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🔑 Key Takeaways

  1. Connecting with the spiritual realm and listening to the signs and messages from departed loved ones can bring life-changing guidance, courage, and deeper connections in our journey of self-discovery.
  2. Trust your instincts, listen to loved ones, and be open to messages that may not be fully understood, as they may hold valuable guidance and support.
  3. Sometimes we need to trust in the messages and guidance that come our way, even if they push us out of our comfort zones. Others may have wisdom and insights to offer us.
  4. Trusting our intuition and embracing our inner wisdom can lead to a more fulfilling life, as we have innate guidance that can help navigate through life's challenges.
  5. Listening to children's supernatural experiences and being open-minded and supportive is important for their development and understanding of the spiritual world.
  6. Our consciousness, being made up of pure energy, is eternal and cannot be destroyed. It transcends physical limitations, and experiences such as communication with those in coma or personal encounters can shape our abilities or connections.
  7. Embracing unexpected opportunities and signs can lead us to our true purpose. Stay open-minded and receptive to the possibilities that may guide us on our journey.
  8. Recognize and trust your abilities by releasing fear and ego, embracing the unknown, and surrendering to your true calling.
  9. Pay attention to your intuition and trust it, as it may lead you away from harm and towards important opportunities that you may have overlooked.
  10. Everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition and channel information. By paying attention to signs and being open to messages, we can use our mediumistic abilities to offer support and insight to others and ourselves.
  11. By releasing limiting beliefs, trusting in the power of manifestation, and understanding our soul contracts, we can gain deeper insight into our life journeys and attract what aligns with our highest good.
  12. Our time on Earth is short, so let go of the small stuff and focus on forgiveness and expanding our understanding. By trusting our intuition, we can break free from limitations and find the experiences and lessons our souls desire.
  13. By tapping into our right brain through meditation and practicing gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, and helping others, we can connect with our intuition, shift our perspective, and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.
  14. Our intuition is a valuable tool that we can tap into by practicing exercises like psychometry. Trusting and acting upon our intuitive instincts can lead to meaningful experiences and opportunities for helping others.
  15. Profound experiences may hold deeper meanings that reveal themselves over time. It's important to establish boundaries as an empath to protect oneself from energy-draining encounters.
  16. Protect your energy, speak your truth, and maintain a balanced chakra system to experience optimal well-being and connection with others.
  17. By tapping into our intuition and trusting the messages we receive, we can make empowering changes, fulfill our soul mission, and experience profound transformation in our lives.
  18. By listening to our intuition and embracing the messages that come our way, we can discover our purpose, form deeper connections, and experience incredible growth. Trusting our instincts leads to a better life.

📝 Podcast Summary

Embracing New Possibilities Through Spirituality

There is power in opening our minds and hearts to new possibilities. Kim Russo, an intuitive psychic medium, has the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones. Despite being a skeptic, Mel Robbins chose to drop her skepticism and listen to what Kim had to say. This decision changed the trajectory of Mel's life, leading her to sell her house and move to a new location based on Kim's guidance. Through Kim's experiences, she emphasizes that we are not alone and that our loved ones who have passed on are still with us, guiding us through life. By tapping into the signs and messages they send, we can gain courage, confidence, and insight. This journey of self-discovery and connection with the spiritual realm can open us up to new possibilities and a deeper connection with ourselves and those we love.

Unseen connections and hidden truths: A powerful experience reveals the depth of love and guidance from beyond.

There are things about our loved ones and ourselves that we may not always know or understand. Mel Robbins had a powerful experience where a message from her deceased father-in-law came through a psychic medium, providing her with information she couldn't have known. This experience revealed a hidden truth about her father-in-law's dream of being a pilot and his support for her son. It also shed light on an ongoing conflict within their family regarding their son's schooling. The takeaway here is that there may be unseen forces or connections guiding us, and we should trust our instincts and listen to our loved ones, even if we don't fully comprehend their messages at the time.

Trusting in Guidance and Challenging Comfort Zones

Sometimes we need to trust in the guidance and messages that come our way, even if they challenge our comfort zones. Mel Robbins shares her personal experience of initially resisting a decision to move and change her life, but ultimately following through and finding the greatest happiness and contentment she had ever experienced. It's a reminder that there may be reasons beyond our understanding as to why certain events or messages occur in our lives. Kim Russo, an intuitive psychic medium, emphasizes that we all possess intuition and the ability to tap into the energy around us. This story encourages us to suspend our disbelief and listen to the potential wisdom that others may have to offer.

