intended. This event had severe repercussions, tarnishing Canada's international reputation and demonstrating how such violations can happen anywhere. Separating the government's power from the banking industry is crucial, and leaders must speak up against such violations.

Reflections on arrest and community during anti-pipeline protest.

The speaker reflects on the events leading up to their arrest during the anti-pipeline protest and how a group of people became like family. Despite rumors about retaking the city, they did not want anyone to get arrested or lose their jobs. They also reflect on the ineptitude of the Ottawa police and the stark contrast to the efficiency of the Ontario police. The Police Chief at that time was being scapegoated for the failures of the police force. Despite all, the speaker thanks the Chief for his service and apologizes for the fallout. The speaker made plans to keep the ship afloat and did not leave anyone behind during their arrest.

Lessons from a Truckers' Convoy Protest on Peaceful Demonstrations

The key takeaway from Tamara Lich's experience during the trucker convoy protest is that hate cannot win. Lich urges people to approach protests with love and peace, even if they are angry and frustrated. She highlights the importance of considering the impact of a protest on innocent individuals, such as families and reporters, who are just trying to do their job. Lich also mentions the importance of mitigating extremists and potential infiltrators by setting up patrols and creating jobs that benefit the protesters, such as setting up block captains. Overall, the trucker convoy protest serves as a model for peaceful demonstrations under duress and in an inhospitable climate.

Misconceptions and Police Brutality During Peaceful Protest

The lack of violence during the peaceful protest was surprising to many, including the superintendent of intelligence for the O P P, whose testimony conflicted with the media's portrayal of the protest as violent. Despite this, false claims by politicians and the media were made about the protesters being arsonists and rapists. The protest inspired people in many countries and led to political transformations in places like the Netherlands. However, towards the end of the protest, the police trampled a peaceful protester, Candy, and brutally beat another protester who surrendered peacefully. Many protesters were arrested, handcuffed and left in cold transport units for hours before being dropped off in a snowstorm on the outskirts of Ottawa.

The Trucking Convoy and the Power of Community

The trucker Convoy brought hope and pride back to Canadians and opened their eyes to the tyranny imposed by the government during COVID. It played a significant role in waking people up from totalitarianism and reminding them of the importance of coming together as a community. Even in the darkest of times, people stepped up to support one another, showing the most beautiful form of humanity. The success of the Convoy highlights the power of individual responsibility and the impact a single person can have in bringing positive change. The experience demonstrated that hope is a crucial element in providing people with the strength to persevere and hold onto their values, even in the face of adversity.

The Global Significance of Local Battles and the Importance of Supporting Partnering Platforms

The Canadian trucker convoy garnered international attention and highlighted the fact that local battles are not local, but have global significance. Quarantining the healthy to protect the vulnerable and the resultant damage will take decades to sort out. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken away a lot from kids, with many unable to experience normal college life and graduation ceremonies. Despite this, there is hope in the accomplishments of the trucker convoy and support for partnering platforms like the DailyWire Plus. Tamara Lich and Jordan Peterson discuss the importance of providing assistance to those suffering from the pandemic and supporting platforms under attack from YouTube.