Trusting Our Intuition: Embracing Inner Wisdom

We are all born with intuition, but society often conditions us to ignore or suppress it. The speaker, Kim Russo, emphasizes the importance of trusting our intuition and letting go of control. She believes that just like animals in the wild, humans have innate wisdom that can guide us through life. We have been programmed to unlearn this wisdom, starting from school and the way our parents taught us. However, by releasing control and embracing our intuitive knowing, we can live a more fulfilling life. Kim Russo and Mel Robbins both teach the value of following our intuition and living in resonance with our souls. Ultimately, we should trust our instincts and listen to that inner voice for guidance.

Kim Russo's Journey into the Spiritual Realm

Kim Russo's childhood experiences with spirits and ghosts have shaped her understanding of the spiritual realm. Despite not receiving much validation or support from her parents, Russo always felt the presence of these entities and even believed that they followed her to school. As an adult, she has come to realize that these spirits may have been trapped souls connected to her family's property or even generations of immigrants. This realization has deepened her understanding of energy and the existence of the spiritual world. Russo's story highlights the importance of listening to children when they share their supernatural experiences and encourages parents to be more open-minded and supportive in such situations.

The Eternal Nature of Consciousness and its Transcendence of Physical Limitations

Our consciousness, which is made up of pure energy, cannot be destroyed. Kim Russo explains that just as energy can change form but not be destroyed, our consciousness, being energy-based, is also eternal. She draws parallels to how we use and interact with energy in our everyday lives, such as electricity and cell phone signals, even though we cannot see them. Kim Russo's ability to communicate with individuals in a coma or with Alzheimer's/Dementia further supports the notion that consciousness transcends physical limitations. Additionally, she shares a personal experience of being electrocuted as a child, which she believes opened up her connection to the spirit world. This serves as a reminder that there may be underlying reasons or experiences that shape our unique abilities or connections.

Kim Russo's gradual journey to becoming a medium and the importance of being open-minded and receptive to unexpected opportunities.

Kim Russo's journey to becoming a medium was not a sudden realization, but a gradual process that involved personal doubts and skepticism. Despite having a normal life and not experiencing any psychic abilities, a chance encounter with a psychic lecturer opened her eyes to the possibility that she too possessed the gift of mediumship. At first, Kim was hesitant and suspicious of the psychic's motives, dismissing it as a ploy to gain students. However, a year later, she received another call from the same woman, indicating that she was being pushed towards embracing her abilities. This takeaway highlights the importance of being open-minded and receptive to unexpected opportunities and signs that may lead us to our true purpose.

Embracing Your Gifts: Letting Go of Fear and Ego

If you suspect you have a gift or an ability, you likely already possess it. Many people hesitate to embrace and explore their potential due to fear and ego. Fear creates a program that convinces individuals to avoid their gifts, while ego prevents them from surrendering to a higher power. Kim Russo shares her experience of initially doubting her abilities but eventually giving in to her calling. She experienced an overwhelming flood of voices from the spiritual realm and sought guidance from a mentor. The key message here is to let go of fear and ego, lean into the unexplainable, and trust in the gifts that you may possess.

Trusting Your Intuition for Guidance

Our intuition, or that little voice inside us, should not be ignored. It may come in the form of a gut feeling, a pounding heart, or a sense that something doesn't feel right. Kim Russo emphasizes that these signals are our spirit guides or our own soul's higher wisdom, guiding us away from potential harm or leading us towards something important. Our chakra centers, which are energy centers in our bodies, play a role in our ability to connect with this guidance. By trusting and following our intuition, even if it goes against logic or rationalization, we can open ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences that we may have missed otherwise. So, pay attention to your intuition even while you're awake, because it might be trying to tell you something valuable.

Unleashing Your Mediumistic Potential

Everyone has the potential to be a medium in their own way. Being a medium is not just about communicating with the deceased, but also about channeling information and guidance in the present moment. We have all experienced moments of intuition and insight, where we feel compelled to share something with someone based on a gut feeling or a vision. These experiences are our own unique ways of tapping into the language of energy and receiving information through our strongest clair, whether it be through feelings, visuals, or other sensations. By paying attention to these signs and being open to them as messages and guidance, we can harness our own mediumistic abilities to offer support and insight to others and ourselves.

The Non-Linear Nature of Time and its Impact on Manifestation

Time is not linear in the realms of energy and the quantum field. While our clocks and calendars attempt to impose linearity on time, the reality is much more complex. This understanding is important when it comes to manifestation. When we put a thought out into the universe with strong belief and emotion, it has the potential to come back to us like a magnet. However, if we have pessimistic thoughts or doubts about the manifestation, we may essentially cancel it out. It's crucial to release any limiting beliefs and trust that what we ask for will be delivered, as long as it aligns with the highest good of all. Additionally, soul contracts play a role in our experiences and paths in life. These contracts are agreements our souls make before coming to Earth to fulfill certain purposes or balance past actions. Understanding and accepting these contracts can provide deeper insight into our journeys.

Embracing the Bigger Picture and Trusting Our Inner Wisdom

Our earthly life is just a brief moment in the grand scheme of eternity. We are here for a temporary stop, and it's important not to sweat the small stuff. Our time on Earth is not where we came from, but rather a place we pass through before reuniting with loved ones in the place we originated from. Another significant lesson is the importance of forgiveness and expanding our understanding beyond the limited perspective of our earthly eyes. The constraints of our own thoughts can keep us in bondage, but recognizing that they are just programmed limitations allows us to break free and access a bigger picture. Trusting our intuition and connecting with our inner wisdom can lead us to the experiences and lessons that our souls desire.

Unlocking Intuition and Higher Wisdom through Meditation and Heart Opening Practices

Our ability to think and speak in words can sometimes hinder our connection to our intuition and higher wisdom. Mel Robbins and Kim Russo highlight the importance of tapping into our right brain, where higher wisdom and intuition reside. They suggest meditation as a powerful tool to access this realm, emphasizing that it doesn't have to be a formal practice and can simply involve being alone with our thoughts or engaging in activities that bring us peace. Additionally, they emphasize the significance of opening our heart chakra through gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, and helping others. These practices help us shift our perspective and connect with our true purpose, allowing us to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Harnessing the Power of Intuition

Our intuition is powerful and accessible to everyone. Kim Russo explains that children, before being influenced by the world, have highly vibrating gifts that they don't doubt or talk themselves out of. To tap into this intuition, Kim suggests an exercise called psychometry, where you hold an object that holds energetic vibrations, such as a deceased grandmother's ring, and write down the impressions you receive without overthinking. This exercise helps prove to people how intuitive they are. Mel Robbins shares a personal experience where she had a pure spiritual download, guiding her to help an injured owl in the pouring rain. This highlights the importance of paying attention to our intuitive instincts and acting upon them.

The Deeper Meaning of Mel Robbins' Rescue Mission

Sometimes we have profound experiences that we don't fully understand in the present moment, but their meaning will reveal itself eventually. Mel Robbins' encounter with the injured owl may seem like just a rescue mission, but there is more to it. Owls represent wisdom and higher wisdom, which resonates with the owl's ability to turn its head and have a 360-degree view. This experience may signify a new chapter opening up with higher wisdom coming into play for both Mel Robbins and Chris. Additionally, being highly empathic, like Mel, allows for the absorption of messages and energy from both living and deceased individuals. However, it is important for empaths to establish boundaries to protect themselves from energy-draining encounters. Mediumship, although fascinating, also comes with its own set of dangers due to the connection with higher frequencies.

Managing Emotions and Energy for Well-being and Connection

Our emotions and energy can greatly impact our well-being and interactions with others. Kim Russo explains that mediums and empaths can easily absorb the vibrations and anxieties of those around them, leading to anxiety and other issues. To counter this, they must establish strong boundaries and protect their aura. Russo also highlights the importance of speaking our truth and maintaining a developed voice chakra to avoid physical ailments. Furthermore, she introduces the concept of the aura and its connection to our chakra system, with colors representing different emotions. This understanding allows us to recognize the impact of blocked energy on our overall state of being and emphasizes the importance of being in a state of intuition, trust, growth, and love to allow energy to flow freely.

Trusting our intuition and taking courageous steps towards a fulfilling life.

We are meant to live in alignment with our higher calling and with the energy that flows within us. By being aware of where our energy is blocked and where we are receiving messages, we can make empowering changes in our lives. Kim Russo's ability to channel messages from loved ones serves as a reminder that we have the capability to tap into our intuition and listen to the guidance that comes from within. The act of helping others not only brings a great feeling but also helps us learn and grow in our own journey. Stepping into our purpose and fulfilling our soul mission contract can lead to a profound transformation in our lives, as evident in Mel Robbins' experience. So, let's trust in the messages we receive and take courageous steps towards living a more fulfilling life.

Embracing Intuition and Trusting the Unknown

We should listen to the messages that come our way, even if they don't make logical sense at first. Mel Robbins shared her experience of stepping out of fear and embracing change, thanks to the guidance of Kim Russo. She emphasized that there are guides and messages all around us, and when we trust our intuition, amazing things can happen. Opening ourselves up to these messages can lead to discovering our purpose, deeper connections, and incredible growth. It's important to remember that our heart knows what's right, even before our mind can comprehend it. So, let's trust our instincts, embrace the unknown, and create a better life.